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  1. Sandy73

    Impressed & disappointed with 10x42 NL Pure

    Morning. Yes, I was impressed that by the speed with which I received the replacements. I contacted the shop on Monday and either the Rep or the Swarovski Customer Service team put them in the post the same day. One day in the post and received them the following day (Wednesday). The minor...
  2. Sandy73

    Impressed & disappointed with 10x42 NL Pure

    Morning. A quick update. I have received in the post this morning 2 new lens caps. Regards Stuart
  3. Sandy73

    Impressed & disappointed with 10x42 NL Pure

    Thank you for the reply. I’m more than happy with the binoculars, it was just the lens cap which could happen to any model/ brand. Regards.
  4. Sandy73

    Impressed & disappointed with 10x42 NL Pure

    Good evening all. My local camera/optics shop had a pair of 10x42 NL Pures in. I finally cracked and went to purchase them last Saturday (17th July). The shop owner did mention about issues with the lens caps as I was paying for my new bins, but these were brand new so I wasn’t to concerned...
  5. Sandy73

    UK Dragonflies & Damselflies 2021

    Evening. I had my first Scarce Emerald at Milton Creek CP, Sittingbourne this morning. Regards
  6. Sandy73

    Britain's Insects (WildGuides) by Paul Brock

    Hello John. Hopefully it is good as I have it on order. Regards Stuart
  7. Sandy73

    Odonata and us (still in Poland, but not for long)

    Morning. Good luck, it sounds an interesting challenge. I am looking forward to reading how you progress. Regards
  8. Sandy73

    Increase in Buzzards in SE Kent?

    Hello. No problem, The Kent Ornithological Society produce an annual report (if you are interested in birding it is a good , friendly knowledge group. Regards
  9. Sandy73

    Increase in Buzzards in SE Kent?

    Hello Nick. Yes, Buzzard numbers have increased in Kent. A few years ago Buzzards were rare (a few s year) now I see Buzzards regularly, even over the house in Sittingbourne. Red Kites are now spreading through the county as well. Regards
  10. Sandy73

    Large Tortoiseshell in the U.K.

    Evening all. With sightings of Large Tortiosehell butterflies popping up across the country, are we at the dawn of a recolonisation? If I remember correctly, there was some doubt about a couple of pockets of sightings (Portland?) in the last couple of years. Surely with the distance between...
  11. Sandy73

    The Demise of Birding Software

    Good afternoon all. I also use Birdjournal. The ability to record different categories, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, (albeit I have to pay for that function) and the download/ upload easily into Birdtrack was one of the main reasons. Now if they can have an option to load into IRecord...
  12. Sandy73


    Evening I agree INaturist is very good, I tend to use it only for sightings where I have a photo. Another use is for plants/ fungi, it gives me an idea of what family to look at. Nearly all my sightings, whether there is a photo or not, go on Irecord and bird sightings are also loaded into...
  13. Sandy73

    Ivory-Billed Woodpecker continued

    Morning. That sighting/ record was the example that immediately came to mind. On my old patch as well. Regards
  14. Sandy73

    Ivory-Billed Woodpecker continued

    Hello It would depend on what bird they were reporting. Ultimately it would be up-to my local Ornithological Society, then national bodies to confirm based on the evidence submitted. Regards
  15. Sandy73

    Ivory-Billed Woodpecker continued

    Hello Video (of acceptable quality), fresh feathers, droppings, dead bird, matched eggshells or written descriptions from observers that are accepted by the relevant US bodies come to mind. Regards
  16. Sandy73

    Ivory-Billed Woodpecker continued

    Hello I didn’t mention photographs, although a good clear photo of live bird would aid in confirming the species isn’t extinct. Regards
  17. Sandy73

    Ivory-Billed Woodpecker continued

    Evening. The lack of confirmed, verified sightings is a fairly strong supporting argument. Regards
  18. Sandy73

    Ivory-Billed Woodpecker continued

    Evening all. Apologies, just found the thread. Which committees have accepted the recent sightings (honestly don’t know, hence the question)? Obviously there must be solid evidence for the sightings to be accepted. Has it been published/ peer reviewed? Could this be a similar case as the...
  19. Sandy73

    Best fungi guide(s) for the UK

    Sorry. I’m still wondering about the book you have pictured. Regards
  20. Sandy73

    Best fungi guide(s) for the UK

    Evening. Thank you very much. I’ll investigate. Regards
  21. Sandy73

    Best fungi guide(s) for the UK

    Thank you for the reply. I’ve ordered the Collins shown above but it was a toss up between that book and a photographic Collins (I believe). Regards
  22. Sandy73

    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2021 edition)

    Happy new year everyone. For the UK list. A brief afternoon walk along part of Milton Creek, Sittingbourne produced: 1. Blackbird 2. Black-headed Gull 3. Black-tailed Godwit 4. Carrion Crow 5. Chaffinch 6. Collared Dove 7. Coot 8. Cormorant 9. Curlew 10. Great Crested Grebe 11. Green...
  23. Sandy73

    Best fungi guide(s) for the UK

    Good morning and seasons greetings. Can anyone recommend a guide for identifiying UK fungI please? The lockdowns have meant I have spent more time in local woodlands in late autumn than I would have normally and I have started take note/ photo’s of fungI. Thank you in advance, Regards
  24. Sandy73

    Hello from Kent, UK!

    Welcome to Birdforum, from someone else in Kent.
  25. Sandy73

    Seasalter Levels

    Evening. Seasalter levels are on the outskirts of Whitstable. Most were/ are grazing fields with dykes between them. A few years ago i found some information either by Canterbury City Council or the local RSPB about the area. Unfortunately the area across from it (Graveney Marshes) is soon...