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  1. nickderry

    White AND Pied Wagtail? (Eastern France)

    Any ideas if this strange-looking bird has any yarrellii genes in it, or is it possiby just an atypic alba?
  2. nickderry

    Blue-eyed moths, Eastern France

    I'm sure somebody will be able to tell me what this is! Seen yesterday in upland mixed woodland whilst failing to find hazel grouse.
  3. nickderry

    Wallcreeper the Film

    La Salamandre, a publisher that produces magazines and films about all sorts of wildlife based in Switzerland is about to conquer the English-speaking world with the release of its film about the Wallcreeper. I was at a preview showing on Saturday and I was truly amazed at the images in this...
  4. nickderry

    RFI Salzburg in August

    As part of "Zippy drives around Europe - the Adventures of a Renault Super5" I'll be stopping over in Salzburg for a day or two this August. It's not really a birding trip, but I was hoping there may be somewhere on my route where I could see at least Alpine Chough. Any information gratefully...
  5. nickderry

    Garganey mating away from breeding ground

    We've been enjoying a rather nice influx of Garganey in Franche-Comté this Spring, after a rather lean year last year. This morning, a pair present in suitable habitat were seen mating. Does anybody know if this could indicate a breeding attempt at the site, ie do they only mate on the breeding...
  6. nickderry

    Predated remains, Snipe or Jack Snipe?

    These remains were found whilst looking for Barn Owl pellets in a farm building (I only found mouldy poo). Maybe some of you more learned in biometrics could cast an opinion as to their defunct owner. I'm assuming some sort of snipe from the bunch of breast feathers and the habitat they were...
  7. nickderry

    Bienvenue 'chez Nick'

    Ok, no big introductions, you know how it works, I stay up all night drinking various beverages and getting paint all over the walls, then I post the results here. So Welcome! Here's the painting space, then we have the view from the window - already quite a selection of birds there and then...
  8. nickderry

    Congratulations Tim!

    Our Mr Wootton is not only a master of bird art, but also a master of modesty and has not yet announced his wonderful news, (probably still hungover!) So, as he hasn't said it, I'll do it for him - Tim has only gone and bloody well won Birdwatch Artist of the Year - and about effing time he did...
  9. nickderry

    Exhibition Norfolk

    Just popping in after two weeks off in Brittany and before I have a good thorough look at all the threads, I just wanted to unashamedly plug my exhibition that opens this Sunday in the Birdscapes Gallery in Holt, Norfolk. I'll be showing around 30 originals (some already seen, some not). The...
  10. nickderry

    Fanel - info wanted

    It seems that I'll be off work for a week this Summer and rather than sit at home doing nothing, I've realised that the reserve of Fanel is only 2 hours away and my car has the Vignette for the motorways that she got from a trip to Geneva airport. Does anybody have any information on what the...
  11. nickderry

    Grey/Ashy-headed Wagtail

    Seen today in the East of France, what do you make of this one? Cinereocapilla was reported at this site yesterday, reading the literature I came up with thunbergi, looking on the net - I am rather confused!
  12. nickderry

    Imao Keinen - Japanese prints

    Stumbled across this site rather randomly and unexpectedly and then couldn't stop looking at all of this wonderful work. My particular favourite is the Snipe and Lotus. http://www.davidsongalleries.com/artists/keinen/keinen.php
  13. nickderry

    Help! I think I've hurt the computer!

    Two years ago, I bought my HP Pavilion home computer with Vista on it, twice now the hard drive has failed. This second time, instead of sending the computer away, I bought a new hard drive, installed it all fine and everything, but when I put in the recovery disk, I had a sudden nostalgia for...
  14. nickderry

    Meadow or Heath Fritillary - Eastern France

    Both are possible, but how to tell them apart??? First two are the same individual.
  15. nickderry

    More Blues - Eastern France

    Number one - is it a common blue or a chalkhill? Two and three, same individual - Common? Four - is it a Long-tailed or a Holly Five - just for confirmation - second brood Map?
  16. nickderry

    Chalkheath Blue?

    Do I have these right? first two are the same, second two are the same, and the third one looks the same.
  17. nickderry

    Pretty Grasshopper, Eastern France

    Any ideas what this is, seen in upland coniferous forest (though I've seen these before on the sides of the road a little lower down too). Pretty thing, I have a feeling it may be a young Stethophyma grossum - for which I don't have an English name - Criquet ensanglanté in French.
  18. nickderry

    High Brown Fritillary? Eastern France

    I think I've got this one right, road casualty.
  19. nickderry

    Dragonfly - Eastern France

    Does anybody know what this pretty is? Seen today. thanks!
  20. nickderry

    small fritillary species Eastern France

    I'm stuck between Meadow and Heath Fritillary - can anyone shed any light - or should I stick to birds?! Seen today - small thing, afraid I didn't get a shot of the underwing.
  21. nickderry

    hybrid shrike - pretty thing! Jura, Eastern France

    What can be made of these photos then? - there are better ones out there on the net somewhere, but this is the best I could manage - quite difficult to stay concentrated when 2 quail are singing right next to you (and remaining hidden - the sods!) So no lifer today (quail) though one of the...
  22. nickderry

    Yellow Wagtail, Eastern France

    What can you make of this? Call like a flava, and superficially like a flava, but has a white throat. Sorry the photo is blurred, but if you can let me know what I should be looking for, I can go back and look at him again. No other photos.
  23. nickderry

    Some French Mysteries

    let's see if you can get all these, first to name all three correctly gets a round of applause.
  24. nickderry

    Mystery Photo, (this time with a bird in it!)

    No Jack Snipe today, what is this handsome creature I saw today?
  25. nickderry

    MORE Song Thrushes! ?

    As I'm typing this, the top two threads are already about Song Thrushes, so let's add another one! A few weeks ago, my area saw a huge influx of Song Thrushes, with tens and twenties virtually everywhere - I've never seen anything like it. I've also noticed that at every point I'm surveying for...