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  1. Mark Etheridge

    Bee ID Please? (UK)

    This bee was on lavender in my garden in Dyce, Aberdeenshire today. I've not seen one this colour before, although they are phone grabs the colouration is fairly accurate. Smaller than the usual garden bees we see here (about 1/2 the size of our largest bees). All shots of the same insect...
  2. Mark Etheridge

    Oddity from Keith, Morayshire

    I've been sent this photo by someone who thinks I'm a bit of a bird expert. I'd like to maintain that illusion if possible, but unlike her previous requests I'm a bit stumped on this one. My only thought is some sort of aberrant Blackbird? Taken in Keith, Morayshire, within the past few days.
  3. Mark Etheridge

    Sigma 150-600 Sports

    The previous thread for this lens appears to be closed, so I'll start a new thread for it. I have continued to be delighted with the performance of my Siggy Sports, now married to a Nikon D500, but unfortunately it developed a major fault over the past day or so. The zoom function locked at...
  4. Mark Etheridge

    Spain - Reed Warbler?

    Same bird in both photos, seen today at El Hondo wetland reserve - I suppose it is a Reed Warbler but I am not happy with it. I have seen hundreds if not thousands of RWs at this location, and a few things about this bird didn't quite add up. The call it made was quieter and less harsh than...
  5. Mark Etheridge

    Odd Lark, Alicante, Spain

    Seen this afternoon in the Clot de Galvany Nature Reserve just south of Alicante. Apologies for the poor quality, it was only present for a few moments and the camera locked on to the juvenile Serin in the background. No sign of a crest while the bird was present, and that bill looks enormous!
  6. Mark Etheridge

    Leucistic Black-necked Grebes, El Hondo, Spain

    Here's a few shots which might be of interest - the first one was taken on the 30th May at extreme range, the others were taken today, with a useful "normal" grebe for comparison. I don't think today's bird is the same as the previous one, so it looks like we have at least two individuals like...
  7. Mark Etheridge

    Managing A Small Wildlife Estate UK

    Hi Folks My Brother-in-law has recently purchased a converted country Mill in NE Aberdeenshire and has asked me to oversee the management of the estate to make it wildlife friendly. What we have is an estate extending to about 8 acres, comprising a narrow strip of river valley which was...
  8. Mark Etheridge

    Hoopoe with a Problem?

    Does anyone know what's going on with this Hoopoe? Taken a few minutes ago just south of Alicante, Spain. I have added a close-up of the problem area. Initial thoughts are some sort on mite infestation?
  9. Mark Etheridge

    Spanish - Err - Amphibian?

    Not sure if this is a frog or a toad? :eek!: I assumed it was a toad of some sort, but now I'm not so sure. The bright green dots on its body are bits of duckweed from the nearby pond. Location is the Clot de Galvany reserve, about 6 miles south of Alicante, photo taken today 27th October..
  10. Mark Etheridge

    Slender-billed Gull - Spain

    Hope this may be of interest - here's a juvenile bird seen at El Hondo (Alicante) today. The number looks like N2J
  11. Mark Etheridge

    Terns in Spain?

    Two different juvenile birds - the two flight shots are the same bird, the perched one is in a different part of El Hondo reserve. Any thoughts?
  12. Mark Etheridge

    Wood Sandpiper? - Spain

    Again in El Hondo, this bird seemed less grey than the usual Wood Sands I see. Is it a juvenile?
  13. Mark Etheridge

    Reed or Cetti's - Spain

    Glimpsed just for a few seconds and caught the attached (poor) shots. Location El Hondo near Alicante. Seemed a bit upright for Reed?
  14. Mark Etheridge

    Ringed Audouin's Gull

    (Also posted in Bird Ringing Group) Not sure if this is the right forum but here's an Audouin's Gull photographed today at the Clot de Galvany nature reserve near Alicante. As far as I can make it out, the ring reads AWYN on the right leg, there is a smaller ring also on the left leg. Can...
  15. Mark Etheridge

    Audouin's Gull In Spain

    Not sure if this is the right forum but here's an Audouin's Gull photographed today at the Clot de Galvany nature reserve near Alicante. As far as I can make it out, the ring reads AWYN on the right leg, there is a smaller ring also on the left leg. Can anyone shed light on the ringing history...
  16. Mark Etheridge

    Red Kite - More Daily Mail nonsense

    Let's see... Fashion Model - check Small Soppy Dog - check Evil, dangerous Red Kite - check Clueless reporter - check ...and there you have the high journalistic standards of the Daily Mail. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2135589/Bird-prey-tried-snatch-little-dog-arms.html <sigh>:C
  17. Mark Etheridge

    Odd RSPB Advert

    While I was browsing on a non-bird related forum, this highly peculiar RSPB advert popped up. Since it is aimed at people with (probably) only a peripheral interest, isn't it a little bit misleading? Poor show, bad form etc. :C Mark - RSPB Member since the Pleistocene Era...
  18. Mark Etheridge

    Spanish Warbler ID?

    I have been sent these two photos by a photographic colleague in Spain - he thinks it might be an African Desert Warbler? The site is the Clot de Galvany reserve just south of Alicante, photos taken on 28th Oct. I believe the photos are of the same bird. Opinions welcomed!
  19. Mark Etheridge

    2 Raprors for Confirmation, Spain

    Taken in El Hondo, Alicante Province, this morning 28 Sept The first one I think might be a Common Buzzard, it appeared somewhat different to several other Booted Eagles which were about. The second one is I think a Short-toed Eagle, but I'd like confirmation, this would be a lifer for me...
  20. Mark Etheridge

    Birding in Alicante Province

    As there are several threads for other areas of Spain, and as this is my "home from home" patch, I thought I'd start off a dedicated thread for this very popular area which may be overlooked by the more serious birder looking for somewhere to spend a week or so in Spain, or for those whose...
  21. Mark Etheridge

    2 for Confirmation, Spain

    Two photos taken in El Clot de Galvany Reserve, Alicante, Spain yesterday (21 Sep 2011) I think the first one is a Ruff next to the Wood Sandpiper but I'm not 100% certain? The second one is either a juvenile Sardinian Warbler or a juvenile Subalpine, for any confirmation could I ask that you...
  22. Mark Etheridge

    Warbler ID Spain

    What do you make of this? It was making a repetitive "Zit" call (not a Fan-tailed Warbler, much faster than that) and it doesn't look as neat as the Reed Warblers which were in the same area. It's too small to be a Great Reed Warbler, and I'm stumped with that cleft tail... Location - El Hondo...
  23. Mark Etheridge

    Another Week In Spain

    Somewhat unexpectedly I find myself back in the land of sun and sangria, following on from a phone call from my Spanish lawyer who requires my presence to sign something-or-other in person about whatever, which means that whenever something might happen at some unspecified time or other then it...
  24. Mark Etheridge

    What Do You Make of This? (New Forest, UK)

    A friend has sent me this image for identification but I'm fairly stumped. :h?: Taken in the New Forest on 10th June. The outline looks almost like some sort of woodpecker but I don't think that's what it is - it's difficult to estimate size from the shot. All I can suggest is that it's an...
  25. Mark Etheridge

    Pajero del Dia

    (Bird of the Day) Guess where I am folks B (: I'll use this thread to give you your daily dose of Spanish avifauna, but I'm still not hooked up to my home broadband out here so there may be a short delay before your first goodie comes through. Oh the benefits of having local bars with free...