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    A week in Mallorca with limited mobility

    Hello all Jan and I are off to Mallorca for a week mid-October. We will be staying ay Can Picafort, fairly close to the Albufera nature site, which we will try to visit. But where else is there please. I've just read elaswhere that there booted eagles on the island right now; where would be the...
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    A hot Friday

    Yesterday Jan and I went out birding for the fist time in quite some time. Getting up at 6am we set off to Bempton Cliffs and arrived at around 10.30 in bright and hot sunshine. Off we went to find our yearly feast of puffins. Within the car park we had house sparrows and within the first 100...
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    M40 birdies

    Not really a birding day but the Boss and I went to visit her sister in Marcham today and as we drove down the M40 we saw Kestrel, sparrowhawk and buzzard. Nice to see three of them in one on one shortish streatch of road. Ron
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    Draycote today

    I was a little late in leaving to head off for Draycote this morning and when I arrived it had started to rain, a light drizzle really but enough to soak you right through. That's three visits and three time its rained while I was there ... is it trying to tell me something do you think? It's...
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    RonClark28's list

    Barnacle goose; Mallard; Black-headed gull; Crow; Rook; Goosander; Tufted duck; Canada Goose; Coot; Greater Black-backed gull; Lesser black-backed gull; Great crested grebe; Woodpigeon; Great tit; Blue tit; Teal; Magpie; Chaffinch; Herring gull; Blackbird; Moorhen; Shoveler...
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    Cley in the sun

    Hello All Yesterday Jan and I took ourselves off to Cley for the day. On the way down along the A47 we saw woodpigeon, magpie, greater black-backed gull, rook, jackdaw, crow, kestrel, herring gulls, starling pheasant, moorhen, coot, marsh harrier, mute swan and grey partridge. The red kites...
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    Little egret or cattle egret

    Hello all I've just posted a photo of an egret in the gallery that I snapped yesterday at Morston Quay, Norfolk. Things is, I'm not sure what sort of egret it is. Could some kind sole have a look please and let me know. What has trown me is the streak of yellow along its back. I thought...
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    A replacement for a Coolpix 5100 - any suggestions please?

    Hello all In October 2008 I bought my wife a Nikon digisoping kit consisting of the Coolpix 5100, a Nikon 60mm scope and an adpoter kit (Nikon FSB-6 it has on it), and she became very good at it. However, the camera has been stolen and we're looking for a replacement, hopefully one that will...
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    Kingfisher food

    Happy New Year one and all There I was sat sittin' and looking at the ice on the water at Brandon Marsh this lunch time longing for a view of kingfisher to really get my 2010 list off to a good start. Then I thought, "Hang on a mo, with that ice on the water how will a kingfisher feed?" So...
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    Samyang 500 mirror lens

    Hello all London Camera Exchange is selling the above lens at £199 plus adaptall mount and I'm wondering if anyone has bought and used one and if so with what results. I know that you tend to 'get what you pay for' in many areas but cash is in very short supply right now and I can't afford the...
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    Six 'firsts'

    Yesterday Sunday 20 September 2009 I joined Nuneaton Bird Watching Club on a birding trip to Hickling Broad in the hope of seeing the Common Cranes flying in to roast. Well, there’s 2 of my ‘firsts’ and here’s the list of them. 1.This is the first time I’ve been part of a birding club and I’ve...
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    Not really hello ...

    ... I suppose as I was a member of birdforum many years ago when there was less than 2000 members. It's been a very long time since I last came in here simply because I was far too busy with other things which has also meant that my birding has rather gone by the borad too. Anyway, I'm back...
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    At long last ...

    ... I have returned to my first love in cameras and bought a new Konica Minolta Z5 digital. This camera is great and I'm very pleased with it indeed. So anyone in the market for new camera could do worse than getting the Z5. Ron :clap: :clap:
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    Hello - again

    12black Hello all - again. It's been ages since I last looked in here and thought I should re-introduce myself again. To give you some ideas as to how long it's been since I was last here, there was fewer than 10,000 members. Ah well - back to grindstone I suppose. Ron B (: B (:
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    4500 fault ... again!!!

    Hiya guys n gals Just thought I'd mention that yet again my Nikon 4500 has decided it doesn't wnat to play and with the same fault too. It's only been 6 months since it was last sent back and I'm hoping it isn't going to be an on-going repetative fault. What happens is that when it's switch...
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    An up to date Birtish List please

    Hi guys n gals The list I am current using is an old one which I photocopied from Birdwatch magazine that they published in 1995. As you can guess it's nine years out of date, so where can I get a more up-to-date version please. Ron
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    Green winged teal

    I'm surprised there hasn't been any mention of the green winged teal that's at Brandon Marsh just now. It arrived on 13 May and was still there showing well today from the Carlton Hide. Ron
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    Puzzled of Bed'th Asks ...

    OK, lets say I buy a decent quality Kowa scope and the bits to attach my CoolPix 4500 to it to do some digiscoping ... So now what do I do? Do I walk around with the scope and camera already connected or do I keep them separate so that I can use the scope as intended and attach the camera when...
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    What is it about ...

    ... teal??? There I was sitting watching the largest number of pochards I've ever seen in one go, when a guy comes up and ask me in a very excited voice if I'd seen the five teal over on the right. And this isn't the first time either. So I ask again, what is it about teal that gets some...
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    Filters for 4500

    Hi Gang My 4500 came back repaired ... it was something to do with the zoom not working BTW ... but now I have another questions for you. Do any of you good people know where I can get some filters for it. I could really do with a UV filter if nowt else. Thanks in advance. Ron
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    CoolPix 4500 is poorly

    My CoolPix 4500 starting making all sorts of strange clicking and clunking and wurring sounds when I turned it on yesterday morning. Its only 6 months old so I took it off to Currys where I bought but they refused to touch it and insisted I had to phone the help-line number (national rate not...
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    Sandwell Valley ... just for a change

    Jan and I went over to Sandwell valley RSPB site in Brum for a change this afternoon. Its been at least 18 months since we were last there. Sadly I have to report that although the viewing screens are still there where the hides used to be before they were burned down by the local yobs, there...
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    Brandon ... again

    Off to Brandon again yesterday. Sounds great dunit but its only about 6 miles away ;) Anyway, we had to call at Focus Optics on the way, well one well out of the way actually but Jan likes to buy the peanuts and seed from there for our garden feeders. So, there we were almost there and we...
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    East Cornwall

    Janet and I are off to White Sands Bay for a week's camping on 6 September. Any good birding sites there abouts please? If any forum members wish to meet up for a pint or three why not send me a PM. Ron
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    Tried and Trusted

    Jan, God bless her ... tends to get into a bit a lather when I start looking at and trying new binos. Why is that I wonder??? Could it possibly have something to do with that on the two occasions we have bought me new new binos at £50 a pair (I know, it's not a lot but we have to buy what we...