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  1. bouncerhero

    Sparrow ID's

    Definitely Song Sparrows
  2. bouncerhero

    Coopers or Sharp-Shinned Hawk?

    I agree. I think it's a Cooper's hawk
  3. bouncerhero

    Warbler ID, Hainan, China

    I don't live in China and I don't know about China's warblers, but I agree. When I look up Grahame's and KenM's opinon, it matches closely to a Hartert’s Leaf Warbler.
  4. bouncerhero

    ID- Thrush?

    I agree.
  5. bouncerhero

    Hummingbirds from Eastern Panama

    Wow! Amazing shots of hummingbirds! My favorite is the female Black-throated Mango.
  6. bouncerhero

    Hello to everyone at Birdforum

    Hello Charnwood!
  7. bouncerhero

    Hairy or Downy Woodpecker?

    On second thoughts, it could be a downy. The image quality isn't good on my device.
  8. bouncerhero

    Hairy or Downy Woodpecker?

    I think it's a Hairy Woodpecker.
  9. bouncerhero

    Hello from Blackpool, Lancashire, UK.

    Hello and and a warm welcome to you, Joe!
  10. bouncerhero

    Hey everybody

    Hello and and a warm welcome to you, Albert!
  11. bouncerhero

    Hello everyone

    Hello and and a warm welcome to you too, VTM!
  12. bouncerhero


    Hello and and a warm welcome to you too, GREEN EYED DAS!
  13. bouncerhero


    Hello and a warm welcome to you, MNJim!
  14. bouncerhero

    Hummingbird ID

    Either a Berylline or a Buff-bellied.
  15. bouncerhero

    Birds and Storms

    Thanks, TheAKBirding
  16. bouncerhero

    What In The World Happened?!

    Hello everyone, I put up a bee house for less then a year already and suddenly, all my adult bees that layed eggs dropped dead on the ground right below them.:eek!: I noticed that a tiger bee fly was right outside my bee house. Are the tiger bee flies the problem? Thanks!
  17. bouncerhero

    August Moths

    I heard Gypsy moths are really bad moths :eek!:
  18. bouncerhero

    Reptiles on the beach!

    Really cool snake pics :t::-O:t:
  19. bouncerhero

    Birds and Storms

    Hello everyone, Do birds get affected by storms, and if they do, what is their behavior? Thanks, bouncerhero
  20. bouncerhero

    Wader - Ă–land Sweden- July

    Either a Sanderling or a maybe a Dunlin.
  21. bouncerhero

    Can I eat bird food?

    I agree EdwinBrophy. Sunflower seeds are very good for you :t:
  22. bouncerhero

    House wren removing white things from nest

    Thanks everybody! :D
  23. bouncerhero

    House wren removing white things from nest

    Hello everyone, There is a family of house wrens living in a bird house by my window. After the chicks hatched, I noticed that the parents started removing white, puffy things from the nest. What could this be? Thanks
  24. bouncerhero

    Weird bird sound!!

    Thanks moonflow, I think it is a wild turkey!
  25. bouncerhero

    Weird bird sound!!

    Hello everybody, Lately I've been hearing a strange sound in the woods near my home which I think is a bird. It sounds hollow, like someone tapping plastic cups on a table. Could this be a woodpecker? Or something else? I know it is definitely not a person hammering or anything like that...