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  1. Allen

    Pugs for ID

    I've had a try at these but only have guesses for 2. The other 2 no idea! 1. Worn Bordered Pug? 2. No idea 3. Mottled Pug? 4. Maybe same as 3.
  2. Allen

    Micros (I assume!) for ID

    3 for anyone who fancies ID ing.
  3. Allen

    Tripod head with handle locking?

    Hi. I've used a PH157-Q tripod head for decades as I like the ability to lock/unlock using just the handle. I've tried using other heads where the requirement is to lock using separate vertical/horizontal knobs but don't find it is easy. Are there any other tripod heads that have a single...
  4. Allen

    Swarovski ATX 25-60 x 65mm; some new owner questions

    Hi, I've just PX'd a load of unused gear and treated myself to Swarovski ATX 65mm + zoom. Appreciating that it is just out of box but has had 24 hours use; how stiff should the focus wheel be? It seems to be smooth enough at certain focus ranges to turn the focus wheel with just fingers but at...
  5. Allen

    Moth ID, Basingstoke UK 13th June

    My brother sent me this one but we are both equally stumped. It must be so obvious! Help please.
  6. Allen

    Leica Ultravid HD 10x42 value?

    Thinking of selling my 10x42 Leica Ultravid HD in the near future but no idea what market value to expect. Any binocular expert ideas what would be a reasonable expectation for a pair in excellent well looked after condition?
  7. Allen

    Lawn weed ID needed

    Anyone have any idea what this grass like weed is thats suddenly appeared in the lawn and taking over?
  8. Allen

    Bresser Pirsch ED 8 x 34 - opinions?

    I wondered if any readers had experience of the Bresser Pirsch ED 8 x 34 as I am looking to get some binoculars for my partner in this price bracket and these seem to have a reasonable review on various review sites. She currently uses a pair of Kowa SV 8 x 32 but I wonder whether the Bressers...
  9. Allen

    What should I clean binocular lenses with?

    Having just invested in a new pair of Swarovski EL's I wanted to understand what the right cleaning solutions are for modern day coated lenses? Historically I had used a lens cleaning solution containg Alcohol Isopropyl but wonder if this is OK for current lens coatings or damages them. Any...
  10. Allen

    Falcon sp - ID confirmation

    Just wanted confirmation that this is a Saker. Ladakh region of India, March 2019
  11. Allen

    Snipe sp, Goa Dec 2018

    Wanted to seek opinion on the left hand bird in the attached pictures. The birds were distant but observed for a long period with ID guide in hand although neither moved over the period. After lots of careful and objective consideration we concluded it was a Pin-tailed Snipe but would be...
  12. Allen

    Moth ID help please

    I think #1 is a Yellow Shell albeit late for this species. Not sure on #2 as its clearly a dark variant of something but can't make it fit Rustic, Flounced Rustic or Square spot Rustic
  13. Allen

    Wasp ID

    Wondered if anyone could help ID a wasp which frequented one of the Surrey heaths that I visited at the weekend. I'll try a load a picture up later but they were constantly flying around holding what seemed to be honey bees, digging holes in the sandy soil and presumably burying the bee with an...
  14. Allen

    Fuerteventura Chat - site info wanted

    Hi, I have a family holiday at the end of July on Fuerteventura so wanted to look for Fuerteventura Chat while I am there. Limited time obviously with the family in tow so does anyone have info on best reliable sites? Also Houbara Bustard but not as key as saw these on Lanzarote. Thanks in advance.
  15. Allen

    Did I dream it?

    Hi. I was recently trying to describe to my brother an impressive and rare ungulate that is found (I think) on Asian steppes and which I recall seeing on one of the recent high quality wildlife documentaries however when I try and figure out what species it was I am drawing a blank and now...
  16. Allen

    Seychelles bird ID

    Just wondered if anyone could offer identification of these terns seen on Mahe, Seychelles in October. Am pretty sure of the ID but would appreciate consensus from any experts on here.
  17. Allen

    Mumbai Monsoon birding info needed

    Hi I am on a business trip to Mumbai in July and luckily have a weekend to myself to do some birding. Am staying at the Westin Garden City Hotel which seems close the Sanjay Gandhi National Park but would like some information from anyone who knows the area as to where is close to go safely...
  18. Allen

    Benro travel tripod - head removal help

    Hi I have just bought 2nd hand a Benro A0685F tripod with ball head and want to remove the head; however I cannot figure out how to do so! I found some online instructions but still no luck. Picture attached; can anyone help?
  19. Allen

    Seychelles info wanted

    Hi I am visiting the Seychelles with my partner in Oct 2018 and whilst it is in no way a birding holiday I would obviously like to see as many species as I can whilst there and with limited birding time. I am already reviewing a few trip reports but a few specific species that I would...
  20. Allen

    More wasps around?

    Just wondered if this is a more general trend in the country but I seem to be seeing more wasps at this time of year than I do normally. Had to escort a couple out of the house at the weekend and remove another couple from the loft who were clearly looking to set up home! Just wondered if...
  21. Allen

    Info needed: Houbara Bustard, Lanzarote

    Hi all I had a few bits of info provided under a different thread but thought this might be a little more specific. I'm off to Lanzarote at the end of August and whilst it is a family holiday I will get some birding time. Does anyone have recent information on the best places to find Houbara...
  22. Allen

    What keeps biting me!

    Hi all. I'm not one for getting bitten by insects but the last few days I seem to have been bitten several times while gardening by some flies which look similar to robber flies (i.e. longer bodied with wings folded neatly back over the body) and approx. 1-2 cm long (I know what they look like...
  23. Allen

    Bird guides in Lanzarote

    Does anyone know of any bird guides in Lanzarote that offer part/full day services? I have a weeks family holiday in August and we don't need to hire a car as it mainly a kids holiday but I would equally like to take a part day out to see Houbara Bustard if possible. Thanks
  24. Allen

    Best Gambia hotels for birding base

    Hi all Having booked flights and guide for a trip for late Nov/Dec for 1 week I wondered if anyone had information on the best hotels to stay at in Serrekundu for birding? I understand that those with good grounds are best for the 'down time' in the day but no idea where birders tend to stay...
  25. Allen

    Empidonax flycatcher sp

    Having returned from a trip to Point Pelee during the second week of May and found out first hand how difficult these Empid flycatchers are to tell apart I thought I'd seek opinion on this one, one of the only ones that was photographed. The only addition to the picture I'll add was that it was...