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    Hybrid Goose, island of Rügen, NE Germany

    This strange looking goose was photographed yesterday in NE Germany by a friend - photos posted here with permission. Any ideas about the parent species? To me it looks as if Swan Goose and Snow Goose could be involved. Or is it just partial leucistic?

    Puzzling Goose (hybrid?), Rostock, NE Germany, Feb 2020

    A friend photographed this orange-billed Anser sp. a few days ago. I think it should be a hybrid but then, geese are not my strong point... So, I'd be happy to get your opinion!

    Painted Lady influx from SE

    Since two weeks or so I observe unusally many Painted Ladies wherever I go here in NE Germany. They are really numerous virtually everywhere. I found some sources - mainly in german - that inform about a mass influx from SE. In the beginning of June plenty have reached the North Sea shore and it...

    Blackbird feeding Eurasian Robin, UK

    I just found this picture in the BF Gallery: https://www.birdforum.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/625559/limit/recent Am I seeing things or would you agree that this fledgling looks like a Robin? Curious!

    Subalpine Warbler ssp., 08/10/2018 on Heligoland, Germany

    I'd like to get opinions about the ssp. of this SAW. I simply lack experience with autumn birds. Is it possible to ID it on (sub)species-level? What is the age and sex of the bird? I'm thinking the tail pattern fits Western adult (rather pale iris, white not buffish outer tail feather) female...

    Hybrid Tree-x-House or Italian Sparrow? NE Germany, June 2018

    The attached (with permission of the photographer) Sparrow has been photographed a few days ago in Güstrow, NE Germany. There are three photos showing only the same posture and angle. I've not much experience with either Italian (of course not very likely here) or Hybrid Sparrows. I wonder if...

    Great White Egret, modesta-type, NE-Germany, May 2018

    Yesterday I observed the attached Egret - apologies for the poor quality of the photos! From time to time those red-legged modesta-type Great White Egrets are observed in Germany. All I hear is nobody knows where they really come from. I wonder if these birds are neccessarily of Eastern origin...

    Redpoll influx

    At least in Central and Eastern Europe obviously a major irruption of Mealy Redpolls is underway. Lots of them show features of Arctic Redpolls as a several threats in the Bird ID Q&A forum illustrate. When checking trektellen.nl I was surprised how many Arctic Redpolls have been reported/ringed...

    very dark Yellow Wagtail, Oct 2017, Heligoland, Germany

    A friend took pictures of this very dark Yellow Wagtail on 18th Oct 2017. It was already rather late that afternoon, hence not the best pics. It wasn't heard calling. Is there any chance of putting a name to it's subspecies/origin? I've never seen a Yellow Wagtail that dark on the back and with...
  10. CARERY

    female Bluethroat, 20.05.2017, Northern Germany, subspecies determination possible?

    female Bluethroat, 27.05.2017, Northern Germany, subspecies determination possible? I had an amazing meeting with a female Bluethroat very early this morning at a Baltic Sea beach. There is no Bluethroat breeding habitat and the bird was very fearless towards me. It was hoping around just a few...
  11. CARERY

    Eagle? Eastern Germany 27.05.2017

    This bird was reported as Greater Spotted Eagle. http://www.ornitho.de/index.php?m_id=54&id=26421931 Birds of prey are not my strong point this yellow bill leaves me confused. What is your opinion?
  12. CARERY

    nocturnal calls, 14th April 2017, Northern Germany

    Was just browsing nocturnal recordings and found the attached calls. Does someone have an idea what it could be - besides the fast and furious car in the background? Recorded around midnight in a village surrounded by fields and small ponds not far from a little forrest.
  13. CARERY

    immature large gull, North Sea, offshore

    I'm lost with this immature gull, any help much appreciated! It can't be a Herring Gull with such dark underwing at this age, can it? Could it be a Yellow-legged or LBBG graellsii? Pictures taken late April in the German Bight. Apologies for the out-of-focus pictures!
  14. CARERY

    Egret, Far East Russia, June 2007

    Browsing some old photos I found this Egret, taken in June 2007 at River Bikin approx. 200 km South of Chabarovsk, Far East Russia. We took it as a Great White that time but I remember that I have had some doubts. IMO the bill seems a little too small and neck too short. Could it be an...
  15. CARERY

    Crake on a vessel east of India

    This crake has been photographed by a friend of mine on a vessel east of India (approx. 60 km east of Visakhapatnam) on 12th Nov 2012. Is this a Little Crake or could it be some Asian species I'm not familiar with? Only these two pictures exist. Thanks for any comments!
  16. CARERY

    unknown migratory calls, German Bight, North Sea

    Listening to automated recordings of migratory birds recorded on a plattform in the German Bight I found these to me unknown calls of a flock (apologies for the lousy quality). The date is 6th September 2016, about 7 p.m.. I'm not even sure in which bird familiy I should look for that. I think...
  17. CARERY

    Chiffchaffs with strangly coloured feathers

    In April 2015 on the German island Heligoland I was trying (not very successfully) to snap pictures of Chiffchaffs catching low flying insects over a pond. Reviewing the photos I recognized that many of them (at least 5 of the ca. 30 Ind.) had strangely light-coloured feather-parts. Does anyone...
  18. CARERY

    Long range shots of gull, Northern Germany, May 2016

    Apologies for the poor quality! On 15th May 2016 I took two pictures of this gull flying past our vessel (North Sea off shore, approx. 30 km West of Cuxhaven). The bird was really far away on a very bright day. Best I could get... My best guess is Mediterranean Gull but I've never seen a 3rd...
  19. CARERY

    strange bunting, Oct 2015 in Bavaria, Germany

    On 25th October 2015 this two photos of a bunting have been taking in Northern Bavaria. It is a strong zoom in, best I could get out of the original! The observer told me that the bird was close to a few Reed Buntings about the same size but seperately feeding, unfortunately quick disappeared in...