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  1. Jean FRANCOIS

    Common or Honey ?

    Hello, What do you think of this bird ? (south-central France, August 8). Thank you in advance. Jean, for another person
  2. Jean FRANCOIS

    What phyllo ?

    Hello, what is this Phylloscopus ? With a Chiffchaff collybita. P. c. abietinus ? South France, october 16 Thank you Jean
  3. Jean FRANCOIS

    What gull?

    Hello, Can anyone identify this gull? North, France, june. Thank you Jean
  4. Jean FRANCOIS

    Tyrannidae Brasil, help

    Hello, is this bird safely identifiable? Ilheus, Bahia, Brasil, januar. I was thinking of a Lesser Kiskadee, but... Thank you Jean, for another person
  5. Jean FRANCOIS

    Passerine French Guiana

    Hello, could someone identify this bird? I don't know if it has something to do with the one you see on the left of the image. Thank you. Jean, for another person. Îles du Salut (Salvation Islands ? )French Guiana, march.
  6. Jean FRANCOIS

    Hummingbird Costa Rica

    Hello, Is this bird indeed a Talamanca Hummingbird, Eugenes spectabilis, as I think. Thank you Jean Location : San Gerardo de Dota valley, habitat of Quetzal, Talamanca Mountain Range in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, close to San Jose.
  7. Jean FRANCOIS

    Vulture Népal

    Hello, Is this vulture a White-rumped Vulture ? Népal, November. Thank you for your opinion. Friendly Jean, for another person.
  8. Jean FRANCOIS

    Help Gull, again and again

    Hello, I'm thinking of a Lesser Black-backed Gull imm. for this bird. Confirm yourself or not ? Thank you. Jean Seine-et-Marne, north-central France, May.
  9. Jean FRANCOIS

    Id Argentina

    Hello, Can someone put a name on this bird? Cachi, Salta province, Argentina, march. Thank you Jean
  10. Jean FRANCOIS

    help, Argentina

    Hello, Can anyone identify this bird ? It was on the edge of a trail at the entrance to the Costanera Sul Ecological Reserve, Buenos Aires. I don't think so. Friendly Jean, for another person.
  11. Jean FRANCOIS

    What Cinclodes ?

    Hello, Could someone decide? Dark-bellied or Grey-flanked Cinclodes ? Bariloche Lake, Rio Negro, Argentina. Thank you Jean
  12. Jean FRANCOIS

    Gull, still help

    Hello, What should we think of these two gulls ? The bottom bird in the first two photos. The immature on the third. Thank you Jean Brittany, France, last week
  13. Jean FRANCOIS

    Gull, help !

    Hello, what species do you think this gull is? Always so complicated for me. I'm thinking of a Herring Gull. Thanks in advance. Jean, for another person. Nederland, february
  14. Jean FRANCOIS

    What terns ?

    Thank you for helping me put a name on these birds 1 Kenya november 2 Ethiopia januar 3 North France, Somme Bay, september Jean
  15. Jean FRANCOIS

    Gull, help !

    Hello, new problem with this gull 2cy. What is it please ? Thank you. (Thank Iou ? ) Jean Belgian coast, may.
  16. Jean FRANCOIS

    What seedeater

    Hi, Is it possible to identify formally this species ? I'm thinking of a Lined Seedeater female. Incahuasi island, Salar de Uyuni, Potosi, Bolivia, about 3700 m. 2019, nov. 12 Thank you Jean for another person.
  17. Jean FRANCOIS

    What is this bird ? Spain

    Hello, I'm having a little trouble with this bird. A simple Sparrow ? Spain, Aiguamolls, Catalunya, August. Thank you Jean
  18. Jean FRANCOIS

    What gull ?

    Hello, we do not agree on the identity of this young gull. Personally, I'm thinking of a young GBBG. Do you confirm that? Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France, end of December.
  19. Jean FRANCOIS

    What gull ?

    Hello, is it possible, based on this one photo, to name this bird ? I'm thinking of a GBBGull. Another person thinks of a YLGull. Thanks in advance. Jean Arcachon Basin, SW France, Yesterday.
  20. Jean FRANCOIS

    What sparrowhawk?

    Hello, can you tell me what species this bird is? Thank you. Jean, for a third person. China, Hebei Sheng, october.
  21. Jean FRANCOIS

    What species, Colombia

    Hello, I need help to identify this species. I'm thinking about a Yellow-olive Flatbill, but i'm not sure at all. Request for a third person. Thank you. Jean Colombia, dry forest of the north coast, July.
  22. Jean FRANCOIS

    From Costa Rica

    Hello, what is this bird ? A oriole, and if so which one ? Thank you Jean Costa Rica, Puntarenas, January. Photo of a friend.
  23. Jean FRANCOIS

    What Becard ? Colombia

    Hello, could someone confirm, or disprove, a Cinnamon Becard female ? Is identification possible from these photos? Thank you in advance. Jean NB : The photos are from a friend. Minca region, Colombia, July.
  24. Jean FRANCOIS

    Unknown from Australia

    Hello, thank you to the person who will identify me this bird. Photo of a friend, Western Australia, october. Jean
  25. Jean FRANCOIS

    What Guan ?

    Hello, I hesitate between three Guan for this captive bird. Photo taken by a friend in a reception centre, Amazonas, Peru. Thank you for your opinions. Jean