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  1. gerdwichers8

    Unknown bird Isle of Vlieland; The Netherlands 20th and 21th of october

    Unknown, small passerine bird.
  2. gerdwichers8

    Exotic Finch-like call, Sweden 111012

    Sounds much like Trumpeter Finch, but I am not aware of any exotic finches appearing in Europe, producing the same sort of call. Help needed
  3. gerdwichers8

    Bunting Sweden

    Could anyone tell this sound to be Cornbunting or.. any other options
  4. gerdwichers8

    Yellowhammer, Sweden.

    I am a fair bit humiliated identifying this bunting but think it is a Yellowhammer
  5. gerdwichers8


    Hello all
  6. gerdwichers8

    unknown call Netherlands, somewhere this autumn

    Hello, this sounds like some chat, but I don't know which. Hopefully some bright mind can give me the answer. Gerd.
  7. gerdwichers8

    Speed of migrating Meadow Pipit

    Hello, Could someone help with this question: What would the exact speed be of a migrating Meadow Pipit? Gerd.
  8. gerdwichers8

    Lapland Longspur

    Hello, this call has made me puzzling, could anyone confirm it please?:smoke: http://waarneming.nl/waarneming/view/40483467
  9. gerdwichers8

    Yemen Serin, Wadi Darbat, Oman

    Hello These two Yemen Serins http://img365.imageshack.us/img365/1183/yemenserinwadidarbatomaze7.jpg where in a group of 10. The place where they were found is not known in to me available literature. There is a place nearby though (18 km). Can one confirm this species please.
  10. gerdwichers8

    Intermediat Egret, Taquah, Oman

    Hello Could http://www.imageno.com/9eggcp4286mbpic.html be confirmed to be so?
  11. gerdwichers8

    Fregetta Stormpetrel, Oman 050808

    Hello, This involves a bird, seen in two instances. Perhaps two different birds. First observation revealed a Wilson's Storm-Petrel together with an other Storm-petrel which showed a white belly while bouncing the sea. Sea bein rough, no extended observaton is available for many(especially)...
  12. gerdwichers8

    Seawatching in the south of Oman (Salalah area)

    I am a bit under a time pressure here since I have to arrange things. Does anyone know how the weather conditions while seawatching in this region:storm:? Probably need my North European rainoutfit because of summermonsoons, but is hard wind to be expected in the next few weeks. How are...
  13. gerdwichers8

    Unknown birdsound: Netherlands

    This was recorded in the Netherlands yesterday. Is it a Water Rail? It kept for at least 10 minutes making this sound without any of the usual sounds.
  14. gerdwichers8

    undetermined LesserWhitethroat. 10-12-07

    The following bird has been watched in the Netherlands by some alert birders. One of them asked me to post some of the photo's. Not yet fully determined, they have their preferences about its identity.
  15. gerdwichers8

    Recorder for mic

    Hello, Is there anyone of you who has experience with Korg MR1000 as a field recorder? I want to buy a recorder which is able to record less loud sounds.
  16. gerdwichers8

    Hard to see, better to hear.

    I had it hard to see this little birdy!
  17. gerdwichers8

    Crossbill sp.

    Hi Anyone to identify this call with certainty?
  18. gerdwichers8

    call on migration

    anyone for this calling bird? recorded yesterday
  19. gerdwichers8

    Unknown Birdcall

    Hello There is some call involved which I don't recognise. Anyone to scrutinize this sample?
  20. gerdwichers8

    uploading birdsounds

    Hello I wish to upload some quicktime MP3 recordings of birdsounds I made with my new piece of equipment. Could anyone tell me how to do it? gerd
  21. gerdwichers8

    Now we can speak about birds!

    A real breakthrough for storage of literal data and birdsounds!!!!!! A few weeks ago my memo recorder broke down because of moisture and rain reaching the circuits. I waited a bit to buy a new recorder (boattickets cost money as well) Likewise, I was considering a parabolic microphone for...
  22. gerdwichers8

    Kuwait Sparrow

    Hello, this is a picture from Kuwait; The sparrow on the right: Pale Rock Sparrow ? http://www.birdforum.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=60417
  23. gerdwichers8

    Pipit calls

    Usual I have no urgent matters but this time I do, and I need your help. How solid are calls of pipits for their identification? Like: Typical Redthroated; is it in use with other pipits? I think no. but, typical Tree, is it in use with other pipits? Not that I no of.. Important now: Typical...