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  1. mikenott

    Ultra lightweight gimbal head?

    I am gradually moving to lightweight gear (old age and my arms now drag on ground due to carrying 1Dxii/600 f4 :D) but still need to use a tripod from time to time (waiting around, hide shots) - my Gitzo tripod and 4G gimbal head are far too heavy duty and my small ball joint head is too sloppy...
  2. mikenott

    So is the Canon R5 a bird photography body?

    Now all the specifications are out, just wondered what the thoughts were on whether the R5 is a good bird photography body. See many good things so where does it fit in the Canon 1Dx iII/II, 5D IV and 7DII spectrum? Would you like to own one .......... and will you?
  3. mikenott

    Canon 500 f4 Mark 1 purchase - some advice

    I have a budding young (teenage) photographer who is just about able to buy a second hand Canon 500 f4 Mk1 lens from a well known Norfolk store. Lens is good, with some dust but no affect on image quality. It does have a non-working focus recall button on the lens, but not too worried about that...
  4. mikenott

    Drop in polarising filters for bird shots

    As it has been very quiet on here, I thought I woudl ask a question that has been perplexing me for a while. Is it worthwhile spending money on a polarising fillter (in my case a Canon PLC-52) into a 600m lens? I often go to a hide which faces east and the glare from the water is quite strong...
  5. mikenott

    Canon 1Dx Mark II (and 5D Mark IV) - Configuring extra details of AF-On and * button

    I may be slow to realise this, but i was browsing photography forums when I found an interesting reference to configuring details of the AF-On and * buttons of the 1DxII whilst using back button focusing. Believe it is also for the 5DIV. When you use Custom Controls to specify using the AF-On...
  6. mikenott

    Black Rapid (or similar?) strap for Canon 1DxII and 100-400 isII - recommendations?

    Having had a second failure of the lanyard/belt guide on a home made "BlackRapid" type shoulder strap for my Canon 1DxII and the 100-400 isII, I thought I would ask for other users opinion on the model they use and its physical integrity. In my two failures, it was in the metal (alloy?) fitting...
  7. mikenott

    Canon 100-400 isii versus Canon 300 f2.8 isii

    I know that the biggest difference is price, but do any Forum members have both of these and can give me some feedback on their comparative quality and ease of use? Old age and bad shoulder forcing rethink of how much to cart around and thinking of changing 300 for 100-400 as a first step -...
  8. mikenott

    Using hiher ISO ratings: An unecessary restriction from film days?

    I recently was on a bird photography tour and had some interesting discussions on using higher ISO ratings for bird photographs. One perspective was that you should always shoot at low ISO (100-640) for IQ reasons and the other that the more expensive(?) pro camera bodies could utilise higher...
  9. mikenott

    New Canon megapixel camera - Anti-Aliasing (AA) or not?

    The rumour sites are increasingly confident that Canon will launch a megapixel DSLR (53MP?) sometime in March. Pricing is thought to be between 1Dx and 5D3 although what that means in terms of other specification parameters remains to be seen. However, it does appear that this new body will be...
  10. mikenott

    Touchscreen or Graphics Tablet for Photoshop for bird images

    Can't seem to find any previous reference to this, but has anyone tried a touchscreen monitor for using Photoshop (or similar) to tweak bird photo's? I was looking at getting a graphics tablet, but then thought about a touchscreen as they are only a bit (!) more. Not sure if you can use a...
  11. mikenott

    Canon 1Dx: Auto ISO in M mode with Exposure Compensation (EC) - Help?

    Having recently taken the plunge and invested in a 1Dx, I am exploring its possibilities and Exposure Compensation (EC) in Auto ISO in M(anual) mode is of particular interest to me, especially as many users on this forum use it. So I set up my 1Dx camera (M mode, set shutter speed, set...
  12. mikenott

    46 Megapixel Canon DSLR. Pinch of salt time?

    For info, http://www.canonrumors.com/2014/09/a-new-eos-pro-body-with-46mp-next-month-cr1/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+canonrumors%2Frss+%28Canon+Rumors%29
  13. mikenott

    Red Dot Sights for Birds in Flight?

