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  1. GiG

    Some recent ring observations

    On my old patch, near to my previous job, I would regularly sight colour-ringed birds. Being an estuary I had an interesting selection of waders, gulls and the odd other species. It did get to a point where I realised I would be scanning a flock of waders but would be checking the legs first...
  2. GiG

    Mics for H4N Pro

    I have an H4N Pro and would like to get a mic, to use at home for nocmigging but also occasionally for use in the field. I'm more interested for now in shotgun mics. Any recommendations please? Reading online I know that Sennheiser ME66/K6 is popular but have found it's not that available to...
  3. GiG

    Barcelona, Pyrenees and the Ebro Delta - February 2020

    I wasn’t planning to go on a birding trip abroad this year. I went to Georgia last Autumn, with a group of mates, with just over a week around Batumi and then Svaneti for a couple of days. It was a fantastic trip and the raptor migration was something else; an experience I’d always wanted to...
  4. GiG

    Moths from Georgia

    I visited Georgia last month for raptor migration and found a number of moths. A selection attached that I haven't identified yet. The first two were at Saghalvasho, the third from Chorokhi Delta area and the last two from Mtirala Forest. Any ideas please? Gi
  5. GiG

    Species from Chorokhi, Georgia

    Friend saw this in the Chorokhi Delta, Georgia today, any ideas please?
  6. GiG

    Honor 9 digiscoping

    For a few years I've been using a Canon S95 for digiscoping, initially with a Nikon III ED60 then a Kowa 883. I had some good pics but mostly found images could be a bit soft. I had to get a new phone last autumn and bought an Honor 9. I decided to give it a go for digiscoping on a trip to East...
  7. GiG

    Vrachos, north-west Greece

    Been on a family holiday to north-west Greece staying in Vrachos. Not seen any info online from the there so a few sightings in case anyone visits. As I'd not long been on a weeks birding holiday to Bulgaria and Greece this was more sedate and therefore didn't visit any birding sites, just some...
  8. GiG

    Bulgarian flowers for identification

    Hi, I've written up a report from a trip I undertook to Bulgaria in May this year. I've been going through photos and have found some plants that I need identification for. These were in the western Rhodopi mountains above the village of Trigrad, photos 1 and 5 in a meadow with photos 2, 3 and...
  9. GiG

    Bulgaria May 2016

    Bulgaria May 7th to 14th 2016 It had been five years since four of us went to Extremadura in 2011 for a birding trip and ever since then the thought of doing another trip often came up in conversation. Then in the summer of 2015 discussions started that maybe we could do a trip the following...
  10. GiG

    Insect id, Bulgaria

    A couple of insects seen recently in Bulgaria requiring id. Cheers, Gi
  11. GiG

    Damselfly id, Bulgaria

    Need help with a damselfly seen in Bulgaria earlier in the month. Site had Variable, Azure and Blue-tailed. Cheers, Gi
  12. GiG

    Bulgarian butterflies for ID

    Visited Bulgaria recently and have a few that need help and confirmation on please. 1.Wood White? 2.Skipper sp. 3.Blue sp. 4.Clouded Yellow sp. Pale? 5.Eastern Baton Blue? Cheers, Gi
  13. GiG

    Lizards for ID, Bulgaria

    I've a couple of species of Lizard that I need help with please. The first two I think is Wall Lizard that was taken near to Trigrad in the western Rhodope Mountains. The third photo may be Viviparous Lizard and was found in the eastern Rhodope mountains. Thanks, Gi
  14. GiG

    Unknown garden bird, Suffolk, UK

    This bird has been caught on camera trap video this week. It's in Suffolk, trees nearby. No access at the moment. A link to video crop is here - Bird sp Any ideas please? Gi
  15. GiG

    House Sparrow in garden

    I've a number of House Sparrows in the garden and I managed to get some digiscoped photos of them on the feeders. A female had a metal ring, which with a bit of patience, got the full ring code - TP82373. Details filled in on BTO Euring site. Have also found a second bird that hadn't realised...
  16. GiG

    Mallorca June 2014

    I visited Mallorca for the first time from June 7th to 14th and although not a specific birding holiday managed to get some birding in, some early mornings around Puerto Pollensa and a full day at S'Albufera. Really enjoyed my visit, staying at the Hotel Pollentia which was nice, had friendly...
  17. GiG

    Over-zealous Wildlife Photographers

    Seen this article in the local newspaper today, East Anglian Daily Times, off continuous harassment of Dartford Warblers on Dunwich Heath from photographers walking through the heath of the paths and tape-luring them for photographs - Dunwich photographers tape-luring. A quote from the article...
  18. GiG

    Mallorca query

    Hi, I'm likely to be visiting on a family holiday in a couple of months staying in Puerto Pollensa. I'll only have one day out, at S'Albufera and a couple of early morning walks to the Boquer Valley. I have a couple of questions please, firstly for these sites will a scope be needed? Secondly, I...
  19. GiG

    Suffolk moths id

    Some moths from last weekend (July 26th) for id please. Cheers, Gi
  20. GiG

    Suffolk moths id please

    A few moths from Suffolk for id please. Cheers, Gi
  21. GiG

    Free photo editing software

    Could anyone recommend some free photo editing software please. Cheers, Gi
  22. GiG

    Fritillary sp, Extremadura Spain

    Any idea on this fritillary species from Rio Guadalupe, Extremadura in April 2011 please? Cheers, Gi
  23. GiG

    Moth id, Suffolk, UK

    Hi, Found this moth back in July in grass between an estuarine river and an adjacent dyke. Any ideas please? Cheers, Gi
  24. GiG

    Micro moth id - Suffolk

    Any ideas on this micro moth please? Cheers, Gi
  25. GiG

    Grasshopper sp - Suffolk

    Found this grasshopper species in a boggy meadow in a wood. There were several Roesel's bush-crickets about too. I wondered if it could be Aiolopus thalassinus. Any ideas please? Cheers, Gi