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  1. dhhatfield

    Cameroon, Centre July 2018

    Again needing help with ID. Photos taken southeast of Yaoundé where I was living then. Small forest patches were still in the area. 2 photos shot against the sky so not very good. Thanks for any help.
  2. dhhatfield

    Bird ID - Chincoteague NWR, coastal Virginia, USA Dec 2017

    I visited Chincoteague Nat'l Wildlife Refuge on Dec 1, 2017 (and at other times!) In recently reviewing some photos, I noticed some of a bird that I do not recognize, and am quite sure I have never seen. So I am seeking input here. I hope that the photos I post will have enough details...
  3. dhhatfield

    N Virginia, 21 May, Summer tanager??

    I managed to take 2 quick photos of what I think is a summer tanager, 1st year male ? But I could be wrong! Asking for confirmation - or correction. Thanks!
  4. dhhatfield

    Kenya - Shaba NR - Jan 2019

    Can anyone help with ID on this one? Thanks!
  5. dhhatfield

    Cameroon, Centre, near Yaoundé? female green-throated sunbird? or?

    Saw one or more birds with white in outer tail feathers, flat tail, eating termites high in a tree outside of Yaoundé. Bad light angle but tried to get some photos. Could this be a female green-throated sunbird? We saw the male in the same area, but we were surprised by the outside white...
  6. dhhatfield

    Bangkok; Sri Nakorn K K Park: a few more

    more photos. I think one of them is a female plaintive cuckoo.
  7. dhhatfield

    Bangkok; Sri Nakorn K K Park: flycatcher??

    Hi, any assistance appreciated.
  8. dhhatfield

    Bangkok; Sri Nakorn K K Park: Ashy drongo?

    still rather new to drongos. Is this one Ashy drongo?
  9. dhhatfield

    Bangkok, TH; Sri Nakorn K K Park: wh drongo?

    I would be glad for assistance in IDing this drongo. Pic taken early morning. Thanks
  10. dhhatfield

    Northern Brittany, France - waders ID help please

    Any help on which species these birds are? Photos not ideal. The birds were quite far away. Thanks for any help.
  11. dhhatfield

    Kribi, Cameroon - ID assistance - greenbul?

    These pics are from Kribi, Cameroon in Feb 2016. Any ID assistance would be appreciated. Debbie
  12. dhhatfield

    Kribi, Cameroon ID assistance : white-browed forest flycatchers?

    Birds spotted along the Lobe River, Kribi Cameroon. I think that they are all white-browed forest flycatchers, but not sure. 1. Male - with white streak/ spot above eye. 2. Juv - with lots of spotting and female? 3. Female ? no spot above eye, but shows brown on wings, tail ? Any...
  13. dhhatfield

    Dallas, TX : Whooping cranes?

    Spotted and heard migrating birds yesterday - SE Dallas county. Cedar Ridge Preserve bluebonnet trail. Wonderful to hear the calls ... Are these Whooping cranes? If so, a lifer for me.
  14. dhhatfield

    type of flycatcher? Bryce Canyon NP, Utah, Aug 13

    Sorry for the bird hiding in the leaves on this pic. But given the region, I think that this might be olive-sided flycatcher. Any input is welcomed.
  15. dhhatfield

    Capitol Reef NP, Utah - Aug 2013

    I am posting 3 pics. I think that the 3rd is a juv black-throated sparrow? Requesting ideas on all 3. Thanks! Debbie
  16. dhhatfield

    From Yaoundé, Cameroon

    As I was working on the balcony, a green-throated sunbird popped into view in the palm tree in front of me. Nice afternoon
  17. dhhatfield

    Tetons, Wyoming Aug 2013 bird of prey

    Sorry for the photo from a distance. We only had a glimpse of this bird, but do have a pic! Thanks for any help!
  18. dhhatfield

    Tetons, Wyoming Aug 2013 Thrush?

    Is this a Swainson's thrush?
  19. dhhatfield

    Tetons, Wyoming Aug 2013 type of flycatcher?

    Type of flycatcher : Willow? Dusky?
  20. dhhatfield

    Flycatcher ? in Tetons Aug '13

    Is this a flycatcher - Dusky ? Olive-sided? other? Thanks for your help!
  21. dhhatfield

    Moose, Wyoming Sagebrush sparrow?

    This pic was taken Aug 2013. I've never seen a sagebrush sparrow, and checking to see if that's what this is. Any other ID? Thanks!
  22. dhhatfield

    Cameroon, Ebogo eco-tourism site (near Mbalmayo)

    Seen in Ebogo, Cameroon. Is this a yellow-whiskered greenbul? Or something else? Thanks for your help .
  23. dhhatfield

    Nakura Park, Kenya - bird of prey

    Id help please -- are both these Augur buzzards? or something else? Thanks for any help. Debbie
  24. dhhatfield

    Brittany France, ID assistance pls

    These birds were spotted near Penvenan, Brittany (Cotes d'Armor) yesterday. Are they meadow pipits? Or other? Thanks for any help
  25. dhhatfield

    Kenya ID assistance

    Taken near Lake Naivasha, Feb 2012 Slate-coloured Boubou? The bird was far away so photo the best we could do