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  1. willito

    Could use some help in deciding

    Something in this sentence just doesn't match with this forum ...
  2. willito

    buying binoculars

    Well, it's true also here that Nikon doesn't seem to be overly interested in making huge sales. The same 10x42 can be purchased locally for an equivalent to US$ 680,- (!!) But fortunately direct import from e.g. US is a very easy option and the taxes involved are pretty reasonable I'd say. I...
  3. willito

    buying binoculars

    Hello and a warm welcome to this fascinating world. It'd be interesting to have a rough idea of your budget allowance to make a useful suggestion. Anyway, for the US$ 300,- range I'd say the best you can get are the Nikon Monarch, either 8x or 10x42.
  4. willito

    Panasonic FZ* + 1.7 Teleconverter: Issues

    Hello, I've been using for a long time now my FZ28 with the 1.7 TC. Certainly this piece, although a very acceptable optics item, will bring you some limitations you have to deal with, but it shouldn't be a great deal. I for my experience already know I cannot use it at dawn and close to sunset...
  5. willito

    Are these people mad or bad??

    Well, to determine whether they're bad, mad, hungry or whatever doesn't seem to lead very far. A better approach would be to wonder whether we can actually do something about that or, if not, whether there's something to be done with comparable things that happen, as we sadly know, all over this...
  6. willito

    Experimenting with sugar water

    So, as far as I can see, your experiments seem to support the existence of episodic memory. They actually stick to places where some time there was good nectar, rather than being able to find out each time where the best nectar is. Very interesting indeed.
  7. willito

    Experimenting with sugar water

    Have you considered that the learning effect could be playing a role, biasing the results of your observations? Take into consideration that, according to some studies, the so called episodic memory is one of the main mechanisms hummngbirds use to reach good feeding sources. You may want to...
  8. willito

    (Technical) advice on public illumination wanted

    A fellow birder of the loca (Chilean) watchers net informed us about death of Peruvian diving petrels (Pelecanoides garnotii), an endangered species according to UICN, at a coast town in Central Chile, apparently due to dazzling caused by recently changed luminaries, the new ones being higher...
  9. willito

    Livecams showing birds births

    I just received these links from a fellow birder and I thought somebody here could have interest on them. They're online live cameras showing birds births: Red tailed hawk: http://www.livestream.com/nytnestcam Eagle: http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles (Sorry if someone already posted them. I...
  10. willito

    USA: "State of the Birds 2011" and Ebird

    Oh yes, eBird should certainly be a must for every birder, even at this corner ...
  11. willito

    Best Super Zoom for Macro (£250 Budget)

    I've used a FZ28 for the last 3 years and obtained very satisfactory results with it. As far as I've read, the FZ38 should be even faster focusing, along with other known improvements. But when it comes to macro photographing, you may already have seen this is one the features where Panny's are...
  12. willito


    I just love to read this coming from the newer generations! :t:
  13. willito

    Do you lie to strangers?

    Well, although I use to read your threads, you continue to be more like a stranger to me, so you don't expect to have a truthful answer, do you? But anyway, when I face that kind of questions coming from someone whose intentions are not quite clear to me, I just tell him the truth about my...
  14. willito

    How to lure raptors to the ground

    :clap: Sorry if this does not refer to the former thread subject, but I really think these actions have to be praised.
  15. willito

    Nikon Fieldscope ED82 or Kowa TSN-664?

    I've read some of those complaints about eye relief, but I have a ED82 and wear glasses and cannot complain at all. Bottom line: if the Kowa is better, I don't know. But I'm pretty sure you'll be very satisfied with the ED82, as I am. It's sure a good choice.
  16. willito

    How to lure raptors to the ground

    +1 Jlees, I think we all birders would like to have perfect photos of every bird we see, but luring isn't what I'd call "fair play". The previous posted disencouraging messages, as well as mine now, should tell you that is certainly a matter of your own criteria (I don't like the term "common...
  17. willito

    Nikon Fieldscope ED82 or Kowa TSN-664?

    Hello, I agree the ED82 will do it better if compared with any 66mm scope of the range and, having compared mine a couple of times with some higher class 50mm and 65mm ones, I'd still say the same applies. On one hand you have the physics telling you that a 82mm scope will let roughly 50% more...
  18. willito

    Basic Photo Editor - shareware or freeware?

    Do you have the last version of it? I use it on a regular basis for such basic photo edition and it works very fine for me. Especially the batch capability allows very time-saving formatting of rather large photo collections when, e.g., you want to reduce and auto-correct them for e-mail.
  19. willito

    It is time to unwant

    Yeah, that's certainly a very good idea, but to do it in a fully consistent way is not that easy. To unwant a gas lawn mower and having an electric one is like changing 12 for a dozen. In my understanding, to 'unwant' would mean to actually renounce to having and even to renounce to property...
  20. willito

    Panasonic FZ38 to FZ45

    But I think you're talking about the lens thread, which is used to attach Ø46mm filters, while the adapter for the TC is attached to the external Ø55mm (or so) thread in the fix camera body.
  21. willito

    Central Chile - Mountains and Sea

    Woohoo! :t:
  22. willito

    Panasonic FZ38 to FZ45

    Hello, I'm one more of those who have thought of upgrading to a FZ100. But according to my research, if I did so, all you need to change is the adapter, the TC 1.7 is the same DMW-LT55 I already have with my FZ28. At least, that's what I read in Panasonic's documentation. Can anybody confirm if...
  23. willito

    Central Chile - Mountains and Sea

    Hello, as I said before, I totally enjoyed your report. It's great to learn about your own country from outside, that provides a completely new point of view. And you certainly have the gift to describe things in such an enthusiastic way, that I cannot wait for my next trip out of Santiago. By...
  24. willito

    Skylight filter to protect lens?

    Hello, as you may have seen in a prevoius thread, I've got a Kowa UV filter for my ED82 since last year. It was by that time the best compromise between cost and quality. My former concern was to get some saltwater drops combined with sand at the beach, and when I've cleaned the filter after a...
  25. willito

    Pany FZ38

    Hello, I have a FZ28 and used it with a LT55 for the last 2 years, with very satisfactory results (see some examples attached). Its optics is far better than any other compatible TC you may find (I've tried already a couple of them). The 70% additional mag brings really a huge advantage and it...