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    Nocmig recording UK - Common Tern?

    It does say UK in title 🤷‍♂️ ? I don't think any more detailed location would make any difference here, as Sandwich, Common and Arctic Tern could feasibly turn up anywhere.
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    Nocmig recording UK - Common Tern?

    Thanks all
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    Nocmig recording UK - Common Tern?

    Recorded early am a couple of days back. I'm thinking Common Tern but not 100% sure.
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    Are these Skua's? UK

    Best guess is Black-headed Gulls. Not skuas for me anyway.
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    Herring Gull - what age? 09 Apr 21, UK

    I assume this is a 3cy Herring Gull, but struggling to age this bird, as (to me) is has some variable features. Very clean looking bird with no head streaking, pale eye, almost adult type bill. Pronounced tail band. Lots of grey median coverts. I've also not been able to rule out YL Gull 100%...
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    Posting audacity files/recordings on twitter

    Any solutions for posting sound files on twitter? Plenty of people manage to upload sound files on twitter, allowing play back and showing sonograms as if looking at the audacity software. Would like to share the odd file from nocmig recording but can't get it to work.
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    2 Species / SW Spain

    Yes, Bar-tailed Godwit and Sandwich Tern
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    Juvenile large gull with white head UK,

    To me it looks ok for Gbb Gull
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    Canada Geese, UK

    Thanks, didn't think about that but can see this fits.
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    Canada Geese, UK

    Any thoughts on these. Looked quite small and dark. No experience with small Canada Geese but they looked different to me than standard Canada G.
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    Larus sp Lithuania

    So if this bird is a 2cy, i.e. born in 2020 and has what looks like a lot of grey second gen lesser and median coverts then wouldn't this point against Herring Gull? Agree on points made about structure.
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    YL Gull or Herring Gull, UK

    I think this may well be a 2cy YL Gull but again I've got some doubts. Pro features: White head and belly Coverts fairly unmarked brown New feathers coming through in coverts (not sure if this is happening with Herring Gulls now also, given we are into Feb now. The Herring Gulls appear to still...
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    Kent - Red Throated Diver?

    Yes, it is a RT Diver
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    Caspian Gull UK

    Thanks Harry. Some additional stills attached. No side-on underwing shots and the ones attached are not of great quality. However underwing nice and pale in real life.
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    Caspian Gull UK

    Thank you. Still from video now attached, with bird thinking about picking up the golf ball again. Always difficult to judge from one photo, especially as it's moving but it just looks a bit stocky and large billed to me, even though other plumage features, incl. Head, neck, coverts pattern...
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    Caspian Gull UK

    Another 1st Winter Caspian Gull I think. Digiscoped at range and in heavy rain/wind. Looking at my pics the bird looks very different, depending on angle etc. Quite heavily marked on the back and a rather strong bill
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    New gull book - photos requested

    When is the anticipated release date for this guide? Sounds very good.
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    Caspian Gull UK - ID confirmation and moult question

    Great, thanks for your input.
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    Caspian Gull UK - ID confirmation and moult question

    I've id'd this bird as a first winter Caspian Gull, based on tail head pattern, hindneck marking, underwing colour, tail pattern, dark greater coverts. Can someone confirm please. Two additional questions. There are quite a lot of new feathers coming through in lesser and median coverts. Is...
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    Caspian Gull confirmation UK

    Thank you
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    Caspian Gull confirmation UK

    Pretty sure this is a 1st winter Caspian Gull but would appreciate confirmation. Good features are Head colour and profile Nice big dark tailband and sparsely marked/well contrasting upper tail (not properly visible on photos) Distinct hindneck marking Double pale 'wingbar' Not sure about the...
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    Waders. Le Teich, France

    Spotted Redshank and Greenshank
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    Acro warbler UK - poor pics

    Acro warbler observed in the UK. Unfortunately only brief glimpses and hence very poor pictures. In the field it looked very bright/clean underneath and not dirty like the the many Reed Warblers we see here. The second pic suggests that the flanks have some colour, however that's with the wings...
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    3 birds / Algeria

    1,2 Wren 3 Chiffchaff 4 Meadow Pipit