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  1. MichelleOhio

    Found 7x30 Habicht

    ...at a thrift store in a bag with a pair of toy bins for $6.99. They are in ROUGH shape. I wonder if they are worth repair?
  2. MichelleOhio

    Anyone repairing ZR?

    I am so annoyed with this whole thing. I bought three bins and a scope from Charles over the years. I feel totally ripped off. Especially since I have bins that have a broken objective lens from hitting the cement. He could've at least said "use XXXX company for repairs but be ready to pay".
  3. MichelleOhio

    Phone Skope adapter

    Has anyone tried these yet? I'm trying to find the length and diameter of the ZR Prime ED2 20-60mm EP. Going to give it a shot.
  4. MichelleOhio

    ZR never seems to win...

    …"Best Binocular" reviews in magazines. Why not? :smoke:
  5. MichelleOhio


    Does anyone know if Charles is okay? Seems to be MIA from ZR's facebook page and people are starting to worry...
  6. MichelleOhio

    Tripod & heads for 82mm scope

    I am looking at tripods for an 82mm scope. The tripod I have is a Manfrotto 3001. Is that macho enough for a scope this size? I don't care for the head it came with (from the Discovery store 100 years ago) at all. Need a new one; preferable with QR. Any thoughts or advice?
  7. MichelleOhio

    ZR Contest

    Perhaps I'm missing it, but what happened to the ZR sticky thread for the review contest?
  8. MichelleOhio

    The Big Year (movie)

    The Big Year is opening today across America. Has anyone seen it yet? I'm going in a few hours. So far, the reviews have been fairly positive...even from birders. Can't wait!
  9. MichelleOhio

    SX40 Super Zoom

    I should be getting one tomorrow and just wondered if anyone had suggestions for accessories that will be useful for shooting birds? Thanks!
  10. MichelleOhio

    Value of older ZR binocular

    I am considering selling my ZRS HD 8x42 and am wondering what I can expect to get for them. I'm thinking I would put the money toward a ED3 pair. ;) Do binoculars hold any value? Research shows them selling just over $200. If I knock them down lower than that, do you think I would have any...
  11. MichelleOhio

    Midwest Birding Symposium

    The 2011 MBS is fast approaching! Anyone going? This was a great time in 2009.
  12. MichelleOhio

    Lens cover help

    I lost one of my ZR 7x36ED2 lens covers because they are too loose...anyone have suggestions for better replacements?
  13. MichelleOhio

    ZR Demo sales

    I just purchased a demo 8x43ED2. Hope I don't regret this...I'm not usually one to purchase demo units of anything. :smoke: I was torn...ZR also has a few 7x36 demo units available....but they cost more than the 8x43. Wonder why that is...is something really wrong with the 8x? **EDIT** Wrong...
  14. MichelleOhio

    ZR at the Midwest Birding Symposium?

    Hi, Charles! I have been dragging my feet on getting a new bino, but will be attending the MBS in September (Ohio). I know a few of the Alpha companies will be there as well as Ben with EO, but will you have any representation? Thanks...would love to try some out in person!
  15. MichelleOhio

    When is a birder no longer "new"?

    Serious question...what should we know to move on to the amateur catergory? I call myself "new" but am I really? Just looking for thought or discussion on this.
  16. MichelleOhio

    Books for small children?

    I'm looking for bird books for kids 3 to 4 years old. I want more than "stories" or picture books, but I'm having trouble finding anything between pictures of birds, nests, trees, etc., and TMI for the age group. Thoughts?
  17. MichelleOhio

    EO Kingbird v Raven

    Kingbird: http://www.eagleoptics.com/binoculars/eagle-optics/eagle-optics-kingbird-6-5x32-binocular Raven: http://www.eagleoptics.com/binoculars/eagle-optics/eagle-optics-raven-6-5x32-binocular I already have a pair of Ravens, but was thinking of getting one as a gift. Just not sure I see any...
  18. MichelleOhio

    If money were no issue...

    ...and you wanted to buy TWO pair of bins, which would they be and why?
  19. MichelleOhio

    7x question.

    I have a 6.5x32 EO Raven that I like very much for it's size and portability. Can anyone tell me what advantages I would gain over the 6.5 by moving to a 7x36 Zen ED2? Thanks!
  20. MichelleOhio

    Red/White bird Dayton, Ohio

    Sorry, no pictures...yet. My Mother had a pair of birds this morning that she can't identify and I can't identify from her description...any thoughts would be appreciated. Here's the info she gave me: The size of a finch/sparrow Red head & breast White belly Black & white wings and tail Red...
  21. MichelleOhio

    Song Sparrow?

    Song Sparrow? Greene County, Ohio Having trouble with this bird...at first I thought it was a female House Finch, but they don't have stripes on their heads and they've been at the feeders at the same time as this sparrow, making ruling them out easier. At this point, I've looked at so many...
  22. MichelleOhio

    Opposable Chums: Guts & Glory at The World Series of Birding

    A great film about birding and birders! I first saw it in September at the Midwest Birding Symposium screening then received it as a Christmas gift. Given that it's about birding, I give it four stars out of five. Has anyone else seen it? http://www.opposablechums.com/about_the_film.html
  23. MichelleOhio

    Ohio rollcall!

    I hang out in Greene and Montgomery Counties. Live in one, work in the other. Xenia/Dayton/Miamisburg/West Carrollton areas. Who else is here from Ohio and where do you bird?
  24. MichelleOhio

    Will a hawk try to take a dog?

    I put up a new bird feeding station last Saturday and have since noticed a hawk (think it's a RTH) checking it out. Just a couple fly-bys until today when it landed in a neighbors tree. It didn't stay long, but it wasn't hanging out BEFORE I put up the feeders. I have an eight pound Chihuahua...
  25. MichelleOhio

    Large bird in Ohio -- no picture

    Driving today, around noon, about 100 yards away high in a tree... LARGE (looked heavy, even at my distance from the bird), light bellied bird. The head sort of blended in with the background and only the heaviness of the bird stuck out to me. Didn't have a place to stop or have binoculars...