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  1. Colin

    Gull - UK - thoughts

    This gull was brought to my attention and when I looked, the very white head, dark eye and the bill pattern caught my attention. I noted the tertials too. The pictures are not the best but I took them handholding my phone to the scope. In the one picture the gull is not trying to down a...
  2. Colin

    Moth - SW England

    I think I know what this one is but I would like confirmation. The photograph is probably a bit light on the front of the moth. Thank you.
  3. Colin

    Canon 5d Mk IV

    Have I missed a thread on this camera. This morning I was bombarded with emails (well two) for pre- ordering at £3599.00. Wex and Clifton Cameras are taking orders and full details are on their websites. Looks interesting but I have no money! (Mods - please delete if there is already a thread...
  4. Colin

    Canon 7d2 GPS

    Had a problem with my 7d2 which has been resolved but in trying to sort it I reset the camera. My camera is now running fine except that the batttery drain appears to be more than it was. I thought the GPS might be set on as default. I am not sure whether it is on. The back screen shows 'GPS...
  5. Colin

    Big Gull SW England

    This looked a big brute but I think it is an argenteus Herring Gull. Any thoughts anyone?
  6. Colin

    Canon DPP Version 4 - Convert and Save

    Have been using version 3 which came with the camera (7d2) and all seems ok. Yesterday, I noted that I did not have the latest version so downloaded it from the Canon website. All seemed ok in that I can manipulate the RAW files and make changes etc. The problem is when I come to Convert and...
  7. Colin

    Seawatching 2014

    Since I started the 2013 thread, thought it time for a new one for this year. I hope to be around the coasts a bit more this year.
  8. Colin

    Two Top Listers - Wiki entry

    I happened upon this Wikipedia entry - see link. I didn't know about the situation described in the first line/second sentence. I think someone might be manipulating Wiki data!!!???? Or is it correct? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_G._R._Evans
  9. Colin

    Seawatching 2013

    Ok - as mentioned in the thread Seawatching 2012, here is the new thread for a new year. Best of luck and good seawatching in 2013. May the Feas be with you (sorry).
  10. Colin

    Information on Kowa telescope

    I wonder if anyone can help with a very short translation on the attached Kowa information page. I am trying to find out when the Kowa TS-2 was last made. The attached is from Kowa Japan. This is in the Kowa forum as well. Thanks.
  11. Colin

    Japanese translation (very short)

    The link is part of a page of information about Kowa scopes in the Kowa forum(post #4). It is concerning the old Kowa TS2. I am interested in when they were last manufactured. My understanding of the dates are that they were made from 1952 for 8 years and then supereceded by the TS3. These...
  12. Colin

    Kowa TS2

    I have just acquired a TS2 (not a TSN2). I have been doing some searching to try to find the years of manufacture. It seems that they were made from 1952 for 8 years and in 1960 was replaced with the TS3. These dates seem a little early but if correct it would mean my scope is a minimum of 52...
  13. Colin

    New List - never seen before

    I was thinking about the end of the world on Dec 21st according to the Mayan. It occurred to me that this would mess up everyones year list but then I had a thought. If we all survive it then the year list goes on but what a great opportunity for a new list starting on Dec 22nd - it could be...
  14. Colin

    Nikon HGL Binoculars

    Although they are for sale in the UK, are the HGL models still made. I thought that the EDG models superceded them but I may be wrong.
  15. Colin

    Pipit - Slimbridge UK - Nov 29th

    This bird was photographed today on the 100 acre at Slimbridge by WWT wardens. http://www.wwt.org.uk/visit-us/slimbridge/wildlife-sightings/todays-sightings-20101129-151100 If the link does not work, go to the WWT website, select Slimbridge from the list of centres and go to the wildlife...
  16. Colin

    Two spiders, one web

    Noted a fly get caught in a spider web on the outside of my lounge window a couple of days back. The spider approached, had a bit of a grapple with the fly and overpowered it. While this was going on, a smaller spider appeared in the same web and cautiously approached. When the original...
  17. Colin

    Harris 'Falcon' helps grape growers in France

    Early this morning, the BBC news reported the use of birds of prey in France which were being used to keep other birds from feeding on the grapes and thus this summer there has been a bumper harvest. It went on to say that the falcons were far more environmentally better than using pesticides...
  18. Colin

    Strumble Head, Pembrokeshire, Wales

    Strumble Head, Pembrokeshire, Wales. The seawatching site of Strumble Head is about 6 miles from Goodwick which is the site of the ferry port for the Fishguard to Rosslare Ferry. As you approach the roundabout at the ferry terminal entrance from the direction of Fishguard, continue straight...
  19. Colin

    Dragonfly id - UK

    Attached is a pic I took today at Over Ponds, Gloucestershire. The nearer insect is an Emperor Dragonfly which is eating another dragonfly. I think I know what it is but would like some opinions. Thanks
  20. Colin

    Rainham Marshes - 27th April

    Had an afternoon at Rainham Marshes on Tuesday, 27th April. I had not visited the site before but was very impressed indeed. The access to the site and within it was very good with lots of boardwalks and hard paths. With ease, we notched up 50 plus species including Common Sandpiper, Common...
  21. Colin

    BOU List - American Little Tern

    I have just been looking through the BOU List to update my Collins guide with the new scientific names for some species. Whilst going through the list, I noted that American Little Tern or Least Tern - Sterna antillarum but now Sternula antillarum was not on the list. Just in case it was out...
  22. Colin

    Sigma 120-400 with TC

    I have the above lens on a Nikon D80 and was thinking of getting a 1.4 TC. I tried one outside the shop and was very pleased with the results except that the AF did not work. I had noted that this lens is not on the list of compatable lenses for the TC on the Sigma website. The shop confirmed...
  23. Colin

    Website on a metal ring

    I have read many metal rings with my scope including, for example, gulls from all over Europe with rings from Sweden, Estonia, Norway, Germany etc. and of course, British rings with the inscriptions of BTO, London SW7 etc. I am familiar with the layout of most ringing schemes as I have a paper...
  24. Colin

    Outlook Express 6 POP problem

    Tonight I cannot receive emails. When I fire up OE6 I get the following The host 'pop.wanadoo.co.uk' could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly. Account: 'pop.wanadoo.co.uk', Server: 'pop.wanadoo.co.uk', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Socket...
  25. Colin

    Mediterranean Gull - new name needed?

    The Mediterranean Gull has expanded its range quite a lot in recent years so that it now widespread in Western Europe, has hot spots all over inland Europe and is abundant in the region of the Black Sea. So, the name is no longer representative. What would your suggestion for a new name be...