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  1. Bismarck Honeyeater

    UK vintage mystery Phylosc challenge!

    I will give more details, including photo credits, and my reason for posting, after there have been some opinions posted. This is not a trick question, though it is potentially quite tricky. I, for one, will not berate any wrong answers, in fact I was wrong at the time, as were most observers...
  2. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Mallard eating Slow Worm

    How common is this? Watched a female Mallard swallow, after about 10 attempts (it kept climbing back up her throat!) a Slow Worm, approx. 40cm long. She finally waded into the river outside my front door and drank some water to assist in washing it down. I always assumed that Mallards were...
  3. Bismarck Honeyeater

    U.K. Turdus Thrush

    Black-throated Thrush Found on Shetland recently. Could there be any influence from Dusky or Naumann’s? https://twitter.com/oreillyreilly2/status/1183812122955915264?s=12
  4. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Tricky UK Falcon - 21/10/17

    Posted this in Rare birds section, perhaps here would have been better, many views, no comments. Guess it really is tricky! A (little) bit of discussion on Twitter about this Falco found at Kessingland this afternoon. Surely there are some Raptor experts on here that would like to weigh in...
  5. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Texas, April, Peeps

    Posting these on behalf of a friend. These are the only shots. Taken in April in Texas. I think I am happy with what they are but a few other possibilities have been put forward. Whad'y'all think?
  6. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Most 'Plastic' Patch award

    At Walthamstow we have recorded 19 out of the 23 species on Cat C of the British List. I'm not sure we should be proud but I wonder if any other British patch can boast more? 1. Mute Swan Cygnus olor AC2 2. Greylag Goose Anser anser AC2C4E* 3. Snow Goose Anser caerulescens AC2E 4. Greater...
  7. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Wood Duck E* to D

    Very little discussion anywhere on the BOURC decision to uprate Wood Duck from E* to D! What does the team think, will it get to C before A?
  8. Bismarck Honeyeater

    BOURC 47th report

    Might as well start the thread now! Mid-December sees the 46th report, followed a week later by some new announcements and the promise of another report in a few weeks. Like buses Any speculation as to what's left to announce in January?
  9. Bismarck Honeyeater

    BOURC interim report

    So soon after their 46th report, we have 2 new species added and Mugimaki rescued from E within a week! https://www.bou.org.uk/british-list/changes-british-list-dec-16/
  10. Bismarck Honeyeater

    BOURC 46th Report

    It's out now. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/ibi.12423/full Nothing much that's not been trailed before in the way of acceptances. The forthcoming reviews hold the most interest. Always suspected that White-winged Lark was dodgy! I guess the direction of travel for the Mugimaki...
  11. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Sex please, we're British!

    This Wheatear in London last week has caused some debate as to its gender/age. Any informed reasons for your choice would be appreciated
  12. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Caspian Gull, London UK?

    Struck me as a good candidate, though not an obviously large individual, female? Taken in a rain shower at 200m.
  13. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Larophobes look away - Caithness

    Put out as a Viking Gull and subsequently mooted as Thayer's, Nelson's or Olympic Gull. Any thoughts? https://twitter.com/DanBrown81/status/693079352305700864 https://twitter.com/DanBrown81/status/693196925584175104
  14. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Thayer's Gull and the BOU

    I hear that Thayer's Gull has now been accepted by BOURC onto the British list, but only as a subspecies! AERC accept Thayer's Gull as a species. Any idea why the discrepancy?
  15. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Tree-feeding Gulls

    Never seen Gulls feeding from Trees before, at first I mistook it for them (Black-headed and Common Gulls) trying to land but later realised they were picking at something, I assume vegetable rather than Insect. Anyone else noted similar? Pictures here...
  16. Bismarck Honeyeater

    'alba' Wag in London today

    I've not seen it myself but a fellow patchworker spotted this 'alba' Wagtail in London today. http://walthamstowbirders.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/alba-or-yarrellii-at-beginning-of.html FWIW I'm not keen on the dusky flanks for White but I'm also not keen on it as a bog standard Pied.
  17. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Common (or Spotted) Sandpiper - London UK

    Saw this bird distantly at the back end of last year and wondered if it might be better than Common Sandpiper but talked myself out of it, saw it again today but closer (and then saw a definite Common Sandpiper later) and have a bit of a niggling worry that I might be throwing away a Spotted...
  18. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Historic UK mystery LWHG's

    Two Mystery Gulls from 2000 & 2006 southern UK. Can't remember where I got the pictures from so apologies if they are yours😳 Both at the time mooted as Heuglin's but also as other species too. I wonder if with the benefit of time we can put a name to them? Only have the two pictures but...
  19. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Yellowthroat in Yorkshire!?

    http://www.rspb.org.uk/groups/richmondshireandhambleton/news/385301/ This is being mooted as a Yellowthroat. Can't see it myself but I'm hopeless at dodgy photos;)
  20. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Welsh Gull - Leucistic but rare IMHO

    I'm surprised no one has posted this before: Gull from Wales, tricky as it's leucistic but I still think it's identifiable.... http://pembsbirds.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/all-things-white-on-teifi.html?m=1 My money's on Audouin's
  21. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Fulmar split?

    According to Bob Flood @Scillypelagics: Pacific 2B split from Atlantic Fulmar: Ecology & Evolution 3: 1915–1930. I don't have access to this journal but is this new and/or generally accepted?
  22. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Raptor, Lower Lea Valley UK

    A friend shot this yesterday, any ideas from the BOP specialists. I'm leaning toward Peregrine but am not good on photos:-C
  23. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Flycatcher Portland UK

    This Flycatcher was at Portland UK, this morning. Interested in comments. Only one photo. (Thanks to Debbie Saunders via Twitter for pic)
  24. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Apparent weird Hirundine NE England

    Check this out, (assuming it is a Hirundine) it doesn't look European to me! https://twitter.com/stewpottery/status/460870599397486592 I know nothing other than what I picked up from Twitter, there are a couple of photos on his feed (I hope he doesn't mind me flagging this up)
  25. Bismarck Honeyeater

    Amur Falcon - Kent

    What is being touted as a possible Amur Falcon filmed/photographed at Pegwell Bay, Kent UK last week can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsYfCXxxkdg&feature=c4-overview&list=UUFFUZCd_hPMFxlkcltSNl-Q What does the team think?