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  1. JGobeil

    Bird ID

    Can someone help me identify this hummer ? Seen at San Gerardo de Dota, in Central Valley Costa Rica at 2300m. Thanks for your help.
  2. JGobeil

    FL bird ID please

    Seen at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in the Western Everglades last March 25th at 8:10 AM. Thanks for your help !
  3. JGobeil

    Where can I report this tagged Oystercatcher ?

    This American Oystercatcher had a tag marked TO on each leg. 2 seen on the beach at Fort De Soto Park last March 29th at 1:15 PM. GPS coordinates: 27°37'7.152" N 82°43'14.351" W Where can I report this ?
  4. JGobeil

    Mississippi Kite ?

    Please see previous post which has the photo. Sorry for my error. This bird was photographed in the Everglades in the Royal Palm area last May 20th at 10:20 AM. The grey head and the inside of the wings make me think it could be a Kite and not a Hawk. Thanks for helping me.
  5. JGobeil

    Missisipi Kite &

    This bird was photographed in the Everglades in the Royal Palm area last May 20th at 10:20 AM. The grey head and the inside of the wings make me think it could be a Kite and not a Hawk. Thanks for helping me.
  6. JGobeil

    Help with ID for Florida USA

    Can someone help me identify these birds. I am unable to ID them using the documentation I have. Photos were taken at Bunche Beach Preserve on San Carlo Bay near Sanibel Island, March 27th., between 9 and 10 AM. Thanks for helping me Jules Gobeil Quebec City, Canada
  7. JGobeil

    Help with ID please

    These photos were taken at Lucky Hammock, near Homestead, last Wednesday March 21st at around 8:00AM. Can someone help me identify those birds ?
  8. JGobeil

    Species not found on eBird

    I can not find nor register these 2 species on eBird: Swallow-tailed Kite Purple Swamphen Would anybody know why ?
  9. JGobeil

    Best period for Forest and Woodland birds

    I have already done 2 birding trips in Florida in the past years and I have enjoyed good success with Whetland and Aquatic birds. For my next trip in 2019, I would like to put more emphasis on the other types: passerines, forest, woodland, grassland, etc... Both trips were made during the...
  10. JGobeil

    Red-tide algae

    What is the situation with the red-tide algae in Florida ? Does it affect birding ? I am planning a trip next April, should I be worried ?
  11. JGobeil

    The birds of Green Cay and Wakodahatchee

    The photos of a birding trip to Florida last April can now be seen on my Web site. http://julesgobeil.com/photo/floride/?lang=en Trip details and preparation are on this thread: http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=278305 I hope you will like the photos. Regards Jules Gobeil
  12. JGobeil

    Processing photos taken with our scopes

    Our astro scopes bring special problems and needs when post processing photos. Lack of contrast is just one of these, Most of us use Adobe LightRoom and we all have our workflows and special tricks. It might be good idea to share so that we can all benefit from each other. Let's share !
  13. JGobeil

    Visitor looking for suggestions

    Hi, I'm a long time member of Birdforum, mainly in the digiscopy /astro scopes section. I will be visiting Florida April 1-10 and would highly appreciate suggestions for good bird photography spots. I will be based in Boynton Beach but I will have a car available, so I can travel as needed...
  14. JGobeil

    Manual focus astro-scoping for those with eyesight problems

    I decided to start this thread realizing I'm not the only one having eyesight problems. Maybe we can help each other. I developed eyesight problems with age and, what makes it worse in my mind, is that my eyesight used to be better than 20/20 (no kidding). Age (going on 70 now...) and...
  15. JGobeil

    First test with the Olympus OM-D EM-5

    I received my new toy today and quickly tried it on a scope. Camera setup: Lens: Olympus 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3 EZ Autofocus ON IBIS ON (I was using a cheap tripod at full height, no remote shutter cable, and it was vibrating) ISO: 1600 RAW - Sharpened in PS Digiscoping setup: Oly OM-D 12-50mm lens...
  16. JGobeil

    Micro Four-Thirds

    Hi, After a few years inactivity, I guess I'll give digiscoping another try. It's nice to see that many of my friends from back then are still on line. I quit because the AF-Confirm-Chip was not very effective with my Canon 50D and I had to focus manually most of the time - unfortunately...
  17. JGobeil

    Focusing aids

    Some of us, like me, find accurate focusing difficult. Why not share our findings here ? I have a Seagull 90 degree angle finder with 2.5X magnification that can be switched on/off. However it is not very handy for digiscoping. There is also this straight line 2.3X magnifier available on...
  18. JGobeil

    How nice !

    This new forum is nice. Astro scope are being used more and more for bird photography and we will be able gather here to discuss their use. However, I question the name of this forum: PHOTOGRAPHY using 'Astro' telecopes. IMO, using an astro scope is is as much DIGISCOPING as the other means...
  19. JGobeil

    A standardized digiscoping resolution test

    Digiscoping resolution test V. 4.2 This is the fourth version of this test. It has been developed to test different digiscoping setups and compare the results in a meaningful way. This should allow us to evaluate different components for digiscoping use and to find the best way to use them...
  20. JGobeil

    Testing prime focus digiscoping setups

    Paul Corfield has started a thread last November called "Some digiscoping experiments with a DSLR". It has been extremely popular and is now in its 15th page. Paul and a few others have experimented with prime focus digiscoping and the results are quite fantastic. Using low cost astro...
  21. JGobeil

    At last, some decent photographs !

    After studying digiscoping for about a year and many rather unsuccessful tries to come up with decent pictures, I think I finally made it. I am pleased to post a few decent pictures - not as sharp as some we see in this forum, but I'm getting there. Here is my setup: PF-80ED Pentax scope WX-20...
  22. JGobeil

    Baader Hyperion 21mm and FP-80ED

    I have read comments about Hyperions having diffuculty to reach focus with spotting scopes. Does anybody use that configuration ? Comments please. I plan to get that eyepiece for digiscoping, using a Canon A95.
  23. JGobeil

    Which is best for digiscoping: angled or straight scope ?

    The advantages of each for viewing are well known but what about digiscoping ? Is there a difference in available light, sharpness ? Which is easiest to use in the field with a camera ? What's your opinion ?
  24. JGobeil

    Advice on tripod specifications

    I am planning to upgrade my tripod to a quality VERY STABLE setup. My maximum equipment weight will eventually be 7 to 8 kg - camera, gimbal, 500mm lens, flash, etc. The tripod will be used for DSLR bird photography but also for digiscoping. Is a tripod rated at 8kg enough or would a bigger...
  25. JGobeil

    How do you focus when you need glasses ?

    Like many oldies (I'm 63) I need reading glasses (+2 diopter). My DSLR has diopter correction so I do not wear glasses when birding since my eyesight is perfect at a distance. When digiscoping, I use a 4X loupe with diopter adjustment on the LCD of the camera and this works fine. On the...