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  1. brianfm

    Iceland Trip May 2015...Information Please.

    My friend and I are about to begin planning a trip to Iceland in May 2015. (Precise dates not set as yet, but because of other commitments it does have to be May). Probably staying 7-10 days Whilst the main focus of the trip is to be birds we are both keen photographers and general...
  2. brianfm

    Giottos Vitruvian VGRN 8255......Advice.

    I'm getting back in to photography and have been looking at purchasing a tripod. I require something light, but stable. The Giottos Vitruvian seems to fit the bill. I was wondering if anyone has experience with this tripod and could comment. I have a Manfrotto tripod for my telescope and...
  3. brianfm

    Info Required for August Trip

    I've been asked if I would post this on behalf of a friend of mine who will be visiting Switzerland in August (with Scouts). He's having problems with Birdforum account and isn't able to gain access. We'll have to chase it up with admin. In the meantime I'll post the request for information...
  4. brianfm

    Binoculars for Arthritic Hands

    I've been asked by an elderly lady (in her nineties I believe) who has arthritic hands if I could advise re: small, light binoculars. I'm assuming, ones that are of low cost. Any advice/suggestions would be welcome. Cheers
  5. brianfm

    Postcard from Orkney and Shetland

    I set off early on 5th June for Kirkwall, Orkney, on what was a very hot day, and the last very hot day I was to experience over the next two weeks. It was a good job I had packed for all weathers, as that was what was to come! The first birds of interest were seen off the ferry from Aberdeen...
  6. brianfm

    Dumfries and Galloway Action May 2010

    Bit late with this as I've been to Orkney and Shetland for two weeks of which a report later. Day One Our group composed of the magnificent nine, and made up of French, Irish, Scottish and English representatives, made our way across the border on 23rd May, on what was a very hot day. Our...
  7. brianfm

    Ospreys...Dumfries and Galloway.

    I'm visiting Dumfries and Galloway for a week as from 23rd May. I've most of the better known areas and reserves pencilled in already. I did note from an RSPB request for support , that Osprey is said to be a frequent visitor Baldoon Sands. I'd be grateful if anyone could tell me if there is...
  8. brianfm

    A Mars a Day, Helps......

    After a good days birding today I took the opportunity to look at Mars through the telescope on x60. A quite impressive sight if you like lights in the sky! :-) The God of War is showing well. The moon to was impressive and is at its brightest for 2010 over the next couple of nights. Now, shall...
  9. brianfm

    Tales of a Frosty Birder with a Shrunken List!

    Yes that is correct, it is shrunken because of the cold spell! I have yet to get off patch in 2010. I know, I lead such a sheltered life. It is sooo unfair. However that doesn’t mean things have passed me by altogether and I have had some interesting days so far in 2010 during one of the...
  10. brianfm

    One Brave Butterfly!

    The horses had their coats on today and I certainly had mine on as I braved the cold and walked to the Country Park, passing a flock of maybe up to two hundred Lapwings on the way. I certainly wasn’t expecting to see any butterflies today, even though the sun was blindingly bright. However as...
  11. brianfm

    Walks Ends With 'Golden' Treat.

    27th Nov. It was a cool, but bright morning as I left to start my pond, woods and coast walk, with the rising sun still painting the sky in the east a rather nice shade of orange. My first excitement of the day was to have a Kestrel fly directly at me as I walked between the village and pond...
  12. brianfm

    Geordies are Green!

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8366711.stm Now I bet your all 'green' with envy having read that! In some respects I'm surprised Newcastle came tops, but in other respects I'm not. The River Tyne has become much cleaner in recent years and there is much wildlife including Otters to be found...
  13. brianfm

    Back On Track, Back On Patch.

    15th Nov. Having been down to Martin Mere with the group yesterday, seven hours travelling for four hours birding, I was rather relieved to be able to take a quiet stroll on patch today. Although Martin Mere held its attractions in all honesty I wasn’t that impressed although I suppose I have...
  14. brianfm

    Patch Neglect.

    I'm afraid because of my recent trip to Islay and Jura (report here http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=156343 Thanks to those who have commented) and a variety of other more mundane issues, I've rather neglected the local patch in recent weeks. One thing I have kept my eye on however...
  15. brianfm

    Islay and Jura

    Islay and Jura 29th Oct-4th Nov 2009 Pt1 29th Oct. After a train journey up the east coast in full sun where I spotted several skeins of geese, possibly Pink Footed Geese, I was met at Edinburgh by drizzling rain which continued off and on as I travelled onwards to Glasgow. We were soon...
  16. brianfm

    Wet Again!

    Yes, my long dry spell appears to have come to an end. I was out at the local carrs yesterday, taking my Irish friend who has never seen an owl of any species in the hope that we might find the Short Eared Owls and Barn Owl that are around there at the moment. Unfortunately having begun in the...
  17. brianfm

    Wet Birder Meets Wet Glossy Ibis.

    There has been lots of excitement and twitching in the area in recent weeks as a Glossy Ibis has been on one of the local pools. I don't twitch as you know and in any event took solice in the fact that I have seen hundred of these birds whilst abroad. As I was having lunch with a mate of mine...
  18. brianfm

    Mountain Gorilla or Blue Whale?

    I've just watched the last of the Stephen Fry and Mark wot's his name series. My favourites of the series have without doubt been the Mountain Gorillas and the Blue Whales. Now I'm thinking to myself which do I favour going to see. Do I fancy sweating through jungle on a long trek to...
  19. brianfm

    After the Rains.

    All taken just outside of my back door and all but one showing raindrops caught in spiders webs.
  20. brianfm

    Fox Moth Caterpillar

    I believe the photo below is of a Fox Moth caterpillar. It was taken on Lindisfarne on 10th Oct 09. Can that be confirmed or otherwise please? I've been told elsewhere on the forum that these caterpillars can sting and that someone was lift with intense itching for two weeks after having held...
  21. brianfm

    Holy Island Invasion!

    10th Oct. It was neither an invasion of Vikings nor rare migrant birds, but of forty-one keen Newcastle RSPB Local Group members on their annual October trip to the island. Durham group were up there too. The early morning mists had soon cleared to leave us all in an excellent frame of mind...
  22. brianfm

    And One For Bill

    I had one of my (many) time out sessions today. The temeratures had dropped by several degrees, but there was an autumnal sunshine and I found a Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly taking what heat was available. I later found one Red Admiral Butterfly which quickly disappeared into the trees. I...
  23. brianfm

    With a Song in My Heart

    The falling leaves drift by my window The falling leaves of red and gold I see your lips, the summer kisses The sunburned hands I used to hold Since you went away the days grow long And soon I'll hear old winter's song But I miss you most of all, my darling When autumn leaves start to fall
  24. brianfm

    OK, I've Chosen My Horse!

    4th Oct. After being out with a group in the winds yesterday it was rather pleasant to be out on patch alone this afternoon where calm had returned and the sun continued to shine, at least most of the time! I took a photo of the Rowan opposite my house. The first thing I noticed as I walked...
  25. brianfm

    'Industrial' Birding

    26th Aug. I was back to Saltholme today, but this time for a meeting. It was tough to sit in a meeting on such a glorious autumn day and nothing was going to stop me from attempting to find that Hooded Merganser today. I have read others views on the origins of this bird and I am quite happy...