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    Kowa TE 10 Z compared to Kowa TE 11 Z

    I just compared the TE-11 (right picture) to the TE-10 (left picture) because I own both these eyepieces. I sold my TE-10 a while ago but could buy another one. In a former comparison, the TE-10 seemed to be sharper off-centre. Tonight's test did not prove this. Magnificication was 60x on both...
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    Kowa TSN-DA10/4 with Sony RX 100 II vs Kowa TSN-Ip6/s with iPhone 6s

    This is a very special question, and I don't know if any of you Kowa users around here have tried both adapters/cameras. I have used the DA10/4 system, first with my Canon Ixus, later with a Sony RX 100 II with external viewfinder and USB shutter release, for the last six years. The DA4 is a...
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    Kowa Prominar 883 - which camera?

    I have used a Sony RX 100 II with my 883 and the wide angle zoom eyepiece (25-60) for the last three years. I like the results and the fact that I can use an attachable view finder. The view finder really helps me to focus, and when I flip the Kowa digiscoping adapter around half-circle, the...
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    Who's singing here?

    My first guess was Sylviidae, but after a second hearing I'm not quite sure. Thanks for helping me out. Location was Goettingen, Germany (near Hanover).
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    Thread diameter of Kowa DA 10?

    I'd like to use my Fuji X-100 and attach it directly to the Kowa DA 10 which I use on my Prominar 883. I have got the DA4 for my Sony RX 100 II, but I think the X-100 will work better on the 883 if I attach it directly to the DA 10. The X-100 offers a 49mm thread for filters, and unfortunately...
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    Help Needed in Identifying this Bird (Audio)

    When I woke up this morning, I heard this bird singing. It's not very common in near our home, and when I got up I did a voice memo with my mobile. I think there are enough experts here to help me with the full name. Thanks. It could be Turdus Philomelos (Song Thrush), but I'm not sure.
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    Which stool or chair for La Rue Blind?

    Last October I bought a second-hand La Rue Blind and like it for different reasons: it's very fast in setting it up and folding it again, looks quite sturdy and well constructed and does not weigh too much. Its constructin with the metal bars on the ground asks for a stool that can be set on...
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    Unknown Bird Near Cologne, Germany (Audio included)

    For a couple of days, we have heard this bird. I guess it might be an owl, but I'm not sure. The mating season is beginning or has begun, and in our small village we have a very rare appearance of the Little Owl (Athene Noctua) which I have had the pleasure and joy to watch from my kitchen...
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    Fuji X-100, Sony RX-100 m2 and m3; Cropping and Vignetting

    I own the Fuji X-100 black limited and shoot throught the Kowa 883 (20-60x eyepiece) with the DA 4/DA 10 adapters attached. So far, I love the results. You can see them in the gallery section. Whenever I go 20x, I will have to select spot vs internal ae, and I will always have to work on the...
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    Kowa 883/DA 10/DA 4 with Sony DSC-RX 100

    My hobby has been asleep for a while, and I think one reason was that I found working with the Kowa and a Fuji X100 was not easy and fast, and I kept coming back to my old battered Canon Ixus which is a joke when I compare picture quality. The Sony DSC-RX 100 seems a great camera for...
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    Need Help with Identifaction - MP3 included

    On a morning walk near my village about 25 miles east of Cologne I heard a bird call amidst a group of crows in their nesting colony (Corvus frugilegus). I could not see the bird, but my smart phone helped me to record its call. I hope you can help me to identify what it was that I actually...
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    Little Owl with Kowa 883/Fuji X-100

    I would like to share this morning's capture with you: http://www.birdforum.net/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=420805 All details about the pics in that thread. I find the Fuji X-100 works great with my Kowa 883, 20-60 eyepiece and DA-10/DA-4 adaptors. I have a 30x eyepiece as well and will put...
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    Which camera to go with Kowa DA-10/DA-4?

    I posted a similar thread about 18 months ago when I bought my Kowa 883 with two eye-pieces (30Wide Angle plus 22-60) and a camera adapter for my Canon Ixus (DA-10 plus DA-4). At that time, I was recommended a Panasonic G1 and a "Pancake" 20mm lens, but that would just fit on the DA-10 and take...
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    Little Owl- Athene Noctua

    We're happy one of the rarest birds of our area is back: I have been able to watch it over the last year, and today I could catch it with my Kowa scope and an Ixus camera. Our landscape has changed over the years, and old trees are often cut down. So Athene finds it hard to get along... But...
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    Rig for Kowa

    Hello, I am planning another step in digiscoping after buying my Kowa 883 earlier this year. My tripod is an old Gitzo reporter aluminium tripod with a ball head that is neither fast nor really apt to carry the Kowa. I am thinking of an alternative: either just a new video head or a complete new...
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    Panasonic GH1/G1 for Kowa DA 10/DA 4?

    Have you tried to put a GH1 or G1 on a Kowa DA 10/DA 4? I would like to raise the standard of my pics by moving on from my Canon Ixus 70 to a better camera, maybe with HD video. Of course there is the Canon S90 or the new Lumix TZ 10, but the idea behind the DA 10 is working with the camera...
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    Kowa 883 plus DA-4, which camera?

    Having acquired a new 883 (with 20-60 and 30Ww eyepieces) plus adapters DA-4 and DA-10, I would like to know which is a good camera to go with this equimpment. My Canon Ixus might do the job, but I would like to get the max from the glass. What about a Leica D-Lux 4 or a Canon D12? I have a very...
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    boohoo and sreeh sreeh

    I'd like to say hello to all you folks who care about birds, watch and help them. I wanted to be an ornithologist when I was 8, and I have at least succeeded in being on as a hobby. I say hello with the sound of two of my favourite birds: Bubo Bubo and Apus Apus. I put a box on the wall for the...