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  1. DocSarvis

    Equipment Advice

    The Leica Trinovid HD 10x32 has a close focus of 1 meter and is optically and mechanically excellent. Retails just under $1K. I got my pair for a good price from Doug at Cameraland. One of the best 10x32 bins I own. I also have the Zeiss FL and the Kowa Prominar in that same format. All three...
  2. DocSarvis

    Annoyed with Tamron

    This scenario is what plays in my head every time I am tempted to purchase a lens from a secondary manufacturer. I will continue to purchase lenses from within my camera’s ecosystem no matter the temptations of others.
  3. DocSarvis

    Looking for suggestions for birding backpack or field pack

    The Lowepro Scope Porter 200 (long discontinued) has served me pretty well for a “Grab and Go” birding backpack. I keep a scope, tripod, binoculars, snack stuff that won’t go off, an empty thermos and a few things that I might need for a moment’s notice twitch all packed and ready to take off...
  4. DocSarvis

    Cabela's Guide Series 8x32 Revisted

    BROCK! Holy Moly! I guess the kryptonite finally wore off. Welcome back....if it really is you. Sounds like you. Your unique perspective was missed. By me anyway. Stick around!
  5. DocSarvis

    Where are all the 8x32 SF reviews? After all the speculation...

    I’m quite happy with my late model Zeiss Victory 10x32 but I’m fully aware that there has been progress made since I made that purchase. However, I think I will let some time pass before I consider an upgrade to let Zeiss iron out any problems. Thinking of the first run of the SF42 here. How...
  6. DocSarvis

    Victory FL 7x42 - more problems

    None of my Zeiss FL’s ( 7x42, 10x42, nor 10x32 ) has any sort of rattle. Nor did my pockets after being left empty after each of their purchases!
  7. DocSarvis

    Spotting Scope advice needed

    When I purchased my first spotting scope in 1971 (a Balscope Sr.) , there was not an angled scope to be had. When out Birding, the only angled scope seen was the very rare and very expensive Questar. Not that there was a great variety of options to choose from quite frankly. Nothing like...
  8. DocSarvis

    Victory FL 7x42 NIB

    GB, I think you made a wise decision to purchase the 7x42 FL’s, especially at that price. I have never regretted owning mine although they are my least used pair of full sized binoculars. I don’t consider my 15x pair “full-size”; they are a special use item I mainly mount on a monopod.
  9. DocSarvis

    Does anyone still make a low power eyepiece?

    Swarovski used to make a 20sw fixed power eyepiece that fits it’s current model 80mm and 65mm scopes. Sadly, Swarovski to my knowledge, no longer makes any fixed power eyepieces. One often sees the 30xSw for sale, but the 20xsw and the 45xsw have become extremely difficult to find. Most believe...
  10. DocSarvis

    Victory FL 7x42 NIB

    Are they asking only $1500 NIB? If you don’t buy them, you should give out the store name and address so that another Birdforum member can have the opportunity to grab them! IMO they are worth more than that now mint used.
  11. DocSarvis

    Victory FL 7x42 NIB

    If you can afford it without financial distress, just buy it and worry about all this debate later. A year or two from now you will be very happy that you did. If nothing else, consider it an investment. Zeiss will never make any more 7x binoculars.
  12. DocSarvis

    Swaro DH101 or Gitzo GHF2W

    Please be sure that Swarovski gives as long a warranty period as Gitzo on a so-called “rebranded” item. You may wind up needing the warranty and you don’t want to hassle with Swarovski over a short warranty period.
  13. DocSarvis

    Keela jackets

    I’m wondering if any of the Forum members from the U.K. can give me some input/ feedback on the Keela line of clothing, specifically the Lomond waterproof jacket for men and the Falkland Country Ventile jacket...again for men. Keela has no dealers in the USA but Amazon UK will ship to the states...
  14. DocSarvis

    Swaro DH101 or Gitzo GHF2W

    Gitzo GH2720... the larger of their two “birdwatching” heads; as Gitzo then were marketing them. I also bought a three section 2-series Gitzo tripod at the same time and am very pleased with the combination. The Gitzo warranty is also much longer on their tripod heads. The Swarovski tripod and...
  15. DocSarvis

    New released Swaro CL Companion 8x30 B

    This is one reason I don’t care for the Field Pro system on the latest Swarovski binoculars. Too many hoops to jump through to use anything but a Swarovski strap. Which I don’t care one little bit for in the least! I’ve always liked the OpTec pro strap. Comfy and light. It’s what I use on my...
  16. DocSarvis

    Interviews with Retailers: Ben Lizdas of Redstart Birding

    Ben is one of the really good guys in the Birding retail world and I’m happy to see him settled again after EO closed. Best of luck to him at Redstart!
  17. DocSarvis

    Interviews with Retailers: Tim Strivens of Cley Spy

    Interesting. I love my Swarovski fixed power eyepieces even though I have both available zooms. I agree that my next binocular purchase will likely be a Zeiss 10x32. I would love to find a Swarovski 20SW fixed power eyepiece to go with my 30SW and 45SW fixed.
  18. DocSarvis

    Swaro DH101 or Gitzo GHF2W

    My opinion on the Swarovski DH101 after owning one: I wouldn’t touch another with a ten meter cattle prod. A tripod and scope tip over which damaged my Swarvoski scope totally destroyed the DH101 head. Completely inoperable. Only a one year warranty. Of course, the head was past the warranty...
  19. DocSarvis

    Warranty on older Kowa Spotting Scopes?

    $85 is a decent price in my opinion. An independent optics repair company (not mentioned on Birdforom), charged me slightly over $100 to clean an old Balscope Sr. The particular scope had sentimental value to me and was well worth the cost. They did an excellent job.
  20. DocSarvis

    Question: New KOWA spotting scopes in Black?

    Nikon made a black rubber armored version of the edIIIa. Usually marketed through the “military supplies” outlets. Never have seen a copy in person.
  21. DocSarvis

    Beretta vest for birding

    I’ve been doing some online looking into photo vests and came up with something that looks very interesting. The Country Innovations “Raptor Waistcoat”. That’s Britspeak for vest. Expensive but I might give it an order and see. If I do, I’ll report. This is what comes of insomnia and early...
  22. DocSarvis

    TSN-2 improved image quality above 40x?

    Correcting myself. I may be thinking of the earlier Kowa TS-1. Someone who knows Kowa scopes better than I do should check my post for fact. I’m referring to screw mount eyepieces. Kowa May have made an adapter for the old screw mount eyepieces to newer scopes. My memory isn’t what it used to...
  23. DocSarvis

    TSN-2 improved image quality above 40x?

    You might try the higher power eyepieces for the old B&L Balscope Sr. if you aren’t wedded to a zoom. I think they should fit on the TSN-1. You can sometimes find them dirt cheap on auction sites. (At least I did a few years ago.) B&L made a 40x and a 60x. There seems now to be collector...
  24. DocSarvis

    Beretta vest for birding

    I’ve had a Billingham Photo Vest for quite some time. I had to find mine on the auction site for Billingham has not made them in quite a few years. I really like mine and don’t much care if it’s fashionable or not. I find myself wearing it often around town with jeans, chinos, or shorts as well...
  25. DocSarvis


    Is anyone still using the Remembird device for birdsong recording and/or note taking in the field. I was going through a few boxes of old equipment and came across this item I acquired some years ago and never really utilized at all. Looked promising but just never got around to it. Now I know...