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  1. esmondb

    South Californian buteo

    A friend took these shots of a hawk in So Cal. My first thought was dark morph Ferruginous but I'm not so sure - legs should be feathered. Red tailed?
  2. esmondb

    Owl pellet? Which owl? UK, Bucks

    In a spot where I've not recorded owls for many a year. Is it an owl pellet, is it possible to narrow the species (Little, Barn, Tawny) down by the type of pellet/prey remains? Are any of the remains identifiable?
  3. esmondb

    Small bird for ID USA/Atlantic Ocean

    Can anyone ID this little bird that landed on my friend's boat as he rowed out across the North Atlantic?
  4. esmondb

    One for the cognoscenti: UK Marsh or Willow Tit?

    Initially, I was sure this was a Marsh tit. Please confirm. All photos are of the same individual. Thanks.
  5. esmondb

    UK Buckinghamshire warbler

    Hi all, I IDed this as Reed warbler but on closer inspection those spots on the back don't match up with the plates in my Collins Guide. Is this a female? Juvenile? Thanks
  6. esmondb

    Garden warbler?

    Taken today in Buckinghamshire, UK. Would be a first for me so I'm hoping someone can confirm Garden Warbler and a fleeting glimpse of what I'm sure was a Cuckoo
  7. esmondb

    Portugal - Algarve IDs 3

    1. 2. Zitting cisticola? 3. Iberian chiffchaff? 4. Great reed warbler?
  8. esmondb

    Portugal - Algarve IDs 2

    Waders, ugh, so frustrating for me - these will be easy for some you!
  9. esmondb

    Portugal - Algarve IDs

    Could someone please confirm Serin and something else which is not the barn swallow I thought I'd photographed? Thanks in advance
  10. esmondb

    UK winter waders - W. Sussex coast

    Help! Four different waders? Knot? Dunlin? Black-tailed godwit? I have no confidence in my ability to ID any of these birds
  11. esmondb

    Bucks, UK Marsh tit confirmation

    It has to be Marsh tit... The light wasn't brilliant but in no way would I call that head glossy black and to me that looks like a pale panel on the wing. It's still definitely not a Willow is it?
  12. esmondb

    Two UK birds for ID

    Both were seen as part of small, very mobile flocks moving in an out of oak and alder trees. Siskin and Redpoll? Bucks/Herts border.
  13. esmondb

    Wader help - Herts/Bucks UK

    I'm having a bit of trouble IDing this one. Sanderling? Dunlin? Maybe even Little stint? Can you help me figure out what and why? Thanks
  14. esmondb

    Where to see grouse in North Yorkshire?

    Hi all, I am up near Thirsk for a long weekend and hope some of you can give me some pointers on good places to go. I've just read Duke Leto's thread and will certainly try and get to Flamborough Head, but would like some tips on inland birding. A bird that I'd really like to see, as I haven't...
  15. esmondb

    Help with UK bird IDs

    Hi, I saw these birds, fleetingly, on the west coast of Scotland last week. Not the best photos - Redpoll, perhaps and maybe rock pipit? Thanks
  16. esmondb

    Bunting? Scotland, UK

    Can anyone give me a little help with this bird? It was photographed in the Highlands in early September. Many thanks
  17. esmondb

    Spot Fly? Buckinghamshire, UK

    Came across these two perched conspicuously. Can anyone confirm their ID?
  18. esmondb

    Surrey, UK warbler ID

    I think whitethroat but I know there were lesser whitethroats around.
  19. esmondb

    Tit ID - Bucks, UK

    First time I've seen this visitor to my garden and a lifer whatever it is. I think Marsh tit - the cap appeared glossy, certainly when compared to the Greats and Coals which are frequent visitors and I couldn't detect a pale panel along the secondaries. Or is it Willow tit? Can anyone confirm...
  20. esmondb

    Help with duck ID

    I saw this duck (one of a pair) at Loch of Lowes, Scotland at the weekend. They did not get close enough to the group of mallards further along the shore for me to get an accurate impression of size. Any idea what this duck and its similarly plumaged friend are? The white 'bib' has me baffled.
  21. esmondb

    Duck for ID

    Presumably from a collection, can anybody tell me what duck this? Thanks in advance
  22. esmondb

    3 easy ones

    Warblers never cease to annoy me when it comes to ID 1 Sedge warbler? 2 I really don't know 3 Not a warbler, I know, but if it's a linnet where's the red on the breast? Thanks for any answers you can provide
  23. esmondb

    ID Help - sparrow sized bird

    Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, I was at my max zoom and it was quite blustery. Hopefully you can make out enough to give me some idea as to what I saw. The bird was one of a pair, the male of which had the most vivid scarlet chest I've seen on a bird. Much redder than say robin or...
  24. esmondb

    help with warbler ID

    not a very good photo, I'm afraid, but if anyone can positively ID this bird for me, I'd be very grateful.
  25. esmondb

    Two Cornish birds for ID

    I'm hoping someone can help me with these two (I think photos 2 & 3 are of the same species) birds. Near/on cliffs in the Porth area of Newquay.