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  1. alfredoscott

    Painted Vulture in Florida?

    Mr William Bartram was an american explorer who spend a good part of his life studying the botany and ornithology of the southern British colonies in North America. People consider him as the first naturalist who penetrated the dense tropical forests of Florida. He described in 1791 two...
  2. alfredoscott

    What kind of Hornbill is a Toucan?

    You briefly saw a bird but you are not sure if it is a Tucan or a Hornbill. So how do you tell them apart at a glance? First clue, look around you. Where are you? Africa, Asia? Ok, is a hornbill. Anywhere from Southern Mexico, through Central America to northern Argentina? Well, is a tucan...
  3. alfredoscott

    Motmots, the Rollers of the Neotropics

    When a birder from Africa or Asia sees our Turquoise- browed Motmot, the first thing they say is “what kind of Roller is that?” Is a Motmot a kind of Roller? Well, not exactly, but they are related. We don’t have Rollers in the tropical Americas but the family of motmots are cousins of...
  4. alfredoscott

    Yellow-eared Parrot saved from extinction thanks to the Vatican and conservationists

    The celebration of Palm Sunday is a very popular tradition in the Catholic world of Latin America. In Colombia the feathers of the Yellow-eared Parrot have been used as decorations during this festivity. The local Church intervened trying to get people to change the custom and achieve the...
  5. alfredoscott

    Scientists are using only one tail feather of hummingbirds to find their wintering gr

    Can just one feather save the dry forest in Costa Rica? Scientists are using only one tail feather (R4) of Ruby- thoated hummingbirds to find their wintering grounds in Costa Rica and maybe protect the habitat they use in winter. See the article in...
  6. alfredoscott

    a good listing software for my lifelist

    Hi from Costa Rica. After many birding trips around the globe I got a list of birds that is impossible to handle to me. It is simply impossible to be updated on all the taxonomy changes (splits/lumps) so I dont know for sure how big my lifelist is. I keep my lifelist in a excel spreadsheet...
  7. alfredoscott

    Quetzals and people living together!

    This is a remarkable project I want to share with you. This local comunity of farmers in the highlands of Costa Rica have developed a sustainable strategy to protect the population of Resplendent Quetzal, but also protect the cloud forest and have a much higher income thatnks to the quality of...