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  1. KeriBirder

    OK folks help! - Swarovski or Zeiss??

    Decision So I finally decided on the Zeiss Victory SF 10x42 bins... I like the Zeiss for better FOV, and I chose the 10s for a better reach...|8)||8)|
  2. KeriBirder

    Anyone own a Harpia 95???

    If so, what tripod do you use? Thanks! :eat:
  3. KeriBirder

    First images of the P950

    I’m placing my order for a P950 this afternoon with B&H... after much research and such, I’ve decided it’s the best choice, for me, out of the Sony Rx10 iv and the P1000... great price-point and smaller form factor/weight, which is important for me as I’m getting a Zeiss Harpia 95 I’ll be...
  4. KeriBirder

    Tripod/tripod head for Swarovski scope

    Hi Craig... looks like we’re going through the same thing right now. I’m getting ready to get a Zeiss Harpia 95, and am facing similar dilemmas with regard to the tripod... currently thinking a Gitzo Mountaineer 3542 3 Series, or possibly the Swarovski PCT tripod combo...
  5. KeriBirder

    OK folks help! - Swarovski or Zeiss??

    That’s a good point for the 8x42s.. I too have been using 10x42, but now I’m really starting to think about weight... bins, scope and tripod, camera... and I would like to be able to avail myself of my bins without necessarily putting down my scope.
  6. KeriBirder

    Need help selecting tripod/head - Zeiss Harpia

    Actually, I’m lucky in that there’s a great Optics shop not too far from me... they appear to have a great selection, but still want to get others’ imput here... the one thing I did glean so far is to go sturdy and not scrimp on price, which I wasn’t planning anyhow.... I guess I’m probably...
  7. KeriBirder

    Need help selecting tripod/head - Zeiss Harpia

    I was thinking maybe the 3542... or the Swarovski PCT perhaps??
  8. KeriBirder


    Hi there and welcome to the Forum! Ex-NYer here, from Long Island... :-)
  9. KeriBirder

    Need help selecting tripod/head - Zeiss Harpia

    Hey folks... in a couple weeks I’ll be getting a Zeiss Harpia 95. Now on to tripods and heads. I’ve been thinking about the new Zeiss Carbon Fiber Pro tripod combo, and also possibly the Swarovski CCT or PCT... I’ve also cursorily looked at Manfrotto or Gitzo Mountaineer, but have no real clue...
  10. KeriBirder

    OK folks help! - Swarovski or Zeiss??

    I’m going to be financially able to buy bins of my dreams here in a couple of weeks, but am having a most difficult time in choosing which. Firstly, 8x42, 8.5x42 or 10x42? I’m presently using Nikon Monarch 7s at 10x42. I am also buying a Zeiss Harpia 95 spotting scope. Just can’t decide...
  11. KeriBirder

    Hi from NE Ohio!

    Hello, I’m Keri, I live in NE Ohio and I’m passionate about birds. I was big into birding in my teens and twenties, then got busy with other life things, but always watched for birds casually in my travels. I’m retired now, and have recently re-ignited my passion for birding, and here I am...