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    Magpie swoops on cyclist

    The Australian magpies are just trying to defend their families, to state the B obvious. As with all creatures, and as with humans, their behaviour varies between individuals. I was in Australia a few months ago and noticed in Perth a poster advising on safety measures against swooping birds -...
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    Good birds seen from restaurants

    I was in Australia in September, having some good bird experiences while dining. The best, although it didn't involve a rarity, was in Busselton, WA. I had my lunch every day in the Zen Coffee Lounge, which is on the main drag in town. On each of the three occasions that I ate there, a Willie...
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    New book: Birding hotspots in the Algarve - Lagoa, Portimão and Monchique

    Gonçalo, I have just been to the Algarve (see eBird). Your series of books would have been useful, although I didn't do too badly even without them, mostly using public transport apart from paying for two tourist trips. Where are they sold? NHBS? I plan to go back to the Algarve again...
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    Good birds seen from restaurants

    Carvi Beach Hotel, Lagos, Portugal I stayed in Carvi Beach Hotel at the southern edge of Lagos last month. The restaurant, Luca's Rooftop Restaurant, was great for an excellent selection of Portuguese food and wine, and allowed good views of the local birdlife. The azure-winged (Iberian)...
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    Mallards are great for wetlands

    Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.
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    Introduced birds in Europe

    Red-winged Laughingthrush I have heard that they ceased to be.
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    Spanish Pyrenees november 2018

    Leo, as an 'old hand' in part of that area it was great to read your report, except for the sting in the tail, when your cases were stolen. I was robbed of my valuables by a parasite in Barcelona last year, so I know what it is like. I am glad that you made your flight home OK. Some of the...
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    Bittern in Djibouti?

    The birds in your photos (good quality to me, by the way!) look like juvenile black-crowned night herons. The standing bird especially looks more grey than the ones which I have seen in Spain, especially the Ebro Delta (such as last month). Maybe that colour is a result of the poor light that...
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    Australia – The Explorers Way and a few extra bits.

    Yes, as one who has been to Australia 5 times I really enjoyed reading it, thanks. I haven't been to SA or NT, but O'Reilly's brings back memories. I have been there 4 times, including 2 stays of 2-3 days. The birding there is indeed special. Although I am not as young as I was (yeah, to state...
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    Writing Trip Reports

    I have come to this thread later than others due to having been on a long birding holiday (Spain and Scotland) of at least 120 species for which I don't have time to write a report. To tell the truth, it was mostly to areas to which I have been many times before, not a journey of discovery...
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    Birdwatching in a big city, Barcelona

    I have quickly checked Klaus Malling Olsen's Helm Gulls ID Guide and that doesn't seem to mention pink legs in adult YL Gulls, except in a few cases in the Azores, just to throw that in!
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    Birdwatching in a big city, Barcelona

    Thanks, Chris, You saw many interesting birds there. I have never seen Melodious Warbler anywhere near Barcelona, mostly along the Ebro much further south in Catalunya, and the Herring Gull appears to be quite a rare visitor to Catalunya. I have only ever seen one Herring Gull in Spain, and...
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    La Palma March 2018

    Kittiwakes I notice on eBird that a much larger flock of kittiwakes was seen from the west of Madeira on 16th March, soon after I left La Palma and presumably related to my sightings.
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    Algerian Nuthatch

    Diedert, Thank you for sharing the story of your trip with us. It was very interesting to read. Allen
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    Comment by 'Allen S. Moore' in media '2 - Disappointed'

    You have got tree sparrows in your garden? Pleasing to see. I was glad to see them at Kristiansten Festning 3 years ago.
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    UK Poor System

    Someone called Jez Blackburn had the BTO responsibility for colour-ringing about 10-15 years ago. Is it still him?
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    UK Poor System

    IoM The Manx Ringing Group now has a different secretary, so replies will be much more prompt now.
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    UK Poor System

    Any comments from the BTO to this question? I agree with you, John. The BTO co-ordinate ringing and, presumably, have the IT capacity to deal with reports. Local ringers sometimes run out of time and energy, which includes notifying ringing colleagues and the BTO that they are winding down...
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    Dangling digitals....and digits!....37 years since my last visit!...May 29th-June 5th

    Ken, I have tried to read where you were, but I cannot find anything more specific than a 'twenty five minute transfer by cab'. It looks just the place for my sort of birding holiday, and I have never ever been to the Balearic Islands! Thanks. BTW, yes, Purple Swamphens are fine sights!
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    Good birds seen from restaurants

    With all due respect to Paul choking, I must admit that I laughed when I read John's reply. I am just glad that I wasn't eating at the time!
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    Conference Birding - Brisbane 20-23 March 2018

    Yes, I've always found the City Centre Botanic Gardens in Brisbane to be good for bush stone curlews, although I never approach them close enough to get any kind of a purring growl from them! Once I saw a movement from the ground where they usually are and a human vagrant was lying there...
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    Good birds seen from restaurants

    Perhaps I should have styled the thread something enjoyable eating and birding, as birds don't have to be unusual to be enjoyable to watch.
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    Good birds seen from restaurants

    Thanks. I must admit that I had a good chuckle at your White's Thrush breakfast story!
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    Good birds seen from restaurants

    Costa opened up by the harbour in Castletown here in the Isle of Man. It is also next to the historic Castle Rushen. With its big windows facing the mouth of the Silverburn (river), Costa has proved a boon to me on my visits to the town over the last year or so, especially in the winter. I am...
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    La Palma March 2018

    El Risco – that's a useful name for me to remember! I have seen choughs there on occasion, usually just 2 but there was a flock of 19 over the ridge above on one occasion in March 2017. Chough occurrences on the other Canarian Islands are mentioned in Aves del Archipiélago Canario by Aurelio...