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  1. martinboer

    Martin's 2021 Year List (Sandefjord NO / Chevy Chase MD US)

    It's been a strange two years for everyone and we relocated the family to Sandefjord NO for the academic year in August 2020 given the COVID-19 cases were escalating in the Washington DC area, and schools closed in March 2020 (and are still closed in April 2021)... It has been lovely here...
  2. martinboer

    Martin's Wash DC 2020 List

    A happy new year and happy birding to all! 2019 was not a great birding year for me with only 229 birds (vs 358 in 2018) mainly due to a relative lack of travel. We'll see how this year pans out, and I hope to spend more time birding my local patch although with two active kids that's not...
  3. martinboer

    Martin (Wash DC) 2019 Year List

    Happy New Year to everyone. Was very happy to see 358 birds last year, a personal record but also due to heavy work travel, which should (hopefully) be considerably less this year. And off we go... 1-4 January Chevy Chase, MD and Washington, DC, USA 1. Mourning Dove 2. Black Vulture 3...
  4. martinboer

    eBird and Splits

    Hi all, I've been using eBird to log all my sightings (going back to 2003) and it also serves as my lifelist. I realize of course that there are splits and I am wondering if eBird automatically updates the splits for me (knowing for example where I saw the species) or if that needs to be done...
  5. martinboer

    Martin's 2018 List

    Happy New Year to all, There seems to be a lot more emphasis on experience over numbers this year - which is a positive trend. Off to a slow start given it's very cold on the East Coast just now. 1-4 January Chevy Chase, MD and Washington, DC 1. American Crow 2. American Robin 3. Blue Jay 4...
  6. martinboer

    Montgomery County, MD - Nighthawk vs Whip Poor Will

    Saw this bird in my backyard this morning in Chevy Chase, MD. It looks to me more like a Whip-poor-will but I realize that is a rare Fall sighting. Could it otherwise be a Common Nighthawk? Many thanks for any feedback. Best, Martin
  7. martinboer

    Visiting Tokyo in May; want to go birding somewhere else as well

    Hi all, I will be going to Tokyo for work on 6-10 May, staying near the Imperial Palace, where I've birded before (but only saw about 10-15 birds.) This time I also have time to leave Tokyo for 2-3 days afterwards and I was wondering where in Japan would be the best place to go birding for...
  8. martinboer

    Martin's 2017 List (Wash DC area)

    Hi all - Here's a belated Happy New Year and I wish you all an enjoyable and rewarding birding year for 2017. 1-2 January Maryland/Washington DC 1. Song Sparrow 2. American Crow 3. Northern Cardinal 4. Rock Pigeon 5. European Starling 6. House Sparrow 7. Canada Goose 8. Mallard 9...
  9. martinboer

    Martin's (MD/Wash DC) Birding Year

    Happy New Year everyone, Looking forward to another birding year and aiming to hit 250, after coming in at a cool 218 for 2015. It's quite cold here in Maryland at the moment and have not seen too many birds yet... 1-2 January Chevy Chase, MD, USA 1. Canada Goose 2. Black Vulture 3. Mourning...
  10. martinboer

    Martin (Brussels) 2015 List

    Looking forward to another nice year of birding in Brussels and beyond after seeing 165 species in 2014. My goals for 2015 are to see 200 birds, increase my life total to 450 and my Belgium tally to 100. 1 January 2015 Parc de Woluwé (Brussels) 1. Graylag Goose 2. Canada Goose 3. Mute Swan 4...
  11. martinboer

    Birding in Pioneer Valley

    Dear all, I will be driving from Newark Airport in two weeks to Northfield, MA (just north of Greenfield and Springfield) and I was wondering if there is anywhere quality to stop between EWR and Northfield, perhaps White Memorial Foundation in Litchfield? And then when I'm in Northfield, part...
  12. martinboer

    Malta birding request

    Dear all, I realise that Malta is not in Italy but as there is no Malta forum, I thought I would gently park my thread here... I will be in Malta (St Julian) in June and I would like to hire a guide to take me around on one day that I am there. Does anyone have any experience with Malta or...
  13. martinboer

    Goose in Brussels

    Hi all, There is this solitary goose in Brussels, year around, and I just can't figure out what it is. The head looks like a Bean Goose or a Pink-Footed Goose. But there is less white on this bird - perhaps a juvenile? It is also quite near a flock of Canadian Geese but obviously very different...
  14. martinboer

    Birding in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

    Greetings, Next week I will be in Garmisch-Partenkirchen for a week to go skiing with the family and was hoping to do some birding. (Also, as the snow is rather wanting...) I was wondering if anyone knows which birds might be available at the moment and if you maybe have some tips, or links to...
  15. martinboer

    Martin (Brussels) 2014 List

    Hi all, Looking forward to another good birding year, with new lifers and some good local rarities. My best year was 2004 with 171 birds when I lived in Namibia. Between my work/private travel I hope to get above 200 for the year. Here's hoping! Martin (Brussels) 1 January 2014 Parc de...
  16. martinboer

    Best Brussels Birding Sites

    Dear All, I am a recent newcomer to Brussels (speak Dutch/English only) and now live in Woluwe-St-Pierre and work in Schuman. I was wondering what the best areas in the wider city are for birdwatching. So far, I have been happy with the lakes in Watermaal Bosvoorde but have seen less of...