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  1. marnixR

    juvenile ?robin - Somerset

    my first impression of the attached bird is that it's a juvenile robin, however, the colour pattern makes me doubt this assessment can anyone have a look and confirm or refute ? picture taken a few days ago in Horner Wood, Holnicote Estate, Somerset
  2. marnixR

    ?stonechat, West Wales

    after some consideration, my best guess is that the attached is a young stonechat however, with it being a youngster i'm not 100% sure, so i thought i'd better ask here just to make sure picture taken a few days ago at St. Davids Head, Pembrokeshire
  3. marnixR

    ?reed warbler, Pembrokeshire

    the attached juvenile bird looks to me like a reed warbler, but being a juvenile i'm not totally sure - can anyone confirm pictures taken a few days ago near Abermawr beach north of St. Davids in West Wales
  4. marnixR

    ?skylark / meadow pipit Northumbria

    i saw this bird, which i thought was a skylark from its song, and when it landed on a post took the attached picture now that i've had time to take a closer look at it, i'm starting to have my doubts : to my (inexperienced) eye it looks like a meadow pipit ! can someone put me out of my misery...
  5. marnixR

    linnet or twite, Scotland

    i saw this bird in June 2018 near Montrose Basin and originally thought it was a female linnet however, going through some of pictures i'm starting to think it might be a twite can anyone help me resolve this quandary ?
  6. marnixR

    ?dunnock, Anglesey

    two separate birds, the first one i'm fairly sure is a dunnock, the second less so both pictures taken end of september at Newborough Warrens, Anglesey
  7. marnixR

    Black-/Bar-tailed godwit, Anglesey

    not sure which of the 2 it is, black-tailed or bar-tailed godwit pictures taken about a month ago at Penrhos on Holy Island, Anglesey second picture shows black-headed gull for scale
  8. marnixR

    pipit, Vale of Glamorgan

    i saw this bird high up in a tree in Henson Woods, Vale of Glamorgan earlier today sorry for the poor quality but the marking seems to indicate a pipit - since it's in a tree, does that make it a tree pipit, or is it a meadow pipit that just happens to sit in a tree ?
  9. marnixR

    ?mediterranean gull, Cornwall

    to me this one looks like a mediterranean gull, but i could be wrong and it's just a plain black-headed gull picture tken a few days ago near Durgan on the Helford River in Cornwall
  10. marnixR

    young greenfinch or chaffinch, Cornwall

    can't make up my mind about this bird, the picture of which was taken near Looe in Cornwall a few days ago most likely chaffinch, but possibly greenfinch or some other finch ?
  11. marnixR

    ?ringed plover, St.Davids, West Wales

    saw the attached bird on the beach of Porth Henllys south of St.Davids, Pembrokeshire a few days ago it doesn't seem to have the markings of a ringed plover, but i assume it could be a youngster ?
  12. marnixR

    young bullfinch? Brecon

    i saw these birds earlier today along the Monmouthshire & Brecon canal a few miles from Brecon my guess is they're young bullfinches - can anyone confirm or put me right ?
  13. marnixR

    ?sanderling/little stint, Gower

    saw these waders mingle with dunlins at Whiteford Sands (north-western tip of the Gower peninsula) earlier today - they're the ones in the foreground of the group of waders not sure what they are, my best guess is sanderling or little stint - am i close ?
  14. marnixR

    kestrel chasing house martin?

    when doing a walk on the Long Mynd (Shropshire) a few days ago, i saw a kestrel making several in-flight attempts at catching what looked from a distance and with the naked eye a house martin is this normal behaviour, or was this bird just overambitious ? after having given up, it went for a...
  15. marnixR

    young greenfinch or goldfinch?

    sorry if the attached image is of rather poor quality, but i have trouble getting a positive ID from it - the yellow on the wing seems to say goldfinch, but the rest of the body is so non-descript that it might be a young greenfinch too picture taken a few days ago in Romsey, Hampshire
  16. marnixR

    young barn swallow or house martin

    several of these were sitting in a tree at the Kennet & Avon canal near Crofton, Wiltshire - at first i thought they were house martin, but after a closer look i seem to see a shade of pale russet on the neck, so maybe could be a barn swallow ?
  17. marnixR

    ?sedge warbler, Steart Marshes

    from its call i'd say the attached is a sedge warbler, but unfortunately the pictures i managed to take are less than satisfactory pictures taken earlier today at WWT Steart Marshes
  18. marnixR

    redpoll or linnet?, Steart Marshes

    from the "peewee" call i'd say the attached is a redpoll (common or lesser, i'm not sure), although looking at its colour scheme i might be totally mistaken and it's a linnet - unfortunately the quality of the pictures is rather poor pictures taken earlier today from WWT Steart Marshes
  19. marnixR

    warbler, Cardiff

    i saw the attached bird in Forest Farm on the outskirts of Cardiff earlier this 'morning, but apart from assuming it's some sort of warbler, i can't narrow down the ID - can anyone help ?
  20. marnixR

    ?rock pipit, Outer Hebrides

    i saw the attached birds (2 separate ones) near Ravenspoint on the east coast of the Isle of Lewis in june last year originally i thought they were rock pipits because of the place where i saw them , but i kept on wondering : do rock pipits have red / pink legs ? i thought they were darker than...
  21. marnixR

    ?white-fronted goose, Cirencester

    if it hadn't been for the different facial markings, i'd have said the attached goose was a white-fronted one however, not sure what the different face means - is it a different type of goose, or is it a hybrid ? picture taken yesterday in the Abbey Grounds Park in Cirencester
  22. marnixR

    ?plain-backed pipit, Botswana

    quite some time ago I uploaded a picture to Wikipedia that I confidently identified as a Marico flycatcher (Bradornis mariquensis) https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7c/Plain-backed_Pipit%2C_Botswana.jpg looking back on this picture, I notice that someone - presumably with a...
  23. marnixR

    ?white-fronted goose, Damme

    i was told the attached were (greater) white-fronted goose + seeing their location should be the European subspecies (Anser albifrons albifrons) - are the attached images of sufficient quality to confirm this ID ? pictures taken about a week ago in the fields outside Damme, to the north-west of...
  24. marnixR

    ?northern wheatear, Greece

    all the attached i would have ID'd as northern wheatears, apart from the fact that in a different thread a similar bird was tentatively classified as an eastern black-eared wheatear the first one comes from Tyrins (north of Nafplio) the other four (all different birds) from Ancient Mycenae, all...
  25. marnixR

    ?whinchat, Greece

    saw the attached birds near Cape Tenaro, the most southerly point of the Peloponnesus in the first week of september they behave a little bit like stonechat or wheatears, so i suspect they could be whinchats can anyone help me out ?