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  1. gerdwichers8

    Buzzard ID?

    I am stuck just the same way like you. The wide band to the wing might have favoured Steppe on top of the general built but I would only trust a reallive situation from my point of view. Palearctic buzzards are so close to one another.
  2. gerdwichers8

    Ferruginous Hawk and Sedge Wren?

    Might take a look at the Wren just for fun; the hawk is a Red-tailed.
  3. gerdwichers8

    Meadow or Richard's Pipit (Spaarndam, near Amsterdam Netherlands Nov 28, 2020)

    The pictures strongly suggest the bird, which I would say is a pipit, to have a very weak bill. Which is good for Meadow
  4. gerdwichers8

    Hawk ID, Toronto

    I understand mister Vieillot treated this species under the genus 'sparvius', of which nowadays at least-mostly-all are placed in 'accipiter'. This short-winged buzzard has no broad wing really but could you say the species is capable of catching small birds like the members of its former...
  5. gerdwichers8

    Armenia Raptor

    probably only menetriesi in early august.. ..but likely just as in the Atlas, Caucasian buzzards are truly puzzling and hybrids are to occur.
  6. gerdwichers8

    Leica Noctivid 8x42 design flaws and review - owners please check

    I bought my Leica's this winter and beginning of June I was very excited to find that the binoculars takes harsh light conditions very well. Owned two pairs of EL's or Swarovision for the last 14 years which I wasn't to buy at that time (went for Ultravid) and before all that, had used two...
  7. gerdwichers8

    Hawks - Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park, Alberta

    Red-tailed Hawk and Northern Harrier
  8. gerdwichers8

    noctivid objective covers

    Wear them all the time for handlebar protection and there's no issues them touching the glass.
  9. gerdwichers8

    Raptors ID help - North-east India

    2 and 3 is EIE; 1 I am not sure but for the time being another subadult EIE
  10. gerdwichers8

    Common Buzzard with white tail and UTC's.

    Tail-and flightfeathers in Common Buzzards are 'white-and-dark-patterned' in any case. This buzzard shows still a pale 'U' to its chest. As in dark morph Steppe Buzzard; this pale 'U' would have been absent. As a rule of thumb: a white vent in the WP implies an intermediate or pale morph or a...
  11. gerdwichers8

    Spotted Eagle ,Northern Greece

    one of its parents is
  12. gerdwichers8

    Buteo, California, USA

    ..right, I just took a look at the e-bird photo's of the hawk and I like head and bill as RLH quite a bit better. These were not so easy here at Birdforum and those were my biggest concern. Still very hard a bird and it will take more confidence to be certain.
  13. gerdwichers8

    Buteo, California, USA

    Many features like iris-colour; composition of bill-length/ base bill to the eye; headshape and type of gape. Then the extent of dark fingers, type of dark pattern to the whole of the bird and dito patterning to the white tail-and wingpatterning. The width of the hand compared to the width of...
  14. gerdwichers8

    Hawk (?), Panama

    True; as a rule of thumb, a white vent to a median sized raptor in the WP always applies to a light bird or morph (regardless of species) In the Nearctic this applies less well (Snail Kite; Swainson's Hawk..)
  15. gerdwichers8

    Raptor ID, Dallas, Texas

    :eat: B (:
  16. gerdwichers8

    Snipe, Malaysia (March 2018)

    These photo's and others alike often relate to birds that either just have taken off or are about to land. The position of legs to tail are subject to much variation anyhow. The name of Pin-tail Snipe Gallinago stenura has to do with its tail. To me it appears that the name in modern times has...
  17. gerdwichers8

    Snipe, Malaysia (March 2018)

    the outer 'fringes' to the secondaries in Asian Snipe sp. are white and distinguisable from the gradually paler character towards the tip. This fading zone is even found broader than the strongly contrasting white band to the wing of a Common Snipe. Secondaries to an Asian Snipe sp. appear...
  18. gerdwichers8

    Raptor ID, Dallas, Texas

    Red-tailed Hawk
  19. gerdwichers8

    Noctivid supply problem?

    I ordered a green 10x42 in the UK, waited for the given term of 5 days an then I was informed the delivery would be in the next few days. But I wasn't to wait for some colour since I was to be off to India and just changed it black.
  20. gerdwichers8

    What is the Noctivid about?

    I had the openbridge in two EL's the last 13 years and I never liked the thumbholes. Only in a most static position they fall in the right place with my thumbs. While actually using the binoculars, those recesses come to me as disturbing. I actually went for an Ultravid when I bought my first...
  21. gerdwichers8

    Tundra/Taiga Bean Goose, Portugal

    Lutzen, you see Tundra in just any Beangoose. What's up?
  22. gerdwichers8

    Unknown bird Isle of Vlieland; The Netherlands 20th and 21th of october

    Thank you very much for your efforts Jean. I was hoping for support in the multiple rattle-call. Which is no song ( only far in the background 'song' applies)
  23. gerdwichers8

    Unknown bird Isle of Vlieland; The Netherlands 20th and 21th of october

    In between me and the station, there's 3 polders, a road stretch and a dune complex. So..
  24. gerdwichers8

    Unknown bird Isle of Vlieland; The Netherlands 20th and 21th of october

    the thrush-mix is only very faint in the background. Only excellent hearing and very good ID skills should hear it. But oh, you missed the Greenshank too.. nor Bluethroat in this recording.