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  1. rachk116

    Strange Bird Call

    Been sent this bird call by someone living in the Lot area in France. Can anyone help. I'm stumped. It was in woodland a few weeks ago. Thanks in advance
  2. rachk116

    Bird Call Help

    A friend sent me this and I'm a bit stumped. I have an idea but I'd like some other opinions please. They were near a sewage works surrounded by trees and bushes near York. Thank you in advance. Rach
  3. rachk116

    Krakow and Prague

    Hi all, Hope it's ok to ask about both Prague and Krakow on here (I have posted the same post in both the Czech Republic and Poland threads). I am visiting both cities next week and would love to know about any places to see birds and other wildlife within the main centres. We will be mostly...
  4. rachk116

    Prague and Krakow

    Hi all, Hope it's ok to ask about both Prague and Krakow on here (I have posted the same post in both the Czech Republic and Poland threads). I am visiting both cities next week and would love to know about any places to see birds and other wildlife within the main centres. We will be mostly...
  5. rachk116

    Tenerife in November

    Hi All, Will be based in Los Cristianos with no car in mid-November. Hoping for some advice on places to go that are accessible on foot or with public transport. Target species are Blue Chaffinch and White-tailed and Bolle's Pigeon but happy to have advice on any species really. Thanks in...
  6. rachk116

    Oslo and Bergen

    Spending a couple of days each in Oslo and Bergen in March. Does anyone have any recommendations for boat trips or excursions that may incorporate good bird sites please? Would love to see Sea Eagles if possible. Thanks in advance Rach
  7. rachk116


    Hi there, I'm going out to Toronto next week from the UK and hope to have a half day free (possibly a day) to look for some birds. Thinking High Park may be my best bet. Any tips on seeing Belted Kingfisher? Would love to see Hummingbirds too but realise they are difficult. I would appreciate...
  8. rachk116

    New York in November

    Hello, My husband and I are spending 4 days in late November in New York and hope to do a little bit of birdwatching around Manhattan, probably mostly Central Park. I have found Birding Bob's website and plan to do one of his walks, but I'm hoping for a little more advice about where to go and...
  9. rachk116

    Blue ID

    Hi, Just found this photo taken a few years ago in the Yorkshire Wolds. Was hoping someone could help with the ID Thanks in advance Rachel
  10. rachk116

    Honeymoon and Birdwatching

    Hi all. Myself and my OH are currently trying to plan a honeymoon/big trip abroad towards the end of next year (October or November). We have 3 weeks and are willing to travel pretty much anywhere. I am the main birder but the OH doesn't mind doing a bit now and then. We would ideally like...
  11. rachk116

    Mission impossible!

    Hi, I am looking for some help please. I am currently looking at a holiday next October/November. We have about 3 weeks to do Australia and New Zealand (hence the title "mission impossible"). We are looking at spliting the time equally between the 2 countries. Australia will be mostly...
  12. rachk116

    Caterpillar ID

    Hi, My dad sent me a couple of photos of a caterpillar he couldn't identify. Can anyone help? They were taken near to Cahors I think. Any help would be gratefully received. Thank you in advance Rachel
  13. rachk116

    Starling Murmurations

    Hi all, After watching Autumnwatch this week, I was wondering if anyone can tell me of any Starling Murmurations near to the Hull area. I remember about 3 years ago of one near to a large farm just north of Bridlington (Martonian Inn??). If anyone knows of any I'd be really grateful of any...
  14. rachk116

    Place query.

    Can anyone tell me where exactly Etton Dikes near Beverley are please? I've seen some sightings for here on websites but am not sure where it is. I know where Etton village is so if anyone can help I would be very grateful. Rachel
  15. rachk116

    Mallorca Orchid

    Found these orchids at S'Albufera in Mallorca in a cordoned off area. Does this mean they are the Robust Orchid? Or are they something else? I'm sorry for the blurry whole plant photos but my camera didnt seem to want to focus on the flower. Still trying to work out the settings. Thanks in...
  16. rachk116

    Mallorcan Snake

    Hi, saw this snake at S'Albufera Marshes in Mallorca. I think it might be a viperine water snake? Am I right? Thanks in advance Rachel
  17. rachk116

    No idea!

    Can anyone help with the ID of this moth. Found in my back garden in East Yorkshire last weekend. Looked in my book but found several very similar looking moths. I am stumped. Please help. Thanks in advance. Rachel
  18. rachk116

    Southern Holland in August

    Hi all. I am going to the Belgian Grand Prix at the end of August this year and was hoping that I could find out some information on birds of the area. We will have 1 night/day each in Amsterdam and Brugge at the beginning and end of the week but we will mostly be staying in Valkenburg, near...
  19. rachk116

    Italian Sparrow

    I have recently been to Italy (Lake Como/Milan area). I had heard about the sparrows over there being thought of as a separate species but i can't find a definitive answer as to whether it is officially a separate species or not. Can anyone help please? Sorry if this has been covered before...
  20. rachk116

    Winter sun with birds.

    Hi, I am trying to look for a weeks break in November to somewhere with some winter sun but also with some good birding. Have been looking at Cyprus and the Canaries (namely Tenerife), but I am also open to any other suggestions. I would be very grateful for any advice and suggestions. Thanks...
  21. rachk116

    Bird Photography Lens Advice

    Hi, I have a Canon 500D camera and am quite keen on getting into bird/wildlife phtography. I know this can be an expensive hobby, and that I would probably need be to spending £1000s on bigger lenses to be up there with the big guns, but I am looking at spending no more than £200 on a starter...
  22. rachk116

    ID help

    Was out walking in the Yorkshire Wolds over the weekend and saw this beautiful fungus. Was wondering if anyone knew what it was. Thanks in advance Rachel
  23. rachk116

    Opticron 41110 Adapter

    Hi, Can anyone help me please. I've recently purchased a Canon 500D and wanted to get into digiscoping. I've had an Opticron HR66 for 10+ years now and wondered if the Opticron 41110 Adapter will fit it. I have been onto the manufacturer's website and it does say it will work with HR models...
  24. rachk116

    Britain and Europe Orchid Book

    Hi all, I'm just getting into Orchids and would like some advice on what book/s to buy on the identification and occurrences of them in Britain mainly, but also Europe. I live in East Yorkshire and would love to know of any sites in the area that are good for Orchids. Have only seen Common...
  25. rachk116

    Yorkshire Orchid ID

    Hi Photographed some Orchids today in East Yorkshire and just wanted to check the IDs. This was photgraphed at a place called Allerthorpe, in a clearing amongst pine woodland. It is a generally damp area. The next 2 photos were taken on a disused railway at Kiplingcotes which is in the...