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  1. Steve.Jonesy

    Mexico Pacific coast

    Can anyone I d this bird for me Taken on farmland just south of puerto vallarta Mexico in November a few years back Many thanks Attachments 0B18428A-D327-4CF3-B26F-A665784764B4.jpg 190.2 KB · Views: 24
  2. Steve.Jonesy


    Hi These birds were flying over Porto Pollença in Sept 2019 is there enough info to i d them Is the second a plain swift? Not sure on first Many thanks Steve
  3. Steve.Jonesy

    Thekla’s Lark

    Taken in June on the South West coast of Portugal Can you I D thanks
  4. Steve.Jonesy

    Portugal June

    Hi I took this picture a couple of years ago when I was in Lisbon it was flying over the city and I only got the one quick chance I had given up hope of identifying it but when did if there were enough distinguishing features for you to tell me if it is a kestrel or maybe (hope) a Lesser? May...
  5. Steve.Jonesy

    Guess the bird😂

    Guess the bird?😜
  6. Steve.Jonesy

    Sri Lanka 3 birds

    So I met these 3 dudes on holiday but they were a bit camera shy I’m thinking left is painted stork but the other two? Thanks Steve
  7. Steve.Jonesy

    Hawk Sri Lanka

    Hi can you help me identify this bird of prey I took the picture in Udewalawa in Feb 2019 Many thanks
  8. Steve.Jonesy

    Sri Lanka egrets

    Can you help with these? Is one an intermediate egret ? Cheers
  9. Steve.Jonesy

    Sri Lanka 2018

    Any ideas on this bird please? Many thanks Steve
  10. Steve.Jonesy


    Hi Are these Jerdon’s and or Golden leaf birds? Thanks
  11. Steve.Jonesy


    Hi Could this be a Ceylon Woodshrike? Many thanks
  12. Steve.Jonesy

    Fields north of Bristol

    Anyone recognise what could be making this sound please?
  13. Steve.Jonesy

    Thailand 7

    Khao lak again Jan 2018 an ideas on this? Maybe a flowerpecker of some kind Many thanks Steve
  14. Steve.Jonesy

    Thailand 6

    Can you advise what this bird is taken in Bangkok in Jan 2018 many thanks
  15. Steve.Jonesy

    Thailand Swallow

    Hi according to my guide this is a house swallow hirundo tahitca distinguishable from the barn swallowed by a lack of blackish breast band And the dark undertail covered with white scaly like markings. is this correct. Is it a separate bird? as I can’t find on BUBO IOC listings thanks
  16. Steve.Jonesy

    Thailand 5

    Guys I wondered as this bird has such a distinctive tail, whether an i D was remotely possible? Si Phang nga National pk Jan 2018 Many thanks Steve
  17. Steve.Jonesy

    Thailand 4

    Pic1 This brown longtailed bird was camera shy in scrub pic2 and 3 and 4 small bird in pine like trees pic 5 a crow of some kind? All on coast Khao Lak jan 2018. can you I.d for me? many thanks steve
  18. Steve.Jonesy

    Thailand 3 crow

    Can you advise what type of crow this is khao Lak jan 2018 many thanks
  19. Steve.Jonesy

    Thailand 2

    Hi i caught a fleeting shot of this bird in Khao Lak in Feb 2018 any idea what it could be? many thanks steve
  20. Steve.Jonesy

    Thailand pigeon

    Hi can anyone I.d this bird from this poor picture taken in Khao Lak in Jan 2018 much appreciated
  21. Steve.Jonesy

    Costa Rica perching bird

    Final one I promise but this bird didn’t hang around and I only grabbed a quick couple of shots from a long way off but I wondered if it gave a certain Jizz which may be able to allow identification. It was taken again in northern Costa Rica
  22. Steve.Jonesy

    Costa Rica unusual black bird

    Hi again this is a poor picture but the bird has a very unusual shape which I thought may help with identification. He was taken in northern Costa Rica Many thanks
  23. Steve.Jonesy

    Costa Rica swallow

    Hi This is a terrible picture I know but I thought you may be able to ID it based on the fact it was taken in March in northern Costa Rica over the sea on the Pacific coast Many thanks Steve
  24. Steve.Jonesy

    (f) yucatan mexico

    Hi Can you I d this one please?
  25. Steve.Jonesy

    (e) yucatan mexico

    Sweet little bird but not a great photo Any ideas thanks