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    Good news for Raptors

    Some good news for Raptors regarding collisions with planes and wind turbines at last !! : https://www.birdguides.com/articles/new-optical-illusion-to-prevent-raptor-collisions/
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    Guillemots egg shape

    An interesting piece on Radio 4 this morning regarding the shape of Guillemots eggs : 07.44 a.m https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bfx5mb#play
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    Feeder stand warning

    Good morning Unfortunately I had a distraught phone call from my mother last night telling me she had to extract a Great spotted woodpecker from her bird feeder stand which is one of those ornate steel stands with curled ends, the woodpecker had somehow got its leg caught...
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    Garden Warblers

    Anyone noticed an increase in Garden Warblers recently ?, on my local patch ( Daventry country park, Northants ) I have heard 5 singing individuals last weekend and even in the scrub opposite my house this morning where normally we have none
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    More bad news

    On my drive in to work this morning listening to Radio 4, came news of 87 white Backed Vultures and Hooded vultures in Mozambique poisoned by poachers , so as not to reveal the location of killed Elephants and Rhinos, for Ivory, I guess this has been happening for some time And then came the...
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    Hi all, just asking what would be the best time of year for Birding near the Adelaide area, and are there any recommended sites worth visiting ? Thanks from Mark
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    A recent little holiday to Sicily, gave me the chance to do a little birding around our accomodation and surrounding area, which to be honest was fairly quiet, apart from a trickle of migration involving Honey Buzzards, Alpine Swifts, Tawny Pipits and Yellow Wagtails, Bee eaters and the calling...
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    Anyone know of any locations to hear singing Nightingales in this area, I am not very hopeful myself, but my ageing mother has mentioned she would like to hear one and lives near Brecon Thanks from Mark
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    I. D Please

    Can anyone identify this interesting insect that I rescued from within an office it is at least 10 cms in total length Thanks from Mark
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    Nesting Stonechats

    Just curious if anyone on here has any experience of Stonechats using buildings for nest sites, only our friends in Normandy, France believe they have a pair nesting under the eaves of their Barn, in the garden, I suggested they could be Redstarts, but they are 100 per cent sure they are...
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    Ravens and lambs

    On Farming Today ( Radio 4 ) , there was a graphic account from a farmer on Dartmoor describing how his young lambs are being targeted by up to 20 Ravens... I will not put the details on here but it sounds like a slow death ! ? Mark
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    Scilly Isles

    Thinking of a little trip for the first time ever this autumn to the Scilly Isles, probably camping to keep costs down, I am just contemplating the best way to do this travelling from the Midlands, fly out from Lands end and sail back to Penzance ? which could mean leaving the car at Lands...
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    I am thinking of a week in Sicily during September sometime, can anyone recommend a suitable quiet area, for a birder with a non birding partner, which may be productive for migrating birds, looking for possibly self catering accommodation ? Thanks from Mark
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    A Little Tenerife mystery ( Part one )

    A family Holiday planned for Tenerife resulted in me buying and reading the excellent book : Crossbill guide to Tenerife and Gomera, this book is a must read for anyone making a planned trip to Tenerife and will make your holiday more of an eye opener in respect of Flora and Fauna and also...
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    Albatross behaviour

    An interesting slot on BBC Radio 4 Inside Science last night , : radio tagging of wandering Albatross has revealed some fascinating feeding behaviour, in that the birds have been recorded going out to sea at night and swimming round in tight circles, creating Bio luminescence which squid are...
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    Bird descriptions

    A phone call from my friend in France said he has seen a bird he has never seen before, it landed on the gutter of his shed..the size of a woodpecker, the shape of a woodpecker, bright Blue back, black and White head, rufous coloured under wing, bounding flight like a Woodpecker but definitely...
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    Tree I.D Please ?

    Hi all, any help with the I.D of this tree species, it was difficult to photograph as is only 10 Metres in height and amongst thick vegetation, the flower is pea like and very popular with the Bees, I have since spotted another one approximately 30 Metres in height with deeply fissured bark in...
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    Red Kites on Radio 2

    The subject of Red Kites stealing food was aired on Radio 2 this afternoon on the Jeremy Vine show, apparently a Red Kite snatched a childs Cup Cake from her hand in Stokenchurch, but also injured the childs head causing bleeding...which is not so funny, I have had the interesting experience...
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    Sick facebook video

    Scrolling through facbook last night , I stumbled on a Lads only video, showing gulls being fed hot tobasco sauce on chips, obviously the gull became distressed much to the delight of those filming , the gull was then seen to immediately start drinking sea water, something I know they would not...
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    Lagos Pelagic trips

    Hi all. anyone on here have any information on good Pelagic trips near to Lagos in Portugal, as I will be staying here for a holiday in September, and would be interested in a trip out Thanks from Mark
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    £2.99 Tripod

    A wander into a local charity shop, has solved a little problem for me, I am going on a trip to Portugal soon and hoping to get a bit of birding in, and was looking for a lightweight tripod to take with me which can hold a Kowa 30 x 80 scope, this little vanguard tripod folds down to about 18...
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    Swift Obsession

    Just recently I seem to of developed an interest in Swifts, and apart from watching their aerial displays at my local reservoir, I have also found a swift webcam at the Natural History Museum at Oxford University, there is not much happening at the moment apart from a bird sitting on three eggs...
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    Racing pigeons V Raptors

    Interesting debate on Radio 2 today ( Jeremy Vine show ), pigeon fanciers want more protection for their racing pigeons from the R.S.P.B with regard to problem birds of Prey,it seems they are asking to ' take out ' ( Shoot ) the odd rogue raptor preying on pigeon lofts, !!..everone has their...
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    Albufeira, Portugal

    Hi all, my wife and I have booked a holiday 6th - 17th to Portugal staying just outside Albufeira, bearing in mind My other half is a part time birder with myself a bit keener are there any good birding spots in the immediate vicinity as we will probably be without a car, however I would like to...
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    Rutland water Osprey webcam

    Just had a quick look on the Rutland water Osprey webcam, and there is an Egyptian Goose merrily making her nesting arrangements, this will be an interesting argument when the Ospreys turn up !!:eek!: Mark