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    Eyepiece maintenance KOWA 50x Wide

    Hi I have an eyepiece KOWA 50x Wide (from 820 series) which requires cleaning (dust inside on the internal top lense). How to open it? I removed the rubber eyecup and I already unscrew the top but cannot get access to the internal lense. Any advice is welcome :) Thanks in advance Yves
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    Bino NL pure comparisons...

    Hi, Just to have some user feedback... I am interested with the new Swaro NL Pure series! Nice toys, insnt'it? I have a Leica Geovid 8x42 and a Swaro SLC 10x50 WB. Both are great but, I am tempted by the new NL pure's 12x42 is tempting.... but is it not reaching the limits, particularly...
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    Swaro improvements report

    Dear Colleagues, I contacted recently Swaro customer service for proposing improvement on their equipment. I have been astonished that they respond that they do not accept any ideas or improvement proposal from customers (for legal reason)!!!. If I do such response in the company I am working...
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    Extender1.7x storage when not used

    Hi, I have an extender that I sometime use but most of the time, it stays in my backpack. Even if there is cap at each end, the body can take dust, scratches. So I place it in a zip bag but it is not perfect. (I know, fotos takers have there equipment stored in a dedicated back pack with with...
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    Astro adapter for TSN1-4?

    Hi, Is there any astro adapter (31.75mm) available for Kowa TSN1-4 scopes (instead of the eyepiece, using external thread). Thansk in advance for yoru help. Regards Yves
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    ATX ocular module design

    Hi, I am just wondering where I can find the design of the ATX mocular module open view & plan, with number of lenses, design, ... Thanks in advance Best regards from south west France Yves
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    Swarovski ATS 80 HD Clones?

    HI, I found this Meopta (meopro 80HD) scope on Internet https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1050817-REG/meopta_598880_meopro_20_60x80_hd_spotting.html It looks like Swarovski ATS 80 HD??? Any thought? (maybe ocular bayonets are the same?). Best regards from France Yves
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    Diascope Generations

    Dear Colleagues, I would like to indentify generations and age of Zeiss Diascope 85 T*FL. What colours was DIASCOPE 85 T*FL models just before Harpia's (I think Black, right)?) Are the green versions older or not (I would says yes, right?). Thanks for confirmation Yves
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    Leica APO Televid 77 - Focussing knob faulty

    Hi, I have a Leica APO Televid 77 and the quick focussing knob is not operating anymore . Formerly, it was hard to turn (compared to the fine knob) , with a play and now it seems disconnected from the fine knob and turns freely without any effect on focussing function). Maybe some of you...
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    ATX/ATS Stay on Case

    Dear Colleagues, I have a spare generic SOC for ATX 65 scope. Is there any possibility to use it on a ATS/M 65 too? Thanks in advance and best regards Yves
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    Manual/Intruction for AT80 Habicht

    Dear Colleagues, I am looking or a digital copy of the instruction booklet for Scope AT80 (HD) HABICHT. If you have one, can you please send it to me? (yves0071[at]orange.fr) Thanks in advance & best regards Yves
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    Leica Ultravid vs HD-Plus versions

    Hi, We are seing now Leica Ultravid HD-Plus binoculars on market. Does it exist non HD plus versions? When Leica Ultravid HD-Plus has been introduce on market? Thanks in advance and best regards Yves
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    Serial number and manufacturing date

    Dear Colleagues, I would like to know if it exists a key to identify the manufacturing date from the Serial number of Leica's Scopes? Thanks in advance Yves
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    ATM vs ATS 80

    Hi, How to visually differentiate and recognise them from each other? Thanks in advance and best regards Yves
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    Swaro PCT tripod vs Gitzo GT3542L Mountaineer Serie 3

    Hi, Swaro PCT carbon vs Gitzo GT3542L Mountaineer Serie 3 : I guess it is the same tripods, right? (as Gitzo is manufacturing tripod & heads for Swaroski) Thanks in advance, Yves
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    Double extender 1.7x (for BTX)

    Dear Colleagues, I found a BTX as second hand with my 95mm module. As magnification is 30x, it maybe a bit short to read label legs or see small details. I can use my existing 1.7 extender up to 51x. Is there anybody who already tried to add a second extender and have up to 87x magnification...
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    Eyepiece compatibility

    Dear Colleagues, I would like ask the BF community if the 23x LER mounted on a 82SV could fit and a TSN 1-4? Thanks in advance and best regards Yves
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    Kowa TS 610 manual

    Dear Colleagues, I am looking for Manual of TS 610 scope series. Do you have it available as scan or PDF? When this serie has been built? Thanks in advance and best regards Yves
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    Kowa 820 Manual

    Dear Colleagues, I am looking for Manual of 820 scope series. Do you have it available as scan or PDF? Thanks in advance and best regards Yves
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    Kowa compatibilities

    Dear Colleagues, Can somebody tel me if teh Kowa TSN 820 series fits on scopes TSN 660 series? I am sure that some posts has been created about compatibilities, but cannot find them anymore :(:(. Sorry to ask again. Best regards Yves
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    ATX eyepiece module

    Dear Colleagues, I am using time to time an ATX95 in by birding group and I noticed that the magnification ring has an hard point when crossing up the 45x point. Is there any other ATX users to notice that? I think that Swaro does not have the same quality standarts than from previous models...
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    Color fringes on Leica APO 82

    Hi, Recently, I tried a Leica 82 scope. We can really saw yellow/blue franges (on top and bottom of image) looking to a dark part in the garden at 25m distance (at 50x). The colour franges appears at approx 10-15mm from sides. In the same birding group, I had a friend whic also have a Leica APO...
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    Kite SP 80 ED and Swaro eyepieces

    Hi, I read that Swaro 25-50x eyepieces fits on Kite SP 80 ED scope. but I have been surprised that the Swaro 45x SW don't :eek!:. Is there anybody who can detail this subtility? Thanks in advance and best regards Yves
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    Swarovski NC 2 night scope vs other systems

    Hi, I have a friend in my birding group who own an Swaro NC 2. It is amazing. Nevertheless, is there anybody able to explain me why it is so expensive? particularly compared to other light amplifiers devices? (Is it only because it is Swarovski brand? or is it a special technology?) Thanks in...
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    tacky armouring of Kowa 820'

    Hi, Everybody knows that many Kowa old 820 series are affected by the deterioration of the rubber armouring. I have seen many of them: Some were affected and other not at all. I am just thinking that the problem may not come from the scope itself but from stay on case :eek! All tacky ones are...