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  1. McMadd

    Lynx Edicions and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology join forces on HBW and IBC

    Email received this afternoon...all I know is if terms of picture ownership go to evil Cornell model then all my stuff gets deleted... "Lynx Edicions and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology join forces on HBW and IBC We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Lynx Edicions and the Cornell...
  2. McMadd

    Nerds! UK Big Year 2018

    For all those pining for lack of Year list attempts...there's a UK one on-going. I found it by following a link elsewhere on this forum...let's see who else can find it...
  3. McMadd

    Arlott: Birds of the Philippines, Greater Sundas & Wallacea

    https://www.nhbs.com/birds-of-the-philippines-collins-field-guide-book Due next spring...presumably to his usual standards... C'mon Rob...
  4. McMadd

    HBW available again

    HBW FaceThing: https://www.facebook.com/HBWAlive/ "ALL volumes of the Handbook of the Birds of the World are available again! Take advantage of the special offer!" That special offer: http://www.lynxeds.com/hbw/handbook-birds-world-set-17 Not long before Santa visits...
  5. McMadd

    Lay off that Laughingthrush!

    Folks, time to ramp up the pressure on the Idiot Photographer Brigade and call them out for the stupid behaviour... http://www.ace-eco.org/vol12/iss1/art15/
  6. McMadd

    Female rosefinch spp. Balangshan, Sichuan, China 2013-04-24

    Going through some old picture files and came across the attached mystery female rosefinch from Balang Pass in Sichuan on 24th April 2013. Any thoughts on her species?
  7. McMadd

    Palawan situation...

    Sober reading http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/896179/palawan-locals-band-together-to-defend-province-from-abu-sayyaf?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#link_time=1494514247
  8. McMadd

    Pak Thale for sale

    Tweeted by Nick Upton with picture of for sale sign... https://twitter.com/thaibirding/status/800702995960733696 Anyone want to buy a Spoon-billed Sandpiper wintering site? Pak Thale salt pans #Thailand for sale - VERY worrying.
  9. McMadd

    Complete mitochondrial genome of...

    Explain me...apart from running the gels in the lab and publishing an easy paper what purpose do these then serve science these days? Thirty years since I studied any meaningful biology...Alec Jefferies was all the hot news in the '80's when I did... Just curious like... McM
  10. McMadd

    T W A T S

  11. McMadd

    UK Government strikes again

  12. McMadd

    Day Tripping Greater Adjutant in Guwahati, Assam, India

    As some will know I've been working in Kolkata since early February. Birding has been largely confined to weekends plus one trip to Manas National Park in N Central Assam over the easter weekend. Due to poor planning on my part coupled with Manas-based drivers not knowing their way around...
  13. McMadd

    Kolkata, India, 2014-03-30

    Hi all Any name for this little critter? cheers McM
  14. McMadd

    Yellow butterfly species, Kolkata, India, 2014-03-22

    Hi Photographed today in agricultural land (mainly paddies) on outskirts of Kolkata. cheers McM
  15. McMadd

    Birding Kolkata Feb-Mar 2014

    Greetings all Work takes me to Kolkata for Feb-Mar 2014. Eight weeks in total with long weekdays expected at least! I'm looking for information on birding in and around the city and happy to hook up with any locals to explore your local patches. Further afield...realistic suggestions for more...
  16. McMadd

    Rare Sighting of Snow Leopards - China

  17. McMadd

    Does Natural England protect ANY bird species?

    Gulls now http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2013/may/23/conservation-agency-approved-cull-endangered-birds McM
  18. McMadd

    LEGO...no...not him...

    WANT! http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/gallery/2013/may/24/north-american-lego-birds-thomas-poulsom McM
  19. McMadd

    Evil HSBC - Oddie Does His Bit

  20. McMadd

    Save Sefyton

    Save Sefton Park Meadows Anyone know more about this? Can't get to the book of faces from behind the bamboo... Doesn't sound good for wildlife though? https://www.facebook.com/SaveSeftonParkMeadows?group_id=0#!/SaveSeftonParkMeadows?group_id=0 Cheers McM
  21. McMadd

    New Year's Day Lifer?

    So... Who else got a lifer today? Hooded Crane, Chongming Dao, Shanghai for me B (: McM
  22. McMadd

    Bewick's Bumper Baby Boost!

  23. McMadd

    China bird report down? Birdtalker...

    Anyone else struggling to access? http://birdtalker.net/birdtalker.net/report.asp
  24. McMadd

    Alaskan black guillemots fight ice retreat

  25. McMadd

    Credit cards at the ready (Edward Lear prints)