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    Immature water bird - Alberta Canada

    Has the look of a Tufted Duck(ling) to me which I think are vagrant in Canada. Not sure where you took this photo. If not a Tufty, perhaps a similar native species e.g. Ring-necked or Scaup?
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    Eurasian Marsh-Harrier in Oxford, England?

    Hi TKbird. I can't hear a Marsh Harrier but just wanted to share that a Marsh Harrier is not unexpected inland. They can be seen at plenty of inland water bodies or marsh areas. They're reliably seen at Otmoor, Oxfordshire for example. I hope you get to see one soon.
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    Trial cam pic south Cumbria

    Looks like a wood pigeon to me. White band and dark tip on tail, plain grey wings and pigeon chest.
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    Istanbul which Falcon?

    Agree with Lou. Accipiter by shape, blue-grey back and peach throat good for male sparrowhawk. Don't know if eurasian or levant, never seen the latter but should be in range for you.
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    Goshawk or Sparrowhawk - Southern Germany

    Another for goshawk. Bulky looking - in the legs as noted by Alan but also the head, beak and body. Out of interest, is the orange eye a safe diagnostic in this neutral light or do you get sprawks with orange eyes too? They always seem yellow to me. Great photo AFairbairn
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    merlin ? - South of Poland

    Hi Michal. It could be the angle but the short proportions are quite Merlin-y to me. Where did you take this and when?
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    Wader ID Please Lytham UK 23/03/2021.

    Agree with Red Knot
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    Namibia-Mariental Raptor and Passer

    Agree that it's a falcon but can't see much in the photo to specify which one. Lanner sounds like a good suggestion on range and general appearance.
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    Bald Eagle juvenile??? - Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

    Hi Mali. It's a Bald eagle juvenile as you suspect. Big beak, dirty mottled underwings and general appearance. Baldies and Goldies are pretty similar in size so looking massive doesn't really swing it either way. Edit - cross posted with Andrew.
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    Bricket wood, Herts, UK

    Looks like the same bird I saw in St Albans (link below). Emperor x Barnacle was the consensus. Cheers https://www.birdforum.net/threads/hybrid-goose-st-albans-28-sep-20.395083/#post-4068570
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    Lark of some sort --- Almeria, Spain

    Fair point Lou. Thought it might be the angle myself and was swayed by field observations of loud fast song and hovering. Difficult to make a call on the photo alone, but Joseph's confirmation of the song match sounds compelling.
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    Bee-eater, Kenya

    Agree with White-fronted. Hint of red visible.
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    Lark of some sort --- Almeria, Spain

    Appearance, location and behaviour all seem ok for a Eurasian Skylark.
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    Can anyone ID this wren, taken Hummingbird Highway Belize

    Not an expert on the region but I'd lean towards House wren for that long bill and wing barring. Range looks ok.
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    Anyone ID these birds, taken Chobe Botswana

    Your juvenile stork is a Saddlebill. You can see the plate or saddle atop the bill which will become very colourful with age.
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    Anyone ID this bird, Etosha Namibia

    Hello, I'd say Marico Flycatcher given appearance and location.
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    Sea bird Poland

    Another vote for RTD for the same reason as Stonefaction. Very similar to my own distant shots of a bird I had already ID'd.
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    Id Help - Coimbatore, India - 5

    Inexperienced guesses on the first two from a bit of time on eBird: 1) Jerdon's Bushlark (supercilium looks thin for Indian) 2) Paddyfield Pipit (though challenging to distinguish from Blyth's or Richard's from this one photo) I'm sure I'll be corrected by someone with more Indian bird...
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    Id Help - Coimbatore, India - 5

    Hi Mihir, Not sure on 1( Lark of some sort) or 2 (Pipit?). 3) Looks good for a Crested Serpent Eagle (dark crest, bands on wings) 4) Honey Buzzard of some sort, presume Crested Honey Buzzard on location (pigeon-like head)
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    Warbler - St Albans today

    Thanks Deb, agree with your backlit and bill points. To my eyes the legs in the shade still look quite reddish rather than brown/black which led to my question. I trusted image 1 the least given how much cover I had to shoot through. But this has been helpful for me as I leant to heavily on leg...
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    Warbler - St Albans today

    Thanks Ken. No offence taken Alexander. I interpreted your comment as genuine excitement/ surprise but given how confident you and David were on Chiffchaff, I wanted to quickly share what made me think Willow to start with. Thanks for your help!
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    Warbler - St Albans today

    Thanks both. Alexander, it was the red/orange legs that led me towards Willow despite initial impression being Chiffchaff. I've always relied on the legs for ID but it sounds like you're saying there is variation (in the extreme here). Duly noted.
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    Warbler - St Albans today

    Hello, I saw this warbler today just outside of St Albans, England. It looks like a Willow Warbler to me but I thought they were summer visitors. Is there also a resident population? Or is this something else? Thanks for your help!
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    Seabird - Cley Next the Sea

    Thanks both!