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    Nocmig recording UK - Common Tern?

    Recorded early am a couple of days back. I'm thinking Common Tern but not 100% sure.
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    Herring Gull - what age? 09 Apr 21, UK

    I assume this is a 3cy Herring Gull, but struggling to age this bird, as (to me) is has some variable features. Very clean looking bird with no head streaking, pale eye, almost adult type bill. Pronounced tail band. Lots of grey median coverts. I've also not been able to rule out YL Gull 100%...
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    Posting audacity files/recordings on twitter

    Any solutions for posting sound files on twitter? Plenty of people manage to upload sound files on twitter, allowing play back and showing sonograms as if looking at the audacity software. Would like to share the odd file from nocmig recording but can't get it to work.
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    Canada Geese, UK

    Any thoughts on these. Looked quite small and dark. No experience with small Canada Geese but they looked different to me than standard Canada G.
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    YL Gull or Herring Gull, UK

    I think this may well be a 2cy YL Gull but again I've got some doubts. Pro features: White head and belly Coverts fairly unmarked brown New feathers coming through in coverts (not sure if this is happening with Herring Gulls now also, given we are into Feb now. The Herring Gulls appear to still...
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    Caspian Gull UK

    Another 1st Winter Caspian Gull I think. Digiscoped at range and in heavy rain/wind. Looking at my pics the bird looks very different, depending on angle etc. Quite heavily marked on the back and a rather strong bill
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    Caspian Gull UK - ID confirmation and moult question

    I've id'd this bird as a first winter Caspian Gull, based on tail head pattern, hindneck marking, underwing colour, tail pattern, dark greater coverts. Can someone confirm please. Two additional questions. There are quite a lot of new feathers coming through in lesser and median coverts. Is...
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    Caspian Gull confirmation UK

    Pretty sure this is a 1st winter Caspian Gull but would appreciate confirmation. Good features are Head colour and profile Nice big dark tailband and sparsely marked/well contrasting upper tail (not properly visible on photos) Distinct hindneck marking Double pale 'wingbar' Not sure about the...
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    Acro warbler UK - poor pics

    Acro warbler observed in the UK. Unfortunately only brief glimpses and hence very poor pictures. In the field it looked very bright/clean underneath and not dirty like the the many Reed Warblers we see here. The second pic suggests that the flanks have some colour, however that's with the wings...
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    Honey Buzzard, UK

    Is this id'able from these photos as a Honey Buzzard. Gulls went mental and unfortunately I wasn't prepared and had to run into the house to get the bins first and then the camera when I saw the bird. So massive crop and all the detail lost but shape and proportions still look good to me.
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    Bop Uk

    Big crop because of distance and poor pics but hopefully still id'able.
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    Parabolic set-up

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade on my current devices (using standalone Tascam DR-05 and an Audiomoth device). I've been pretty much using the Audiomoth only recently because the battery life is exceptional. I've been very impressed with this and have recorded a number of new species over my garden...
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    YL Gull confirmation please

    I have this down as a 1st winter Yellow-legged Gull but wanted confirmation on this. I think overall structure, head pattern, belly, flanks, underwing, faint primary window, greater coverts pattern look all good for YL Gull IMO. However whilst the black tail band seems well defined, there are a...
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    Gull identification UK

    Hi, had this down as a 1st winter Caspian Gull but some features not quite right. Good for Caspian are (in my opinion): White head, chest and belly white. Sides marked quite heavily. Marked side and back of neck (collar) New, grey (quite heavily marked) scaps and mantle Underwing light...
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    Caspian Gull confirmation please UK

    1st winter gull. Photos on the deck unfortunately a bit distant. Not a Herring Gull, white head, black eye. Bill not particulary long but looks quite slim, two toned. Streaked hindneck, white breast and belly with some streaking on the flanks. Grey scaps/mantle, with only fain markings but a...
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    Caspian Gull? UK

    Got this one down as a first winter Caspian Gull but is it a YL after all? Clearly not a Herring Gull, white head, black eye. Bill looks long in some pictures but this feature is not shown in all photos. Bill is two toned. Heavily streaked hindneck, white breast and belly with limited streaking...
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    More gulls, UK

    Second and first winter gulls. They both show features of YL Gull to me, however I continue to struggle with these. Bird one - 2nd winter. Bright bird with white head/ underparts. Dark eye-mask. Bright underwing. Distinct tail band. Bulky bird with big, black bill. Dark greater coverts. Is the...
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    Gulls UK

    3 different birds, the first bird which I have no idea and the other two of which I think are 2nd winter YL Gulls. Any help on ID/confirmation would be greatly appreciated. Bird 1
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    Gulls, UK

    Pictures of two gulls observed today. I think the gull in pic 1 an 2 is a 2nd Winter Caspian Gull and the gull in pic 3 and 4 is a 2nd Winter YL Gull. Still finding these difficult, hence any confirmation/correction most welcome.
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    Would appreciate some help with this bird. Confusing (to me) mix of features.
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    Gulls UK

    Birds in pic 1/4 and in pic 2/3 are the same. Had 1/4 down as adult Caspian Gull. Long grey/yellowish legs. Unstreaked flat head. Structurally very different than the Herring Gulls present. Initially thought that bird in 2/3 was adult Yellow-legged Gull but not sure if YL Gull can have this...
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    Caspian Gull confirmation please UK

    Hi, I've found this gull this morning on the beach and believe it to be a 1st winter Caspian Gull. Could you please confirm. To me it looked long-winged, compared to the many Herring Gulls around. Head was white, rump was whiter/cleaner than for HG, neat black tail band, moulted scapulars...
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    Moving on from Zoom H1

    Hi, I had started using the Zoom H1 a few years back mainly for the purpose of recording bird calls during vismig. Success was patchy to say the least and I’ve stopped using it. With only the internal mics, the recordings were either very quiet or not picked up at all. I’d like to get going...
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    Dark-breasted Barn Owl?

    I've been sorting through some old pictures and came across the following pics of a Barn Owl photographed in Kent in 2006. Unfortunately the angle is not great but it looks quite well marked. Would appreciate comments.
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    Rock Pipit (UK) - littoralis vs petrosus

    Saw three Rock Pipits today, 2 of which were looking like standard petrosus birds (see picture 1; breeding site just under 1 mile away). Looking at the other pipit I initially thought I was looking at a Water Pipit because it was well marked and grey at the back. It turned out to be another Rock...