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    Warbler - St Albans today

    Hello, I saw this warbler today just outside of St Albans, England. It looks like a Willow Warbler to me but I thought they were summer visitors. Is there also a resident population? Or is this something else? Thanks for your help!
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    Seabird - Cley Next the Sea

    Hello, I saw this distant seabird on 13 October 2020 in the sea near Cley marshes. I think that it could be a Razorbill or Little Auk. Heavily cropped. Thoughts welcome! (Preview makes the image appear quite small so you may need to zoom. On mac it's "CMD" and "+") Thanks!
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    Hybrid Goose - St Albans (28-Sep-20)

    Hello, I spotted this goose with the Canada geese earlier this week on Verulam Lake. It looks like a hybrid and having googled, I think it looks similar to Ross's goose x Barnacle goose hybrids. The UK seems well outside of the range of Ross's goose but there so seem to be records of vagrants...
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    Young Bird, Vietnam 2015

    Hello A long forgotten picture taken around Sa Pa, Vietnam in May 2015. I really struggle with young birds and don't have a clue what this is. There is a plastic bottle in the bush behind but we didn't think it was captive and it wasn't restrained at all. Any guesses? Thanks!
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    Birding near Koln/ Cologne

    Hello! I'll be visiting some family close to Koln for a week in mid-October. I've been trying to find good spots to visit for wildlife (especially birds) within 2 hours of Koln and looking at this forum, I've found a lot of good information. I hope to visit: - Eifel National Park - Wahner Heide...
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    Whitethroat? Hertfordshire

    Hello, Took this photo this morning in Hertfordshire. I've struggled to identify the bird. I suspected Whitethroat but colours looked a bit warm and eye ring on the large side. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!
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    Costa Rica - Hawks

    Hello, I visited Costa Rica in March 2019. Enthusiastically photographing every distant soaring dot, I've got some pretty ropey hawk images I'd really appreciate some help with identifying. Thanks!
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    Botswana - Eagle?

    Hello, Spotted this slightly out-of-focus bird in Northern Botswana. First impression with naked eye was buzzard but having looked at the bill and leg feathering, it looks more like an eagle. I queried dark-morph Booted Eagle but "landing lights" aren't obvious to me. I thought Tawny was...
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    Hello from St Albans, Hertfordshire!

    Hello! Joined last night to seek advice on an unusual looking Common Buzzard spotted on my exercise walk outside of St Albans. It was of course a Common Buzzard after all. I'm an amateur wildlife photographer, photos can be found on instagram @pwainwright_wildlife and perhaps sporadically on...
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    Two Common Buzzards?

    Hello! First post here. I expect that both of these birds are Common buzzards (the leading bird certainly is) but I was struck by how different the trailing bird looks in colouration and to a certain extent, shape. I appreciate that colouration varies enormously in CBs. Photo taken on Sunday...