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  1. binomania

    Video review of Zeiss Conquest HD 10x32

    Hi from Italy on my Youtube channel you can find my video review regarding Zeiss Conquest HD 10x32 with english subtitles. On binomania.it, there's the complete article: https://www.binomani...quest-hd-10x32/ Thanks to all for the attention! Piergiovanni
  2. binomania

    Video review of Zeiss Victory HT 8x42

    Hi from Italy. I like to present my new video review about Zeiss Victory HT- You will also find video parts of a dusk test and a small comparison with the Victory SF. Good weekend everyone. Piergiovanni
  3. binomania

    Video review of Oberwerk 20x65 ED Deluxe

    Good evening everyone from Italy. They are not compact binoculars for birdwatching, but I gladly used them for long-distance observation of birds of prey and nests Tonigh I present to you a binocular with 20 magnification and ED objectives of 65 mm in diameter. This is the Oberwerk 20x65 ED...
  4. binomania

    My video review (with english subtitles) of William Optics Zenithstar 61 MARK II APO

    Hi from Italy! It is well known that astronomical telescopes are very universal products that allow you to observe the sky, practice birdwatching, observe the landscape and take pictures. This time, I present to you the small but performing William Optics Zenithstar 61 MARK II APO Inside the...
  5. binomania

    Meopta Meopro Optika LR 10x42 HD

    Hi from Italy This time I present to you the MeoPro Optika LR HD 10x42 rangefinder binoculars. A You can read the complete review at: Recensione del Meopta MeoPro Optika LR HD 10x42 - Binomania On my YouTube channel, you can find a video with (poor) english subtitles .-)
  6. binomania

    My video review (english subitles) of MeoPro AIR HD 8x42, with a short comparison with Swarovski EL 8.5x42

    Hi from Italy. This time I offer you my impressions about Meopta MeoPro AIR 8x42. Inside the video you will also find some comparative clips (requested by some readers) with the Swarovski EL 8.5x42. Good vision and nice week-end to all! Piergiovanni Write review...
  7. binomania

    Video Review of Zeiss TERRA ED 8x42

    Good evening everyone. Tonight I present to you the video review of the Zeiss TERRA ED 8x42 binoculars with english subitles. https://www.youtube....h?v=NaO9Jf35Rk0 Have a nice week-end Piergiovanni - Binomania.it
  8. binomania

    Video and review of KOWA YF II 8x30

    Good evening everybody. This Friday I'm talking about a small but high-performance binocular that I think has few rivals in its price range. It costs 159 euros and has a ten-year guarantee! I thank the Palude Brabbia Nature Reserve for the permission to shoot in the restricted area. Official...
  9. binomania

    My video (and review) of Fujinon TS 12x28 and 16x28

    Good evening everyone. This time I compared two Fujinon stabilized binoculars that I had reviewed, some time ago, on binomania.it: The Fujinon TS 12x28 and the TS 16x28. There are only four magnifications of difference ... which one to prefer? Enjoy your view and have a good weekend. Full review...
  10. binomania

    My review of Prostaff 3 16x48 - 60

    Hi from Italy. It's a spotting scope, but i hope to not to be mistaken, inserting it in this section. I've published an article + video, regarding the Nikon Prostaff 3. This time I tried to improve the Italian subtitles and to use the downsub translator for the English subtitles. So, if you...
  11. binomania

    My review (with video ) of Zeiss Victory SF 10x42

    Good evening everyone from Italy. This time I reviewed the Zeiss Victory SF 10x42 . Here you can find the complete article + video: https://www.binomania.it/zeiss-victory-sf-10x42 Here only the video review: If you want to subscribe to my YouTube channel, you can use this link...
  12. binomania

    My review (with video) about SpyPoint Trail Camera LINK MICRO LTE series

    Hi from Italy! Tonight I present a video review about the SpyPoint trailcamera the LINK MICRO LTE series equipped with integrated SIM. In the video you will find not only the technical characteristics of the camera but also an explanation on the functionality of the SpyPoint APP, the analysis...
  13. binomania

