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    Gull, Scotland

    Anyone with better gull ID skills than me want to confirm what this is, if they can manage it with the appalling image quality caused by holding a 14-year-old point and click camera up to the scope? In the field the eye was definitely dark. The last picture includes a bog-standard herring for...
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    Where's Elvis?

    There is a King Eider being regularly seen off Fort George, according to the news services. I also note that the news services haven't reported the regular King Eider at the Ythan Estuary in Aberdeenshire (known to birders as 'Elvis') since a coupe of days before the Fort George bird was first...
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    Loch Garten Caperwatch: any sightings this year?

    The Caperwatch has now been up and running for over a week, and as usual the RSPB haven't mentioned it on their Loch Garten blog. It occurred to me it might be useful if people who have attended the Caperwatch report here each day on their luck, either positive or negative, to give birders...
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    Suggestions for a round Britain trip in February

    I am in the early stages of planning a round Britain trip to get as many of the more local and scarce winter biurds as possible in the 10 days available to me during February half term (17-26 Feb 17). I am planning on keeping a year list, but work commitments prevent me from going all out...
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    Bempton RSPB: now charging for entry???

    I was at Flamborough today and thought I'd pop into RSPB Bempton to buy a magazine. I haven't been there for a couple of years (I used to visit regularly when I was a carer, as it is a good place for a disabled birder to see breeding puffins). A notice on the new Visitors' Centre, beside the...
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    Blue-winged teal info please?

    Can anyone local tell me where to park and where to walk for the BW teal? I know its grid reference, but I don;t know how to get there without trespassing. Do I have to park at Howden's Pullover and walk north along the sea wall, or is there a nearer parking place? If I park in N. Somercotes is...
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    Snow geese reported in Argyll...any recent sign?

    Bird news services were reporting a couple of snow geese most days near Point Sands Holiday park last week, but there's been nothing since. Does anyone know if the birds have cleared off, or if it's just that the observer(s) have cleared off?
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    Tawny owls at Hatfield Moors

    I notice from ebird that a number of sightings of tawny owls have been logged from Hatfield. Does anyone know how/where they can be seen? Is there a winter roost or a good dusk vantage point? All the reliable sites I ever iknew seem to have been deserted, and I'm trying to research a new one...
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    Feral snow geese on Isle of Mull?

    Am I right in thinking that the population of snow geese on the Isle of Mull are the reason why the species has been admitted to List C as a self sustaining introduced species? If so, can anyone confirm where the birds can be seen? And does anyone know how I get to Mull?
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    Cheshire birding

    Took a trip over to Moore NR in Cheshire this morning. Within 15 minutes of arrival, had excellent views of a male lesser spotted woodpecker in the trees by the car park. Result! I haven't seen one of these properly for at least 15 years. Plenty of other birds to look at; greater spotteds, a...
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    Deer Hill twite feeding this year?

    Does anyone know if twite are still being fed and trapped for ringing at Deer Hill reservoir near Holmfirth? In previous years reports of the birds appeared on the news information services by this point in the year, but I've heard nothing this year.
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    Two-day trip to the South of England

    I'm not sure if this really counts as a vacational trip report, but I can't think of anywhere else to put it (it wasn't a 'birding day, it was a two day trip with overnight stay, and it was in more than one county, so I can't put it in a county page). Early morning last Friday (8th March) saw...
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    Trip report: Scotland 9th-13th April 2012

    My plan for a Scottish trip this year involved aiming for the usual Scottish specialities as far as possible, as well as seeking out some birds which were reported on Birdguides in the northern Scotland area. This year I planned a 5 day, 4 night trip, with the first day spent birding the Solway...
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    Reliable site for winter woodcocks? (UK)

    Does anyone know a site where there is a good chance of getting a winter woodcock? I know there are places where they sometimes get food under feeders, but I don't know any. I usually see woodcock at Titchwell, but this year there don't seem to be any (because of all the diturbance caused by...
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    Bradley Dams, Derbyshire?

    Can anyone tell me anything about this site? I notice that several pictures of mandarin are around which have been taken here, apparently of flocks of the birds. I could use a mandarin; are they usually present, or are such events brief, occasional occurances? How interesting is the site in...
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    Sat 4th June around Llandrillo, N Wales

    Yesterday being my Aunt's birthday, my mother and I went to visit her and indulge in some looking at local birds with her. As my mother (with whom I usually bird) is disabled, we were very glad of my Aunt's 4 wheel drive vehicle, which, with the permission of some local landowners, enabled her...
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    Winter twite flocks coming to food?

    Somewhere on this or another board some months ago I read a post which mentioned that somewhere in NE England there is a chap who puts out food to encourage a wintering flock of twite. I can't now find the post... Does nayone know where this is, and if it will happen next winter, as I always...