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  1. mtn

    Warbler 5/11/21, Virginia US

    Thank you!
  2. mtn

    Warbler 5/11/21, Virginia US

    Just saw a warbler in the tree outside my office window where I've seen Yellow-Rumped and Black-Throated Blue Warblers over the past week (did not have a camera handy, sorry)... this one looked somewhat similar to the Yellow-Rumped (it did have a yellow rump patch) only with pure yellow on the...
  3. mtn

    SLC 8X42 vs 10X42

    Thanks Tom. Both pair that I have coming are newer versions (SV ELs and HD SLCs). I am looking forward to the comparison. I have a pair of Zeiss 10x that I quite like as well, so I'm not sure I will have the need for all three. I will be sure to share my thoughts once I've had plenty of time...
  4. mtn

    SLC 8X42 vs 10X42

    Thanks for the reply Tom. I have a pair of each on their way... I sprung for the 10x50 SV ELs first (right before I made my previous post) and was wondering about the (potential) gap between them and the 10x42 SLC HDs and the trade-offs in handling. I was offered a good deal on some 10x42s, so...
  5. mtn

    Is a 50mm NL likely?

    I think a lot of hunters would buy a 50mm NL, especially in the western US. While some may be using night vision there are styles of hunting based on long glassing sessions and the big ELs and SLCs are very popular. Many hunters are also finding that a 15x56 or 12x50 can replace a much larger...
  6. mtn

    SLC 8X42 vs 10X42

    Tom, which do you find yourself using most between these two? Thanks Daniel
  7. mtn

    Name these bins... Or binocular ID ;)

    I think you're right... Guess I just wasnt familiar with the older version of those. Cheers
  8. mtn

    Name these bins... Or binocular ID ;)

    My best guess are Trinovid BA or BNs...
  9. mtn

    Name these bins... Or binocular ID ;)

    Anyone know which binoculars he is using? This image was captured from this video: Which is basically a Swarovski commercial, although I do not recognize these as Swarovski binoculars (of course, they could be...) Figured someone here might be able to figure out what they are :) Cheers! Daniel
  10. mtn

    Truck and car Binoculars

    For years I kept a B&L Discovery 7x42 in my truck 24/7/365 unless I had them in my hand. They were my only binoculars! Never got to minus 30 but plenty of single digits, no problems with the B&Ls to this day. Lucky enough to have a few pair now; I keep a Swaro SLC 8X30 in my truck or at hand...
  11. mtn

    Comment by 'mtn' in media 'Handsome Gadwall'

    A beauty. Nice photo!
  12. mtn

    Comment by 'mtn' in media 'Barred Owl'

  13. mtn

    Eastern Bluebird? Ann Arbor, MI

    I would agree.
  14. mtn

    Comment by 'mtn' in media 'Pied-billed grebe chicks have hatched'

    Nice photo. Love those birds. TFS
  15. mtn

    Comment by 'mtn' in media 'White-breasted Nuthatch'

    Great pose and detail. TFS
  16. mtn

    Western WA sparrow

    White-throated for me... And, I regularly see them with no or nearly no yellow this time of year. Cheers
  17. mtn

    Red-shouldered or red-tailed hawk - NW Florida

    Tail feathers look very much more like a red-tailed, plus band across chest as noted above. Nice photo
  18. mtn

    ATX and STX new versions.

    They are still producing the ATS/STS line, or if not they were until very recently... those have been around for how long, 20 years? I would expect them to continue with 'TX for a long time to come, even if they introduce another line.
  19. mtn

    Comment by 'mtn' in media 'White-eyed vireo'

    Really loving your recent photos. Kudos
  20. mtn

    Meopta s2 82 hd + astro eyepieces

    It arrived and looks nice. Came in a factory Meopta box, definitely OEM. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to test it yet.
  21. mtn

    Red-shouldered hawk? - southwest British Columbia, Canada

    Agree... You can see the white rump patch too. Check out how similar the very nice photo at the top of the thread appears to this photo from Merlin:
  22. mtn

    Songbird, Virginia, USA, January 25, 2021

    After playing a bunch of the songs in Merlin, and considering what is likely to be around, I'm now guessing it was a house finch... Although the song I heard today had a slower cadence than the recording in Merlin. The amount of complexity, length, buzziness and depth of the song are otherwise...
  23. mtn

    Songbird, Virginia, USA, January 25, 2021

    This afternoon/evening it was unusually warm for this time of year, approaching 60 deg. F, and sunny. I am up in the mountains of Virginia, near the Blue Ridge, at about 2500' or so. High temps have been around or below 40 F for months. At about 4:00 pm, with the sun still in the treetops I...
  24. mtn

    Meopta s2 82 hd + astro eyepieces

    I have one of these on order from B&H. Will post up when it arrives. Daniel