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  1. perterra

    Need binos for less than $200

    I'd probably just pick up a pair of Nikon Prostaff 7 or Action's. In my opinion they will last you until you decide you want better, then they make good loaners.
  2. perterra

    Will Brexit affect optics prices?

    They will increase prices as soon as they get an idea of an increase, retailers work off replacement cost. If the price to replace a product jumps 50% then they havent made enough money off existing stock to replace it. To the OP, life's short, You may not be around to see a price increase so...
  3. perterra

    When will the current alphas become 'obsolete'

    I will only say, new technology will not affect how well the ones you currently own work, so in that sense, they will never be obsolete if they do the job you ask of them. Meaning if you just want to make a change, go for it. But the ones you have will continue to do the job.
  4. perterra

    Get what you pay for? Not always...

    I dont own any that I would consider to be prohibitively expensive, I do have a pair of Conquest HD's and a pair of Zen Ray Primes I won here on the forum along with some much less expensive glass. It may just be that I am hard to impress, but I havent found anything that are a "leap" ahead of a...
  5. perterra

    Get what you pay for? Not always...

    I see orange, my wife sees red. I think shes right
  6. perterra

    Get what you pay for? Not always...

    Scotch drinkers, people swear they can tell minute differences, then in blind tests think the Johnny Walker Red is better than Highland Park 18 year. Perception is reality for many folks
  7. perterra

    Get what you pay for? Not always...

    When the Zen Rays first came out someone did a blind test on a multi-day outing with a group of non enthusiast comparing Swarovski and Zen. First day most chose the Zens, on the second day some were liking the Swaro better, by the 3rd day the majority were choosing Swaro. The tester surmised...
  8. perterra

    Zeiss Conquest 8x42 vs Vortex Razor 8x42

    For what it's worth, once you pass the $500 mark, I have never found anything that just blows anything else in the price range away. There's differences, but they arent all that great. Where the problems may lie is 20 years down the road. My Zen Ray Primes are the equal of my Zeiss Conquest, as...
  9. perterra

    Vortex Raptor/Leupold Yosemite Cold Temps

    I've never had a lot of trouble after the initial stiction is over come on the yosemites.
  10. perterra

    Interviews with Retailers: Doug of Camera Land

    Cameraland is a good one, bought a Minox from them a few years back and was very pleased with their service
  11. perterra

    Eyeglasses, AR coatings, antireflective.

    I center my vision and move my head to read instead of my eyes, now. I never did until switching to progressives. Took a few days to adapt, but if have trouble adapting to things like that, then progressives may not be a good fit. Theres all sorts of different designs in the magnified area so...
  12. perterra

    Replace in a Heartbeat or Not?

    Only one I would replace without thinking is a Leupold Yosemite 6X30. I dont own any high end, but the Zeiss Conquest HD and the Zen Prime I do own are great binoculars, but I doubt I would worry about replacing them if I had the Yosemite.
  13. perterra

    Question about eye relief and eye cup travel

    Yes sir, for me, most are useless the other direction. I need more eye relief.
  14. perterra

    Interview with the new head of Zeiss Sports Optics

    Nice write up.
  15. perterra

    Eyeglasses, AR coatings, antireflective.

    In my case zeiss progressives gave me a splitting headache. Tried remaking with the same result. Switching to crizals at the time solves the problem. My optometrist said it was the design of the magnified area
  16. perterra

    Eyeglasses, AR coatings, antireflective.

    Find an optometrist who is very accommodating and do a bunch of research. Having said that for me they are a no brainer (I would be in trifocals) there are a lot of different designs, and the wrong one (like binoculars, every-bodies accommodation is a little different), well the wrong design is...
  17. perterra

    Eyeglasses, AR coatings, antireflective.

    You know the old saying about assuming. In this case, your assumption is wrong. I have been wearing progressives for 20 years, I tolerate them better than looking over or under the lines. I actually have a hard time imagining someone would have that hard of a time adjusting to a pair of...
  18. perterra

    Which sub-alpha bino

    I'm not sure after you reach mid 40's that 4% is a perceptible difference for the normal human eye.
  19. perterra

    Which sub-alpha bino

    Or just dont particularly care. I'm usually looking at something other than admiring the view of the binocular. Which is probably the reason I use a oair of Leupold Yosemite 6X30 a lot more often than I do the Conquest. The views between the most expensive and the middle line is usually...
  20. perterra

    In forum members opinion which is the best company for making the best binoculars?

    :-O and chewed up eye glasses, torn curtains and various other maladies :-O
  21. perterra

    In forum members opinion which is the best company for making the best binoculars?

    Okay, three mischievous looking dogs. :-O
  22. perterra

    In forum members opinion which is the best company for making the best binoculars?

    The man with the mischievous looking dog nailed it
  23. perterra

    Zeiss questions out of curiosity

    Does it matter what the engraved setting say if you can get a clear image. I for one have never looked at the dioptre setting on any binocular or scope I own. I just adjust until I get the view I want, then use it. For edge sharpness, I dont look through the edges, so to me its of no...
  24. perterra

    Diopter Setting Consistency

  25. perterra

    binocular body material

    Hunters have pretty much adopted composites in every thread of the sport. I suspect you are right