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  1. Cillana

    Cillana 2021 List - southeast Texas

    I haven't done a year list in a while. At the beginning of this year I thought "Sure, why not?" I'm not restricting the list to sightings in southeast Texas. I just don't plan to go anywhere else this year. I live in Tyler County, TX. Our property is lakefront so I get a lot of water loving...
  2. Cillana

    Tropical Kingbird? SE Texas fallout April 2016

    Seen April 28, 2016 during fallout trip to SE Texas coast (Jefferson Co.). I had this bird marked down as a Western Kingbird, but looking back at my photos, I think I got it wrong. Someone on Facebook suggested that it was a Tropical Kingbird.
  3. Cillana

    Mystery Songbird in east Texas, USA

    Posting this for someone else who is not a member. Seen in his backyard near Huntsville, TX. I don't have an exact date but it was seen within the past few days. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Cillana

    E Screech Owl call in daytime?

    My mom and I have been hearing this call for the past few days. We're painting the house so we're outside a lot. She at first thought it was a Yellow-billed Cuckoo. But I said it didn't sound right. Too staccato and higher pitched than what we heard. I thought about it and realized what it was...
  5. Cillana

    Warbler ID Texas

    Posting for a friend of a friend so I can't give you any more info that the photos and the locale (Lake Livingston, TX) and that she thought it was a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Oh and taken in March. I'm thinking something in the Vermivora genus?
  6. Cillana

    Oriole vs Tanager Texas USA

    I'm posting this photo for a friend. He lives in Dallardsville in East Texas. We can't seem to agree on the ID of this bird that has been visiting his feeders for several weeks. I finally got him to email me a photo (he's not very tech savvy). He says it's a female Orchard Oriole. I say it's a...
  7. Cillana

    Zip Ties?

    My friend told me about this bird she saw in her yard that had colored bands on its legs. She described it to me and it sounded like a chipping sparrow. She said the bands looked like zip ties. I thought maybe she wasn't getting a good look. Maybe they were the kind of colored bands that have a...
  8. Cillana

    Birding at Lake Livingston State Park

    Had a great time today birding with my mom at Lake Livingston State Park in east Texas. Went to some of my usual spots and checked out another trail I hadn't been on before. The birds were very active and some came very close to us. Wish I had brought my camera. Let's see if I can remember...
  9. Cillana

    Mystery LYBJ Southeast Texas

    Mystery little yellow-brown job my mom saw earlier today. I suggested Orange-crowned Warbler. But that bill does look pretty chunky in her photos. Compared to Pine Warblers in the same tree, she says it was bigger. Says it was gaping it's bill which was wide at the base (like a flycatcher). Said...
  10. Cillana

    Horned or Eared Grebe? Texas, USA

    Saw a group of 4 or 5 of these yesterday where a shallow creek widens to meet a large freshwater reservoir in SE Texas. They were hanging out with a Pied-billed Grebe and a couple of Coots. Sorry for the photo quality. They were pretty far away. I'm leaning towards Horned Grebe, but either one...
  11. Cillana

    Christmas Bird Count

    Anyone else participating in the CBC this year? I'm participating in organizing and counting for the second year (new circle last year) for the Pineywoods circle in Livingston, Texas. We'll be counting on the first day of the count, December 14th. This year we have a sailboat available to get...
  12. Cillana

    Lesser Black-backed Gull (SE Texas)

    Saw this bird in with a flock of Ring-bills and Herring Gulls during my GBBC count last Sunday. Didn't bring my camera with me though that day (doh!). I tried back Monday, but the gulls had disappeared from their usual hang out. Went back today and they were there and I managed to get some...
  13. Cillana

    Louisiana Sparrow IDs

    Seen in the Atchafalaya Basin during the GBBC. I'm pretty sure on my IDs, but I just wanted to get a second opinion since it's for an official count. First 3 shots (all same bird): Swamp Sparrow Last 2 shots (both same bird): Song Sparrow
  14. Cillana

    Birding Downtown Baton Rouge

    My parents and I went down to Arsenal Park / Capitol Lake in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to look at ducks today. I'll post photos later. I just wanted to get everything down before I forgot. Pied-billed Grebe White Pelican Anhinga Double-crested Cormorant Ring-billed Gull Mallard Wood Duck Ruddy...
  15. Cillana

    American Toad?

