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  1. Brian2

    Acro at Canvey Island Essex today

    This warbler popped up from within the bushes today whilst watching the Shrike at Canvey Marsh Essex. Probably just a Reed Warbler but it provoked some discussion on site so I thought as I managed to get a snap shot of it I'd post it for others to consider. your thoughts welcomed
  2. Brian2

    help with ID please

    can anybody help with an Id on this moth found in my Dad's garden yesterday in Essex. thanks in advance Brian
  3. Brian2

    Help with Shrew / Mouse ID

    Seen today in Suffolk, I was told it was a Shrew but I thought it was a baby Wood Mouse. Please could somebody ID it for me, thanks in advance It appeared to be blind so I'm guessing it's quite young, had really strong back legs.
  4. Brian2

    Teal ID

    Female Teal Or Female Green Winged Teal? edited to include location: Crossness London today
  5. Brian2

    Where will you be starting your 2013 list

    I have been visiting Titchwell as my annual new years day tick venue and with a day to go I'm just wondering where others plan to start their new year list. Do you have a ritual? Do you plan it around any rarities that have hung around for new years day? Do you visit your patch or do you just...
  6. Brian2

    Blackbird with white neck

    This fella has been visiting my garden for a week or so and finally dropped in today so I managed to get a photo..a poor photo but a photo! He has a white collar almost like a reverse Ring Ouzel on the back of his neck and the local Blackbirds don' like having him around...smart bird though. B (:
  7. Brian2

    Waltham Abbey BOP ?

    Seen today over Holyfield Farm Waltham Abbey Large Bop that the observer said put all the pigeons into panic. Suggested to be Sparrowhawk, Goshawk, Buzzard and Harrier by those that have seen the picture. would welcome any comments from the BOP guys.;)
  8. Brian2

    new set up advise 300 or 400 5d or 7d?

    Guys I'm planning on a small investment in the near future. Currently I carry a Nikon D50 and Sigma 80-300 lens. But as with everything else the time comes to invest in better equipment. I want a camera and lens set up I can carry (hand hold) and I'm considering switching to Canon with a budget...
  9. Brian2

    Montagu's Harrier Boyton Marsh RSPB

    Finally got to see a Montagu's Harrier today at Boyton. What's the school of thought for this bird...bred in the uk? or has it come across from Europe?
  10. Brian2

    Golden Plover?

    Taken early morning this week at Titchwell before the sun came up. Bird only stayed a couple of minutes and left me thinking Golden Plover I'm thinking it's a European but thought it worth posting for some forum agreement. thanks Brian
  11. Brian2

    Montagu's Harrier Suffolk

    Can anybody give me some directions to the location that the Monties Harrier has been seen in Suffolk over the last couple of days as I'd like to see it if it hangs around another day..any help appreciated and apologies if there is a thread for this already but I couldn't find one. thanks in...
  12. Brian2

    Moth ID UK

    saw this at Titchwell and the warden did tell me its name but I've forgotten think he said half something? any help appreciated cheers Brian B (:
  13. Brian2

    Sea watching Norfolk

    I heard that Wednesday PM and Thursday AM might be good for sea watching in North Norfolk. Firstly I checked the wind forecast and it's suggesting WSW upto 18mph is this going to delivery good passage and if so where would be a good spot to visit? any help appreciated B (:
  14. Brian2

    ID uk warbler

    I took this picture on Skomer in April 2008 and it's bugged me ever since Just flicking through an old file and it remains nameless so i'd be glad if you'd take a look an give your thoughts on it....I'm probably missing the obvious but I'd like to finally tag it before I delete it B (:
  15. Brian2

    Help with Norfolk Moth

    Saw this guy today at Cley anybody to help me label it?
  16. Brian2

    help needed with ID

    saw these two at Folkestone today..anybody got a name for either?
  17. Brian2

    Small Or Essex

    Any idea..i'm struggling to be sure on this one? It does have a tiny black tip to the orange antenna?B (:
  18. Brian2

    dragon fly ID

    Guys can you point me in the right direction please with this one taken today at Minsmere. B (:
  19. Brian2


    Bumped into this guy today...am I right in thinkin it's an Adder B (:
  20. Brian2

    Red Moth ID

    Saw this guy at Minsmere today...any ideas what it's called?B (:
  21. Brian2

    Bee ID

    I've seen a few of these guys around this year but don't remember seeing any before (or noticing any before) can somebody help put a name to it?B (:
  22. Brian2

    Skipper ID

    Any ideas on these three guys? B (:
  23. Brian2

    Dragon Fly Id Please

    Dragon fly? Hawker? Darter?...not my thing but too good not to snatch a photo of it, can anybody ID it for me?B (:
  24. Brian2

    id help please

    Appreciate some help labelling these guys I think small or Essex Skipper and Heath Fritillary but would welcome some help.B (:
  25. Brian2

    Pacific Plover

    Can I ask those that know more than me to point out why the Cley bird is a Pacific and not an American...all the reference I have reviewed shoes the white to run right down the wing on Pacific and only past the breast on American. The pictures of the Cley bird show only a short run of white. I'd...