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    Ultra lightweight gimbal head?

    Give Robert Hardy a ring at Lensmaster Tel: 01472 318411 he makes several options including travel gimbal and a single pivot. Have a look at his website www.lensmaster.co.uk I have the RH2 and it has been brilliant but is quite heavy. The other options may suit your needs. He is very helpful and...
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    Cowal Pennisula early July

    Thanks for the replies. I'm a regular visitor to further up the West Coast so have experienced the midges before. We were planning a trip out towards Inverary so will keep my eyes open.
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    Cowal Pennisula early July

    I am staying for 3 days along Loch Long in July and would like to make the most of the area whilst there. We are staying with another couple so I cannot spend all day birding and nature watching. First light for a few hours will be best for me whilst the others are asleep. Any tips and local...
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    Canon Lens repairs, any suggestions

    Yes 24 not 25. It was bought from someone off Bird forum so I will PM them Thanks yet again
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    Canon Lens repairs, any suggestions

    Logged on today thanks and registered all my gear apart from an EF 25-105 L f4 which I purchased 2nd hand but as new. It won't recognise the serial number so am guessing its a grey import. The more I look at the flimsy nature of the collar design the more puzzled I am why Canon had to change...
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    Canon Lens repairs, any suggestions

    Thanks Dave, I'm just waiting for the Mrs to get home for a *ollocking and to ask her where the house insurance is so I can check we are covered. I'm not a CPS member and the website says there is a delay in services for non members due to Covid. I'll try and contact them and find out more...
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    Canon Lens repairs, any suggestions

    Thanks Stuart, that sounds drastic if they can't just replace the collar. I've just compared it to the removable one on my 400mm 5.6 which is removable and so much more robust. You would lens upgrades would be better all round but apparently not. Thanks for the advice. I've just thought about...
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    Canon Lens repairs, any suggestions

    I had a mishap with my canon 100-400mm mkii this morning. It slid less than a foot from resting on my bag onto grass with and a monopod attached and a one and a half inch section of the lens collar has snapped off. I can only think the leverage of the monopod hasnt helped as it was such a minor...
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    So is the Canon R5 a bird photography body?

    Yes, very much so thanks Dave, like you said in a previous post, I am also at an age andl stage where the kids have gone and can now spend my money on me so I'm going to head down the R5 route and then hire a 500mm for a week to see how the weight is. I have looked at HDEW and can get get one...
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    So is the Canon R5 a bird photography body?

    Very interesting read Dave. I have a 7dii 400mm 5.6 and a 100-400 is ii. I broke my back 10 years ago whale watching in Canada (long story) so struggle with carrying the weight over long periods. I have lusted after a 500mm or 600mm prime for the last 5 years but keep dithering. I've discounted...
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    White tailed eagle, Wales

    Hi Whilst it is unlikely to be a WTE, like I said before it could be possible, those from the Isle of Wight have been seen in Yorkshire. However from your description it is not possible to confirm I would say. The big difference with eagles from buzzards and kites that I find is the slower...
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    White tailed eagle, Wales

    It is possible, young birds wander long distances. Who would have predicted a Lammergeier in the Peak District last year. Do you have any further description, general colour, size and shape of bill etc
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    Trekking pole with camera mount head - recommendations?

    I recently purchased a threaded walking stick handle that will screw directly onto my monopod on amazon for £5 new. It can be screwed on horizontally as a walking stick or vertically as a walking pole. Great if you want to fly as you can take it on the plane as a walking stick. If this would fit...
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    Taking a week trip to the Peak District, need some help guys.

    Depending on where you are in the Peak District a visit to Crowden to see the Lammergeier is a must. I've been 5 times and seen it every time with a couple of fly overs directly overhead. Lots of Ring Ouzels about too
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    Cyprus ID help needed

    2 looks like a Zitting Cisticola
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    New in the Isle of Arran

    Common Buzzard for me
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    Goosander River Bollin

    Just got back from a walk down the River Bollin at Dunham. Not a soul about and what a surprise, I had seen a Male Goosander fly over the river yesterday but this morning I saw the female with 14 chicks. They were a good few weeks old. I didn't realise they bred this far south. They were a bit...
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    Canon 7dii top scroll wheel sticking

    Thanks Marc, You could be right, it was very dry in Sri Lanka. The dust was like orange talcum powder and Manchester in the UK it always rains so atmosphere is humid. I kept the 100-400mm ii on the camera at all times on safari and never swapped lenses. Restricted at the moment as to what we...
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    Canon 7dii top scroll wheel sticking

    Thanks Marc I will try canon first. I am wondering if the fine red dust from the 4 days of safaris in Sri Lanka have blocked it some how. It got everywhere despite trying to keep it covered. I looked like Donald Trump at the end of each day. I can't use it at the moment anyway as we are all on...
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    Canon 7dii top scroll wheel sticking

    I have had a 7dii for 5 years but has had only moderate use mostly in hot weather in Spain and has never been wet but was used in Sri Lanka last year on a dusty safari. The top scroll wheel has out of the blue started sticking. It is harder to turn than previously and has a tight spot like on...
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Eurasian Black Vulture'

    Nice photo. They are huge aren't they. Even I can focus on them. I was up that way in October, it's a great area. I coughed up for a few visits to hides on a private estate near Adamuz. I prefer to look for and find my own birds as it brings more satisfaction but the hides were spectacular and...
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Bonelli's Eagle'

    Super photo. I was in Cordoba in October and visited a hide to photograph these stunning birds. The lighting in Spain is so much nicer than back in the UK. This photo makes me want to go back ASAP. They are my favourite eagle
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    Juvenile Waterbird

    Hi, It's a young Coot for me.
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    request advice upgrading from bridge camera to DSLR

    Birds at distance over water are always difficult to focus acurately especially if single point focus isn't used as any larger group of focus points will pick up the wave patterns in front of the bird. This can still happen with single point focus even with steady hands. A simple focus test as...
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    Bonelli's Eagle?

    Hi Bill We are back in cold and wet Manchester now until the Spring. You may already know but their are Bonelli also up around Bedar up the hill from you. Ive have seen them circling around the large rocky outcrop above Bedar harassing a Golden Eagle, viewed from the car park on the right as...