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    Binocular Sightings

    Swarovski it is : https://static.standard.co.uk/2021/07/27/17/27171822-265ffe5e-0137-4210-9fd4-baadd08a1696.jpg
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    Sensibly priced bins £100 -£200

    Another option. This with the discount code for today is near the middle of the budget : https://www.naturequest.co.uk/product-page/opticron-discovery-wp-pc-7x42 https://www.birdforum.net/threads/first-impressions-of-opticron-discovery-7x42.367522/ Looks like a decent compromise between weight...
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    Retail outlets in UK

    Birdfair 2022? Looks like Patudo managed to have a good look amongst the mud in 2019 : https://www.birdforum.net/threads/birdfair-2019.380056/ Of course no prospect of trying out discontinued items unless perhaps agree to meet up with a suitable owner. Also no prospect of selecting a cherry to...
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    Pentax Papilio II 6.5

    For close up viewing, I think the lower magnification model is generally regarded as the better since the extra magnification of the 8.5x model can generally be duplicated by taking half a step or just leaning a bit more forward. Also at close distances the 8.5x model may actually be pushing 10x...
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    UK binocular deals, special offers and bargains

    Bargain basement. Ffordes have used Avian F? 8x42 (listed on site as Aculon) possible scratch at edge of one objective hence only £39. "A" condition used Viking ED Pro 10x42 under a ton at Cash Generator. Edit : the Viking ED Pro disappeared at about 3.45pm so was only available for three and a...
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    Pentax Papilo 8.5X21 - user experience

    I believe Arijit is correct in saying that the Papilio is not advertised as weather sealed. Not sure it really compares directly to a modern 8x30 which would typically have a far wider field of view too.
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    New member thanks.

    Some hopefully helpful links : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Army_%26_Navy_Stores_(United_Kingdom) https://www.allbinos.com/170.1-article-Legendary_binoculars_-_Carl_Zeiss_Jena_Deltrintem_8x30.html http://www.europa.com/~telscope/zeissbin.txt
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    Hi Guys can anyone tell me how these binoculars compare to a modern Hawke8x42edx in terms of quality,image and costs. Many thanks

    Well the Soviet binocular is only available used and is likely to cost maybe a tenth of the Hawke. The Hawke weighs a little more (30g or so) and has a similar FOV. The Hawke is waterproof, comes with a good warranty, has a likely smoother and quicker focuser as well as cleaner and more...
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    UK binocular deals, special offers and bargains

    See in the other binocular bargains thread that links to retailers who sell hunting goods is allowed. Sooo, maybe OK to mention about Optics Warehouse selling GECO binoculars which look remarkably like GPO models discussed on that subforum here ...
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    10x42 v 10x32 advice for a newbie.

    Most, I think, would agree that birding in woodland an 8x binocular is generally easier to use than a 10x; easier to find things, quicker to get focus. Under a dense canopy as jafritten acknowledges the rather small ~3mm exit pupil of your 8x binocular might well impact the brightness of the...
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    I cannot See China bins!

    As I learn from Docter : "When your sample lemon don't dream of cherryade."
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    Eschenbach binoculars?

    Hi ottovonotto. Just checking you spotted post #6 on this thread amongst the noise (maybe need time to work out whose posts to skip;) ). Good luck if you're still in the process of looking to find bins for hiking. Am guessing you're needing to go on folks' recommendations and having to buy...
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    Monocular for one handed person

    If all the action is in the vicinity of the bird table maybe focusing can be set and forget; particularly for a low magnification device. For quick peeks at a garden feeder a Canon 5x17 FC worked for me; once set up no adjustments necessary just raise to eyes/spectacles and view. For more...
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    New Bins advice needed

    If you're lucky enough to live near Church Stretton then this retailer who stock Hawke optics might be worth a look : https://www.commercialcameras.co.uk/
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    Do you dream about binoculars?

    Nope but have noticed my dreams are text only and all S's have an anomalous point size and there is no mention of sex or first cousins. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/30025160 How a Jung Carl Zeiss binocular can appear while you run in circles ...
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    Advice need please re. eye strain with Monarch 7 8x30

    Pity the M7 didn't work out but great to see LCE responded so well to the issue :clap: So seems the two main issues identified were insufficient extension on the eyecups (which contributed to blackouts/shake) and a view which caused strain. Wondering if the Ranger County you've used which were...
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    Advice need please re. eye strain with Monarch 7 8x30

    Maybe show them this thread and suggest there's an opportunity for some good publicity ;) PS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUQpoyfbWJ0
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    Eyeskey Diamond ED 8x42

    The Eyeskey looks a dead ringer for the old Eagle Optics Ranger ED. Possible NOS of that model here : https://www.wilkinson.co.uk/eagle-optics-8-x-42-ranger-ed-roof-prism-binoculars/
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    Swaro CL 8x30 vs Nikon MHG 8x30 or ...

    The somewhat heavier Leica Ultravid HD 8x32 (short eye relief?) and Zeiss 8x32 Victory FL could also be found used for around the same amount. Pity Ace Optics aren't a Nikon dealer to allow comparison of Nikon and Swarovski side by side. I suppose London Camera Exchange are an option.
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    Anyone used this dealer/website

    Looks like someone on this thread tried to use them. Didn't go well... http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/showthread.php?t=109885&highlight=sale-telescopes
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    Binoculars for kids

    :t: That looks ideal backed up with with their renowned customer support. https://oberwerk.com/product/65x32mm-lightweight-binoculars/ Must have been on that page recently 'cos I was actually looking for that photo of the youngster using this size binocular. He's been really smart about eyepiece...
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    Zeiss Dialyt 7x42 TP

    The focuser might not be the first choice if consistent operation in extremes of temperature is high on the priority list and (although I believe the later iterations of the model were covered by a Zeiss guarantee against water ingress) it might not be the absolute best for environmental...
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    Binoculars for kids

    Not available in 6.5x but maybe the Levenhuk Sherman Base 8x32 could be worth a look? https://www.amazon.com/Levenhuk-Waterpoof-Fogproof-Binoculars-Multi-Coated/dp/B077JXVGDP/ref=sr_1_52?dchild=1&keywords=Levenhuk&qid=1598565934&s=photo&sr=1-52 P.S. In the UK there are/have been alternative...
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    Binoculars for kids

    I believe there are a few reviews around indicating that the outer field performance of Opticron 6.5x32 Adventurer T WP is (as expected at the price) not great even if the overall package is liked eg. ...
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    Binoculars for kids

    Here's a recent thread Martin which covers some things to consider : https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=391790 If you decide to follow Eitan and CMB's recommendation then Kowa YF, Vortex Raptor, Opticron Savanna, Leupold BX-1 Yosemite, Pentax AP (not in 6x) are all pretty comparable models.