    Video Review of Nikon Monarch HG 8x42

    Hi from Italy! Tonight I present the video review of the Nikon Monarch HG 8x42, Good reading and good vision: Article + video https://www.binomania.it/nikon_monarch_hg_videorecensione/ Video review directly on YouTube: If you want to subscribe to my channel, I'd be happy How to read subtitles...
  14. binomania

    reportage about Spotted eagle (Aquila clanga) here in Italy

    Hi from Italy. in the province of Varese there have been only four sightings of the Greater Spotted Eagle in 74 years (at least the certified ones, but I know someone will correct me). For this reason I decided to tell the readers how I experienced this sighting, come I took the eagle but also...
  15. binomania

    My video and review of Zeiss Terra ED 8x25

    Hi from Italy! New video - review on Binomania! In October 2020, I received from Bignami.it, official distributor of Zeiss products here in Italy, another specimen of the compact Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25 binoculars. I had already reviewed it in the past years, however, I wanted to present a...
  16. binomania

    Video Review of Ziel X-Pro 8x42

    Here we are at the usual appointment on the Binomania YouTube channel- This time I tried a 42 mm roof prism binoculars made in China which cost 236 Euros including VAT in the 8x version and 242 Euros in the 10x version. Prices that make it rightfully among the binoculars that I define "entry...
  17. binomania

    Some images with my "old" Canon 6d and 400 mm F/5.6

    Hi from Italy, i send you some images taken in these days in my garden. Kind Regards! Piergiovanni https://www.binomania.it/nature/bird_1_binomania.jpg https://www.binomania.it/nature/bird_2_binomania.jpg https://www.binomania.it/nature/bird_3_binomania.jpg...
  18. binomania

    My video review of Meopta MeoPro 10x42 HD

    Hi from Italy, tonight I present you my video review about the Meopta MeoPro HD 10x42. On binomania.it you will also find the written article. As always, if you want, on YouTube you can activate the subtitles in Italian and then click on automatic translation. Good weekend everyone...
  19. binomania

    My videoreview of Fujinon HC 8x42

    Hi from Italy. I have just published the review and a 25 minute video where I illustrate my impressions regarding these binoculars with ED and Lanthanum lenses. How to read subtitles in your language... Enable italian subtitles on the video, i. To translate, click on the gear icon at the...
  20. binomania

    My video review of Zeiss Conquest HD 15x56

    Hi from Italy. I've published a review (text and video) about the Zeiss Conquest HD 15x56 I have been using it for about four months and am satisfied with some of its features. In the next few days I will upload the subtitles in my poor English, for now, you can use the automatic service from...
  21. binomania

    Vintage vs New: Zeiss Oberkochen, vs Kern Aarau vs Swarovski Habicht- my review

    Hi to all from Italy I've written an article regarding a comparison between these three, interesting, 8x30. The new Swarovski Habicht against a 1973 Kern and a 1978-79 Zeiss West. I also posted a video and I entered the English subtitles via subdown.com. I apologize, of course, for the...
  22. binomania

    Old NIKON HG crumbled, can someone help me?

    Dear friends, good afternoon from Italy. A binomania reader gave me an old Nikon HG, unfortunately it arrived in very bad condition. I managed to fix the too loose hinge, but one of the two lenses is practically crumbled. Some of you have a broken 42mm Nikon HG that may have a lens in good...
  23. binomania

    Binomania video review of Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25

    Hi from Italy..at first :-) I've just published a short video review (10 minutes) of the incredible Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25.. I hope you will find the desire to read with the subtitles generated by google in your language How to read subtitles in your language... Enable subtitles on the...
  24. binomania

    Videoreview Canon 10x32 IS

    Hi from Italy I've published a video review regarding the Canon 10x32 IS How to read subtitles in your language? Enable subtitles on the video, in the original language of the video. To translate, click on the gear icon at the bottom right of the player, and click on the items "Subtitles"-...
  25. binomania

    Challenge at dusk, 8x25 vs 8x32 vs 8x42 vs 8x54 vs 15x56

    Hi from Italy. We often talk about very bright binoculars for twilight use.. I have often thought about it too, since my favorite format is 8x42. But this time I went too far: I compared five binoculars with different diameters, from a small 8x25 to a bright 8x54 twilight binoculars. The...