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    Odd chiffchaff song – North East UK

    While I'm aware that "our" chiffchaffs don't always stick to the classic "chiff-chaff-chiff-chaff" song, I haven't heard one like this individual which I came across today. In particular, I was struck by a regularly repeated three or four-note phrase. Apologies for the awful angle of the still...
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    Sensor size and cropping

    Does sensor size, as opposed to resolution, have any relevance when it comes to cropping? I know that with sensors of the same size, one with a higher resolution will give greater scope for cropping, but what about different-sized sensors that have the same resolution? For example, if you took...
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    Mole – North East UK

    This was only the second live mole I have seen and the first one I've had the chance to photograph. The general area was heather moorland, but the mole was on a stretch of roadside grass closely cropped by sheep. It was above ground for several minutes before digging itself back in. Great to...
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    Woodland flowers North East UK

    Would anyone be able to help me out with the ID of these two, please? Both were growing in a rather damp, dark, mainly deciduous wood. Many thanks. Malcolm
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    Orchid ID – North East UK

    Could anyone identify this for me, please? It was growing in an unmown area of cliff-top grassland. Having looked online, I thought perhaps pyramidal orchid? Malcolm
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    Wasp nest? NE UK

    I found this on the inside of my garden shed door today. It was about the size of a golf ball. Is it likely to be the start of a wasp nest or is it something else? Apologies for the awful quality of the pic. Thanks for any help. Malcolm
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    Bird of prey? North East UK

    This is a long shot, given the appalling quality of the pics, but can anyone ID this bird? My wife saw it in some local woods while walking the dog. It was distant but she took the attached pics with her phone. Given how dark it looks, I wondered if it might be an escaped harris hawk, although...
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    Moth – NE England

    As usual, I'm struggling. I'm leaning towards common rustic, but would appreciate confirmation or explanation of why it's something else. Many thanks. Malcolm
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    2 moths – NE England

    Looking for help again with these two, please. I'm guessing the first is some sort of carpet. Looking through my guide I thought, perhaps, water carpet, but its flight season is said to be April to May. So, is it just a common carpet? I'm really struggling with the second. I picked out about...
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    2 moths – NE England

    Sorry to bother the experts on here again, but try as I might, I can't come up with an ID for these two. I'm guessing the first might be some sort of wave. I thought the second one would be easy, given the three obvious dark patches, but I've had to admit defeat. As ever, thanks for any help...
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    NE England – Common footman?

    This moth appeared in our house last night. On looking through my rudimentary guide, the nearest ID I can come up with is common footman. Is that correct? Thanks for any help. Malcolm
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    Mystery plant North East UK

    Could anyone help me with the ID of this plant, please? I thought it was some type of orchid, but my mate reckons not. He thought it was probably a non-native species. It was growing in deep shade in the bottom of a steeply wooded valley, near a stream. Many thanks for any help. Malcolm
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    Pupa ID – North East England

    I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm not sure if the attached photo will be detailed enough for anyone to make an ID, but I'd be interested to know what is in this cocoon. It is hanging from the ceiling in my garden shed. It's not very big – about 2cm, I would say. The garden is...
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    Moth ID North East UK

    This moth landed on our kitchen door. Habitat is a small surburban garden. Looking through my guide, the nearest I could come up with was scalloped hazel. Anyone have any thoughts? Apologies for the poor quality of the pic. It was taken by my daughter on her mobile phone through double...
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    Goose imprinted on swan?

    I mistakenly posted this in the Birds and Birding section, so I am now posting it here. Apologies for the double post. While walking with my daughter by the River Wear in Durham today, I noticed a female mute swan on the river with a white domestic/farmyard type goose close by. The goose...
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    Goose imprinted on swan?

    While walking with my daughter by the River Wear in Durham today, I noticed a female mute swan on the river with a white domestic/farmyard type goose close by. The goose mirrored every move that the swan made, following it around, never more than three or four feet away. I had never seen this...
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    Giant Funnel?

    Could anyone confirm that this is a giant funnel, or if not, give me the correct ID? A small group was growing by the edge of a path in a woodland in north east UK. Many thanks for any help. Malcolm
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    Moth IDs Somerset UK

    Help appreciated with the ID of these two, please. Could the first be clouded border? Moth 2 I think is either plain wave or riband wave. Any confirmation or contradiction much appreciated. Malcolm
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    North East UK Bee IDs

    I know nothing about bee identification, but I have done some research and tentatively put names to these three which I photographed in my garden today. 1. Red-tailed bumblebee. 2. Tree bumblebee. 3. Common carder bee. I would be very grateful if someone could confirm or correct my IDs. Many...
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    Dragonfly ID – Somerset

    Is this a male black-tailed skimmer? It doesn't have quite the same markings as the illustration in my guidebook (I guess individuals vary?), but it does appear to lack any dark marks at the base of the wings. Any help much appreciated. Thanks. Malcolm
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    Moth ID, Somerset

    Well, I think it's a moth.;) My daughter sent me this photo. Not great quality as it was taken with a mobile phone. Any help with ID would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Malcolm
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    UK caterpillar ID

    Could anyone help with the ID of this caterpillar, please? It was seen on a cliff-top path on the North East coast. Many thanks. Malcolm
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    Garden visitor

    My wife rang me today to say there was a "funny" bird in our garden. She took the attached photo through the double glazing, using her mobile phone. Ours is a suburban garden with agricultural fields nearby where I have seen grey partridge and pheasant. I was guessing this was a pheasant of...
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    moth ID North East England

    This moth appeared in our kitchen last night. I thought it might be some type of Snout, but I couldn't find anything in my guide that exactly matched it. Any help is much appreciated. Malcolm
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    moth ID North East England

    Could anyone help with the ID of this moth, which appeared in our kitchen last night? Thanks for any help. Malcolm