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    uk today

    id on this one please and thanks
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    uk id

    I took this a couple of years ago at minsmere and thought it was a whitethroat , looking again I now think its a warbler -possibly marsh ? anyone help out please .
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    New to sony

    I have been trying togo lighter and lighter due to shoulder problems and having tried nearly every combo without success ended up with trying sony .Started with an a66oo which worked well but I didn't enjoy ergonomics after too many dslr years , so got the a7riv . I've paired it with the crop...
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    Another couple of extreme pics uk

    a couple more from this morning Curlew sandpiper ? no idea -so leave it to the experts ! I thought oystercatcher but black legs ?
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    uk today

    taken this morning at extreme range on coquet estuary . I've got the sandwich tern and the plover but what is the one in the middle please
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    curlew sandpiper - uk ?

    Curlew sandpiper or ? please
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    chaffinch -brambling ?

    uk this morning only had time for one quick shot but cant work it out. what is it please ?
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    uk today

    couple I'm not sure about please first just weird colour photograph of rook ? second male kestrel but looks wrong for that ? thanks for replies
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    fieldfare ?

    Is this juv fieldfare or just a greyish blackbird or ? thanks in advance
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    uk gull

    Herring gull ? dark bill and feet suggest something else ?
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    uk today

    Northumberland today first is curlew sand ? Second is scoter ? thanks
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    nortumberland -razorbill ?

    Juv razorbill please ?
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    uk warblers

    first one chiffchaff and second willow please ? thanks in advance
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    uk id

    No problem with buzzard but is the other one a male kestrel please. Long range I'm afraid
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    northern england today

    Long range shots been through the books and still cant tell ! help . please 1 goldeneneye ? 2 cormorant ? 3 ? thanks in advance
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    uk id please

    young chiffchaff ? thanks in advance
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    northumberland today

    lots of purple but not mallards so common teal ?
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    crow or raven

    How do I tell here . I think a crow but bill looks heavy - is there any other way ? Again perhaps too easy for the truly knowledgable but I am not one . Thank you kindly for all replies ( well nearly all ;) )
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    uk today

    northumberland shoot and hope shot but I cant identify . do the 2 on left look as though they have curved bill or just bad shot trickery ? thanks for replies
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    Sandwich or roseate tern

    Taken at Amble at long range and I'm always hoping for roseate but is it please. Too difficult for me at this range Thanks in advance
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    uk id

    I took this a few years ago in lincs and never got around to asking what it was . As far as I can tell it is neither of the partridges or quail so what please ? thanks in advance
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    uk today

    First looks like redpoll ? second? thanks in advance
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    crow or ravenn

    absolutely useless at id's and had this as crow but now not sure . Help please and thanks
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    gull id

    best I can come up with is 2cd yr herring - help please ? northumberland today thanks in advance
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    little ringed plover

    today in northumberland - little ringed plover ? thanks in advance