    I found this toad last weekend while birding. I think it is an American toad (Bufo americanus) in "red phase". I was in Polk County, Texas which is a bit out of this species' range but the two similar species (going by cranial crests) that include Polk County in their range, Bufo fowleri and...
  16. Cillana

    Jabiru sighted in Louisiana

    The first recorded sighting of a Jabiru (Jabiru mycteria) in Louisiana: http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/news/?id=1049 http://www.physorg.com/news137301579.html
  17. Cillana

    Sherburne WMA on Saturday

    Went birding Saturday morning in the South Farm complex in Sherburne WMA in the Atchafalya Basin in Louisiana. There were HUGE flocks of white and glossy ibis. It was gorgeous when they would all take off together. I went to look for wood storks which I did find but they all stayed very far away...
  18. Cillana

    Bald Eagle and Egret

    I was driving on the Florida Turnpike through the Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area last week. I was very surprised to see a Bald Eagle chasing an egret high above the treeline. I'm pretty sure it was a Snowy Egret. They were making loops around and going back and forth so it was obviously a...
  19. Cillana

    Kissimmee Prairie Preserve

    I got a part-time seasonal job at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve Park in Okeechobee County, Florida. The habitat is most a mix of Dry Prairie and Wet Prairie with some Oak Hammocks scattered about. I will be doing annual point counts of Bachman's Sparrows and Florida Grasshopper Sparrows as well as...
  20. Cillana

    Wrens and Blue Jays and Robins, oh my!

    Just thought I'd write about my yard for a change. We have one feeder in the backyard. The Carolina Chickadees usually lord over it. The resident pair of cardinals and harem of house sparrows occasionally sneak in a bite. Recently a Blue Jay has been taking seed from it to his mate in an oak...
  21. Cillana

    Gulls & Terns in Galveston Texas (photos)

    When I took these shots I had seen with my binocs: Brown Pelican, Willets, Marbled Godwit, Ruddy Turnstones, American Oystercatchers, Laughing Gulls, Herring Gulls, Forster's Terns, and Royal Tern. At the time I thought some of the Laughing Gulls looked a little small and might be another...
  22. Cillana

    Cillana's 2007 Year list

    January 1 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1. House Sparrow 2. Northern Mockingbird 3. House Finch 4. Turkey Vulture 5. Rock Pigeon 6. Anhinga 7. American Coot 8. Lesser Scaup 9. Ring-billed Gull 10. Ruby-crowned Kinglet 11. Northern Cardinal 12. Yellow-rumped Warbler 13. Ring-necked Duck 14. Great Egret...
  23. Cillana

    Birding... How I missed you...

    I have not been on this site in a while since it would be pretty depressing considering I've been pretty much house bound for months. I did manage a couple outtings where I pretty much stayed in one place and hoped for the birds to come to me. I had surgery on the 17th (day after my b-day). My...
  24. Cillana

    Californian Birds

    A non-birder posted these pics on an aquarium forum after a trip to California. I took a stab at IDing them. Practice for one day when I may visit the west coast. :t: Photo 1 (CAbird1.jpg): Black Phoebe Photo 2 (CAbird2.jpg): juv Red-tailed Hawk Photo 3 (CAbird5.jpg): Heermann's Gull Photo 4...
  25. Cillana

    Mobbing question

    I saw a red-shouldered hawk chasing two turkey vultures around and screeching like mad. Would this behavior be considered mobbing? PS I saw an eastern kindbird mobbing a mississippi kite yesterday. The kite had such great manuverability, the kingbird couldn't touch him. It was like he was...