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  1. Markus Lagerqvist


    Would love to read, if someone could send!
  2. Markus Lagerqvist

    Latest IOC diary updates

    This is what Fjeldså et.al. says about Carpospiza: "There is good evidence to suggest that Carpospiza brachydactyla of western Asia shares a common ancestor with Motacillidae (Oliveros et.al. 2019), suggesting an origin in the dry interior of Asia. Carpospiza is migratory like most motacillids...
  3. Markus Lagerqvist

    Latest IOC diary updates

    May 9 Accept split of Vasayan Shama from White-browed Shama. May 9 Accept split of Mindanao Serin from Indonesian (Mountain) Serin.
  4. Markus Lagerqvist


    Thanks, hard to interpret from the tree if their "Gallirallus woodfordi" is "Gallirallus woodfordi woodfordi" or "Gallirallus woodfordi tertius" samples or both? Hopefully some complimentary information will be published.
  5. Markus Lagerqvist


    Do they say which ssp of Woodford's Rail they sampled, that was not sister to the Isabel one, Bougainville, Guadalcanal or Malaita?
  6. Markus Lagerqvist

    New Comoros guide

    Don't think so, there are 2 photos of Frances's Sparrowhawk, one is griveaudi, but doesn't say which ssp the other is.
  7. Markus Lagerqvist

    New Comoros guide

    The book will be available on NHBS soon.
  8. Markus Lagerqvist

    New Comoros guide

    Don't know, I got a complimentary copy as a photographer, I'll mail the authors and ask!
  9. Markus Lagerqvist

    New Comoros guide

    Out now: Hawlitschek, Oliver, Rémy, Eudeline and Rouillé, Antoine: "Terrestrial fauna of the Comoros Archipelago / Faune Terrestre de l'Archipel des Comores" Bilingual photographic field giude that covers birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, chelicerates, myriapods, crustaceans, insects...
  10. Markus Lagerqvist

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2021

    After a lot of discussion on a Swedish name, "Amur Stonechat" (amurbuskskvätta) has beed adopted and is now already well established in the birding community.
  11. Markus Lagerqvist


    Horned Lark, before the split is called "berglärka" = mountain lark in Swedish. The new Swedish name for penicillata is orientberglärka, which translates as Oriental Mountain Lark.
  12. Markus Lagerqvist


    Horned Lark is split into 3 species by BirdLife Sweden's Taxonomic Committe in its latest report, published yesterday: Berglärka Eremophila alpestris (Common Horned Lark) Orientberglärka Eremophila penicillata (Mountain Horned Lark) Himalayaberglärka Eremophila longirostris (Himalayan Horned...
  13. Markus Lagerqvist

    Potential Eurasian Oystercatcher Split

    Kamchatka Oystercatcher [Kamtjatkastrandskata] Haematopus osculans is split by BirdLife Sweden’s Taxonomic Committee in its latest report, published yesterday. Full report here.
  14. Markus Lagerqvist

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2019

    Wikipedia says "Use of the term is now deprecated and considered offensive"
  15. Markus Lagerqvist

    Palearctic desert birds

    New taxonomic article in Dutch Birding: Diversification and taxonomy of birds characteristic of the Palearctic desert belt Manuel Schweizer Don't have access, so don't know what is says...
  16. Markus Lagerqvist


    That's the translation of the official Swedish name, i.e. Australian Little Tern, solves the problem, so fairy can be used for the Gygis species.
  17. Markus Lagerqvist

    Latest IOC diary updates

    There are more details on the revision here: https://www.worldbirdnames.org/updates/taxonomy/
  18. Markus Lagerqvist


    Does anyone have a copy they could send? Sounds very interesting! Many thanks! /Markus
  19. Markus Lagerqvist


    Does anyone have a copy of the study? Would be interesting to read! Cheers! Markus
  20. Markus Lagerqvist

    Your most anticipated futures books

    After seeing some plates, I can only agree! :t: And Faansies and Bill's plates work extremely well together! Really look forward to this publication!
  21. Markus Lagerqvist

    IOC World Bird List v9.2

    Still doesn't work for me in Edge. But tried to open it in Firefox and then i works fine.
  22. Markus Lagerqvist

    Birds of Bolivia

    I ordered a copy last year from Buteo and got it in the mail within weeks, on my first try. Must have been lucky! o:D
  23. Markus Lagerqvist


    A deep split (14.0 Ma, HPD: 11.4–17.0 Ma) is evident between Coracina/Ceblepyris and the remaining genera, however, the three species‐rich clades, Coracina, Edolisoma and Lalage, are of similar age (c. 9.2–10.4 Ma, HPD: 7.4–12.8 Ma). In addition to the taxonomical changes for Edolisoma reported...
  24. Markus Lagerqvist

    Report from Swedish Taxonomic Committee

    BirdLife Sweden’s Taxonomy Committee just published its latest report. Noteworthy decisions are: White-winged Scoter split into: • White-winged Scoter (Melanitta deglandi) – amerikansk knölsvärta • Siberian Scoter (M. stejnegeri) – sibirisk knölsvärta Barn Owl split into: • Western Barn Owl...