    Been a bit quiet, so I thought I would post a thread on an area that has interested me for some time. Realise this is a Canon Forum but I know many of you are knowledgeable in many areas ;) Red dot sights (it is claimed) allow a much broader view of potential BIF targets and rapid acquisition...
  14. mikenott

    Canon 1Dx versus Canon 1D Mk4

    As it seems to be a bit quiet on the forum, I thought I would ask a question that has been on my mind for a while and the fact that 1Dx prices are falling a bit. I hung back from a 1Dx as I thought there was not much advantage (for bird photography) in using the 1Dx compared to my 1DIV. "I'll...
  15. mikenott

    Photoshop Elements Training (Courses)?

    I want to develop my Adobe Photoshop training. Tried on-line tutorials but I need more human interaction for questions etc. Seen some courses advertised e.g. Experience Seminars but they tend to be generic and go way beyond what I want to do with my bird photographs. Need to understands layers...
  16. mikenott

    Painted Bunting in Bonita Springs/Naples

    Visiting Naples area in Feb and was disappointed to miss the Painted Buntings last year. Any tips on likely locations to be able to take some photos with a 300/600mm lens? Similarly for small warblers rather than the herons/egrets/ospreys? Thanks in anticipation, Michael
  17. mikenott

    Tablet for viewing DSLR photos/back up

    I have an iPad, but it is a pain to connect to my Canon 1D IV to import and view pictures as it insists on using the Imported Photos system which just puts them all in a long camera roll type album which is difficult to edit. To put stuff into albums I use my desktop PC and then then copy albums...
  18. mikenott

    Advice for lens for Canon 100D acquaintance?

    An acquaintance of mine has asked for some advice on a zoom lens to put on his Canon 100D for general bird photography - mostly record shots. He has up to £300 to spend. The kit lens it comes with is something like 15-55mm. Doesn't have to be Canon. Will be used in the UK. Any thoughts...
  19. mikenott

    Des the Canon 300 f2.8 come with two lens feet?

    This is a silly question, but I can't find the answer! Does the 300 2.8 isii come with two lens feet - a short one (about 2inches) and a longer one (about 5 inches)? I have seen a video suggesting it comes with two, but mine only came with the one short one. My 600 came with two. Or am I...
  20. mikenott

    Benfits(?) of upgradig fromCanon 300 f4 is to 300 f2.8 isi

    I love my 600 f4 ii, but there are times when I want to carry a lighter lens. I have a 300 f4 is which is fine, but I am tempted by the 300 f2.8 isii because of its reputed excellent sharpness (and an upcoming significant birthday). Eventually, this could become my premier lens as I may not be...
  21. mikenott

    Canon 1DIV - Spot AF facility with long lenses?

    Whilst idling an hour or two confusing myself with the CFn functions on my 1DIV, I came across an option under CFnIII:6 "Autofocus Drive - Lens AF stop button function Option 7 "Spot AF". It is only when you scroll down the options that you find it hidden away. At least one on-line Canon...
  22. mikenott

    Workflow to pick keepers from many, many photos?

    With the advent of cheap(er) memory cards and having been persuaded that high speed continuous drive can (at times!) help deliver that killer bird behaviour pose/shot, I am having to rethink my workflow to allow me to select keeper shots from the rest taken with my Canon 1D Mark IV. I realise...
  23. mikenott

    Evaluative metering vs. Spot metering

    Had an interesting discussion with a colleague whilst photographing in the gloomy weather recently. Reading comments by most "competent" bird photographers, they nearly always advocate evaluative metering as their preferred option. But thinking about it, a lot of them seem to get very close to...
  24. mikenott

    As it is quiet: Comparison images 1Div/7D with 300/500 f4 with 1.4 and 2x extenders

    One of the things I wanted to see when thinking about new lenses/bodies/extenders was the image size I would get. I shot these in the garden with a 1D/&d, no extender/1.4/2x and 300f4 and 500 f4 lenses and just thought they may be of interest to others. Distance was about 15 metres. It was not...
  25. mikenott

    Canvas prints and Photobooks advice/experience?

    With the Christmas season approaching (yeah, I know it is still October!), I wondered if anyone could offer any advice on their experiences on getting canvas prints or photobooks printed (as potential gifts - even if only to myself). I am looking for advice on cost, quality, software...