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  1. sandrinhalee

    Which tour / location for puffins?

    Seeing puffins is a dream of mine (I failed to see any in Scotland and Norway!). I'm hoping to go to Maine in July, but have no idea how to find the best tours / locations. I know the one tour that actually lands on the island and watches them through a blind is already all booked up for 2021...
  2. sandrinhalee

    Best place / tour to see puffins in Maine?

    Seeing puffins is a dream of mine. I'm hoping to go to Maine in July, but have no idea how to find the best tours / locations. I've checked a few out and they seem to be already all booked up. Does anyone else have any recommendations? I don't know if it's possible to see them on land vs just by...
  3. sandrinhalee

    Sparrow? in Hagerman preserve, TX, today

    Not sure what this stripey fellow in Hagerman National Wildlife Preserve is. Any help welcome!
  4. sandrinhalee

    Whose poop is this? Dallas, TX, today

    On my third floor apartment balcony in Dallas, TX, I get blue jays, woodpeckers, sparrows, cardinals, and doves at my feeder. Between 7 p.m. and 11:30 a.m. someone left this ENORMOUS (thumb-sized) turd in the feeder and I am bewildered. Who could have left this? The balcony is not accessible to...
  5. sandrinhalee

    Baby bird advice in Mississippi

    My friend in Mississippi says she found a baby bird on the ground. It looks to me like some sort of thrush, hermit thrush? She can't see any obvious nests nearby that look like it may have come from. Any advice on what to do? there are no wildlife rescue organizations near her. She hasn't seen...
  6. sandrinhalee

    Where to bird near Omaha in Sept

    Hi there! I'll be in Omaha for a wedding the weekend of Sept 28, and was thinking of going a little early and getting some fall migration birding in beforehand. Does anyone have any recommendations for where specifically i should go? I've never been to Nebraska before. I live in TX. Thanks, Sandra
  7. sandrinhalee

    which wren in San Pancho, Mexico (near Puerto Vallarta)?

    Hi everyone, I can't figure out which wren this is in the Puerto Vallarta area because his head is so stripey. Is it a juvenile? Of course he's sitting vertically, hehe, but I rotated it for ease of ID. Oh, just realized he's a creeper. oops. But which one? Thanks, S.
  8. sandrinhalee

    which hummingbird in Puerto Vallarta?

    Hi everyone, not sure which this is. Can someone help?
  9. sandrinhalee

    what kind of flycatcher in Puerto Vallarta?

    Hi there, is this a dusky-capped flycatcher? From online pictures I'm not sure if the dusky-capped is supposed to have a yellow breast. Some of them have it and some don't. Maybe subspecies? Thanks! S.
  10. sandrinhalee

    Difference between female black-capped and blue-gray gnatcatcher in Puerto Vallarta?

    Hi everyone, I'm in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and today near the Jardin Botanico I saw this li'l bird. It looks like a female black-capped or blue-gray gnatcatcher -- from the pictures I have I cannot tell which it is. Can someone help me, and tell me how you figured it out? I tried to get...
  11. sandrinhalee

    more Bird IDs from Bosque Los Colomos, Guadalajara

    Hi everyone, here are some more birds from Bosque Los Colomos. Could someone help me with ID?
  12. sandrinhalee

    Bird ID from Bosque Los Colomos, Guadalajara

    Hi everyone! Could someone help me ID these birds? Thanks!
  13. sandrinhalee

    Raptor at Nurek Lake, Tajikistan, two days ago

    Hi everyone, can someone identify this for me? It was taken at Nurek Lake in Tajikistan two days ago. Thanks, S.
  14. sandrinhalee

    Sick Bohemian waxwing in Semey, Kazakhstan

    Hi everyone, I'm stationed for 10 months in Semey, which is in Kazakh Siberia. Yesterday I found a first-winter Bohemian waxwing buried in snow. It was still alive. I took it to a vet, who professed that he didn't know anything about birds, and since he called it a hoopoe, I think he's...
  15. sandrinhalee

    Guidance for Three Days from Mumbai

    Hi everyone, Work is taking me to Mumbai and I've managed to get three free days afterwards to do what I want. I'd like to go birding, and as a single woman, want to be safe and not stressed about safety (I just had a cell phone stolen in Milan). I also don't want to spent most of my time...
  16. sandrinhalee

    Which starling in Lake Nakuru, Kenya, last month?

    This is probably obvious, but I just can't tell from my ID book and these pictures with the lighting. What kind of starling is this? And are these two different ones?
  17. sandrinhalee

    Aral region, June

    Are the two birds in the one pic just female house sparrows? That's what they look like, but I'm bewildered because I didn't see a single male around. And what's this other chap? crested lark? I hope y'all don't mind my influx of Kazakhstan birds -- going through my pics slowly.
  18. sandrinhalee

    What kind of plover? Kambash Lake, Kazakhstan

    Hi everyone, are these two the same kind of bird? They seem a little different to me. Thanks, S.
  19. sandrinhalee

    What is this? Kambash Lake, Kazakhstan, June

    Little stint? am I way off? Kambash Lake is near Aral.
  20. sandrinhalee

    What is this? in Aral, Kazakhstan, June

    Hi everyone, I feel foolish but I dunno what this bird is! I thought it would be an easy ID because of the clarity of the picture. I have Birds of Central Asia and it doesn't look like anything in the book, unless I missed something obvious. I had thought it was a swift, but the swifts listed...
  21. sandrinhalee

    Where in the world?

    Hi everyone, This is a reeeeallly general question, as I'm suddenly in this strange but wonderful situation where I (an American) need to be out of the U.S. for 2 weeks for tax purposes (to meet the 330-day foreign income exclusion standard) and my work is willing to pay my ticket up to a...
  22. sandrinhalee

    Digiscoping necessary for birding in Korgalzhyn?

    Hi everyone, I'm an amateur birder who's recently moved to Kazakhstan. I was interested in going to Korgalzhyn this spring, but all the trip reports I've pulled up talk about digiscoping. I don't have digiscoping equipment -- will I not get any good pictures with my measly 300mm lens? I...
  23. sandrinhalee

    Budget birding in India?

    Hi everyone, I have rather a general question. I'm a budget birder and I can't afford to pay for a guide or tour. I'm currently working in Central Asia, and flights to India are pretty affordable. I have almost 2 weeks off in the beginning of Jan 2017. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend...
  24. sandrinhalee

    falcon in Montserrat, Spain, in June?

    Hi everyone, is this a peregrine falcon? Just checking. Thanks, Sandra
  25. sandrinhalee

    Common or Arctic tern?

    Hi there, just a few weeks ago (June) I saw this tern in Sandviken, Sweden. Can't tell if it's a common or an arctic. The legs COULD seem short, though not obviously so, and the beak has no black at the tip, but the beak doesn't seem short. Can someone shed light on the matter? Obviously I...