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  1. J

    Birdwatch Magazine on Hunting

    Totally agree. The magazine has been pretty hot on raptor persecution and hunting and should be commended for this. I don’t know what the answer is - I sign petitions as much as I can and use Twitter to keep such issues in the public eye. Although you are often in somewhat of an echo chamber I...
  2. J

    Norfolk birding

    Hi. Does anyone know where the raven hangs out at Horsey, or could it be anywhere in the area? Is there still another at Winterton? Thanks for any gen. Hoping to look tomorrow.
  3. J

    Nikon to Exit the H**Ting caper ..... ?

    Good news but they’ll have to go a lot further before i would consider buying from them.
  4. J

    Photo agencies

    Does anyone have any experience, positive or negative, using agencies for their wildlife images? I know the genre is one of the hardest to make money from due to its popularity. I’ve never used one but thinking of giving it a go. Thanks!
  5. J

    Fin Whales off Lewis

    I've only done Biscay the once, from the Portsmouth - Bilbao ferry but we had over 100 fin whales. That was back in 2001. It took until last year for me to see one in British waters. I would love to get out to those continental shelf waters north & west of Scotland, if only to finally see...
  6. J

    White-tailed Eagle takes lamb?

    There has been plenty of suspicious/ fabricated photographed evidence in the wake of the NE general licenses withdrawal/ scandal. Mainly to demonise corvids. I would imagine the chances of this being a genuine picture of an eagle carrying a live lamb are pretty close to zero. In this age of fake...
  7. J

    UK Herps 2019

    Lovely shots, John. Only ever seen the one black adder and that was twitched a few years back. I see Mr Lowen had a nice one in Suffolk a few days ago (his first apparently, and he's a big adder fan). Two years ago I saw two dancing male adders, a first for me. Having watched their behaviour...
  8. J

    Best Entry Level DSLR and Lens under £800

    Have you considered a Canon 100-400mm mark 1? Since the mark 2 came out they're very cheap - I think about £500 or so. I have one and it's agreat (if a little 'soft' compared to the prime and the zoom mark 2). The lens is way more important than the camera and you could get an older 2nd hand...
  9. J

    Red Kite with convex tail when fully spread?

    I have a photo of a black kite from Spain which is very worn and in heavy moult like this bird. It's in a right state and the shape of the tail is not just squared off but nicely rounded. Have seen other shots of funny black kites with still growing outer retrices which can also produce a...
  10. J

    Any help with Newt ID, please? UK Norfolk

    I'm not sure of the extent of variation in female great crested but I'm wondering if it could be Italian crested, which is sometimes kept in captivity. A close look at the flanks and underside would be useful but I guess it's long since gone? Have you encountered others before and is there a...
  11. J

    Where to see Long-eared Owls?

    AFAIK Deeping Lakes in S Lincs is OK to mention simply because the owls roost on the island of a lake and are therefore far less prone to disturbance. There have been up to 6 there recently. It's probably good to have a site such as this fairly public to stop them being harrassed elsewhere...
  12. J

    birders start paying for birding.

    It’s not a refuge if you’re allowed to hunt there though is it? I’m fed up of hunters claiming they’re conserving the natural world when they’re doing no such thing. Here in Britain they claim the same whilst having the nerve to shoot over nature reserves where the wildlife is supposed to be...
  13. J

    Finds Bird List Rules

    What a sad and cynical way to look at it. Horses for courses as far as I’m concerned. Such lists just add a bit of spice to birding exploits, that’s all. I don’t publish my self-found one anywhere so it’s not about the competition either.
  14. J

    Finds Bird List Rules

    And some guidelines here http://www.surfbirds.com/uk250club.html As Dan says there will never be full agreement on what counts and there are too many different scenarios that refuse to be accurately pigeon-holed. With rare breeding species I would only count if I found them at a 'new site'...
  15. J

    Paddyfield pipit? Sri Lanka (March)

    Thanks for confirming my suspicions, Grahame. Yes, I noticed too the curved culmen which seemed closer in shape to Richard's. Seems odd that I noticed none of this at the time but then again these foreign trips send you into overload with a gazillion 'lifers' and ten times that number of images...
  16. J

    Paddyfield pipit? Sri Lanka (March)

    Found these hiding inside my folder of Blyth's pipits. The dark lores & eye-ring (& suggestion of two-toned underparts) suggest a young Paddyfield to me but I don't have much experience of them. Any large pipit experts out there care to venture an opinion? Thanks
  17. J

    Bioluminescent plankton in Wales

    Some may have seen this on the news but if you haven't this might be of interest. There seems to be an exceptional showing of this around the Welsh coast this year. If you look on Twitter/ Youtube/ Facebook etc there are some incredible images and footage taken. At Aberavon, Port Talbot, the...
  18. J

    Dead mammals for ID, England

    Looks like a very young fox cub, Brett.
  19. J

    Nocturnal recording - couple of Q's

    Thanks for responses. Yes, using > on the keyboard rather than screen seems to speed things up alright. I’m using a Tascam DR-05 and have just purchased the Eneloop 2500 batteries. Hopefully this will work.
  20. J

    Photo agencies

    Thanks for that, will have a look on there.
  21. J

    Nocturnal recording - couple of Q's

    Does anyone have recommendations for rechargeable AA NiMH batteries (and good outlets) for a recorder? Mine seems to switch itself off when the battery gets low and despite buying a new set of batteries it is doing this after just 4.5 hrs of recording, which is only half the night. The batteries...
  22. J

    Photo agencies

    BUMP - nobody??
  23. J

    Photo agencies

    I was wondering if anyone on here has experience of making their images available to agencies? Although I am very much an 'amateur snapper' with more than my fair share of 'record shots' my personal photo library now has several thousand images of UK and foreign birds of hundreds of species...
  24. J

    Why does my digital recorder stop recording?

    It’s a common problem related to battery life alright. I had same issue just yesterday when I recorded for less than an hour and so too has a friend of mine. Always use fully charged batteries seems to be the best way round it.
  25. J

    Black-winged kite Lourdes Airport?

    I thought I had one today at Lourdes-Tarbes Airport as the plane was taking off but obviously not seen too well from aboard the accelerating aircraft! Is anyone aware of previous sightings at this airport? It’s not so far from Pau where I’ve heard they’ve been seen. Distinctive bird and plenty...