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    Need ID on this Wasp in Southeastern Pennsylvania,USA

    This wasp was working on some field daisies. Lovely B & W abdomen and thorax. Any ID help would be appreciated.
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    Need ID on Warbler in Southeast PA

    All three of these images are the same bird. i tried to get all angles: front, side and some back. With the white wing patch ,I am looking at Black-throated blue, female perhaps???
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    Fall Warblers: Need IDs on these from Pennsylvania

    Thanks for all the discussions about the Nashville/Connecticut. I am guessing that the consensus is now Nashville.
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    Fall Warblers: Need IDs on these from Pennsylvania

    All these Warblers were photographed in southeastern PA over the last few days. Number one , I think is female Common Yellowthroat. Numbers 2 & 3 are perhaps Nashville. And the last image of a Tennessee. Any ID help or verification would be appreciated.
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    Fall Warbler in Pennsylvanian: Need ID

    I photographed this warbler(all photos are the same bird) today in southeastern PA. These fall warblers(if indeed it is a warbler) are trouble to identify. This bird has bi-colored beak, broken white eye ring, slight black line through eye, olive/greenish head and darker greenish back. Any ID...
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    Need ID on Bird in Ohio

    This small bird was photographed on May 9th at the Char-Mar Nature Preserve in central Ohio. It is a small deciduous woodland with a nearby pond. Among our friends the consensus is an immature Warbling Vireo. Is that the ID ????
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    Vultures in Mara-Kenya. Sept 2109

    I photographed these vultures in the Massai Mara in Sept, 2019. I am having difficulty with these IDs . The ones with the light-colored front part of the beak could be African White-backed vultures. The ones with a dark beak the Ruppell's Griffon Vulture. Any clarification would be appreciated.
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    Some Kenya Birds from Sept 2019: Need IDs

    All these birds were photographed in Kenya in Sept,2019. The first is a swallow on nest at Observation Hill in Amboseli. The second two photos are the same bird on the grasslands of Masai Mara. The last two photos are of two shorebirds at Amboseli Lake--the bird on left is an immature Black...
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    Need ID on a Grassland bird: Kenya at Amboseli NP

    On a much more thorough read through my Kenya birds book, I did find the info on Collared Pratincole. Thanks again for the insights!!!
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    Need ID on a Grassland bird: Kenya at Amboseli NP

    Thanks for your help on the ID of this bird. This bird does not appear in the Birds of Kenya field guide that I have been using. Is it a rarity in Kenya?
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    Shorebirds -Amboseli NP ,Kenya Need IDs

    All these shorebirds were taken on the same day at Amboseli NP in Kenya in September 2019. The first two images are the same sandpiper. The second two images have a shorebird with long black beak and orangeish-yellowish legs. The last image , I think , is a Kittlitz's Plover. Any ID help...
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    Need ID on a Grassland bird: Kenya at Amboseli NP

    I photographed this bird on the grasslands of Amboseli NP in Kenya in September , 2019. The bird is the same bird in both photos. I noticed the red at the end of the beak near the face and what looks like a mustache and goatee. Mostly brown all over and light belly. Any ID help would be much...
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    Short grass Plains Birds: Amboseli,Kenya -Need IDs

    All these birds were photographed on the same day on the grass plains of Amboseli NP, Kenya. I think that the first two images are Grassland Pipits. The third image is a Red-capped Lark The last two images are Two-banded Cousers. Please help with these IDs-----thanks in advance
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    Amboseli Kenya--Shorebirds:,Need IDS

    The first three images are the same bird--yellow legs, dark bill, dark eyes, grayish/brownish top feathers and light belly. The second bird is the same one in both photos. This bird has grayish/greenish legs, dark bill and eyes, slight white eye ring, beige head and nape with darker brown wings...
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    Kenya: Need Birds ID

    The falcon type was taken on a game drive near the Ol Pejeta Conservancy. My best guess is Black-shouldered Kite???? Not a greeat photo but best I have of this bird. THe other small bird was photographed near Lake Navaisha in some low bush areas. It has a bold black eye stripe, gray head...
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    Need ID on two Kenya Birds ,Lake Naivasha

    The first bird was photographed on Crescent Island in the middle of Lake Naivasha in Sept, 2019. It has an overall tawney-brown color with yellow/orange eyes, and pinkish legs with striped tail. The second bird was photographed at the Elsamere Lodge in some bushes on the grounds. Black bill...
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    Need ID On Birds in Kenya in in Early Sept.

    A closer look at the second bird does suggest a Grey-backed Camarotera. After some investigation, it appears that this bird frequents garden scrubbery and that is exactly the habitat where I photographed this bird.
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    Need ID On Birds in Kenya in in Early Sept.

    I photographed these two birds on the grounds of the Sweetwaters Tented Camp near Ol Pejeta Conservancy. The first two are, I think, Yellow-bellied Apalis. The second two photos are Buff-bellied Apalis--once again -I think. Any ID help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Two Kenya birds: Need ID Help

    I photographed the woodpecker near the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Sept 2019. I am leaning toward Green-backed Woodpecker because of the small size and greenish hue on the back. The other bird was photographed near the Sweetwaters Tented Camp. Sparrow or lark?? on the side of a road.
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    Sparrow,Chester County, PA: Need ID

    I photographed this sparrow this afternoon in some low scrubs. I think that it is a pale First winter Chipping Sparrow. Any ID help would be appreciated.
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    Longclaw at Amboseli in Kenya: Need ID Help

    I photographed this Longclaw at Amboseli National Park in Kenya in Sept, 2019. I am leaning toward Pangani Longclaw because the yellow superciliary stripe does not go past the eye. This yellow stripe does go past the eye in the Yellow-throated Longclaw, so I am not leaning toward...
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    Weaver near Mt Kenya Need ID

    I photographed this weaver near Mt Kenya. I am leaning toward Baglafecht weaver. Any ID help?
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    Waxbill ID Needed - Amboseli, Kenya

    I took this shot of this waxbill at Ol Tukai Lodge in Amboseli NP ini Kenya, Sept ,2019 . My first guess is is Crimson-rumped Waxbill because the bill itself is dark, not like the red of the Common Waxbill. Any help??
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    Two Kenya Birds - Need IDs

    The robin was taken near Mt Kenya in Sept, 2019. I think it is a Cape RobinChat. The Sparrow was takeen art Amboseli . also in Sept, 2019.
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    Kenya Bird - Need ID

    The bird is, I think, a Nubian Woodpecker at Amboseli.